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Amateurs would make the- best musicians if only they could play….

Similar to what is also so exhilarating and excruciating with these Small Press Comics. 


We have an almost Godwin concerning the politics of that era. Remember this was a year or two out from the Moral Majority burning books and records and slightly less than a year and a half from calendar 1984.

There’s a pun on EC and ET. ET was an all-encompassing term for an extraterrestrial before a certain Spielberg critter. Also a reference to my all time favorite Elvis Costello song.


This was just weeks before I drew this, I took my sister to an Elvis Costello concert for her birthday present. It was in the basement of the Civic Auditorium, which was still in its original if slightly worn and aged Googie. Which was somewhat of a perfect setting for this sort of thing. However, Mr. Costello skipped out of a second encore, which may have included the mentioned song because he was annoyed at people moshing in the orchestra pit.

This ends with  a loopy poke at Country Music that turned out to be accidentally predictive. Let’s degenerate into a twangier version of Pop Music, just a few years behind the trends. Like a song that apes Kim Carne’s synthesizer clap nearly two decades after it was trendy on the Top 40! 

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