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Here is some Captain Saucer filler that was recycled from a first series Captain Saucer, It was just embellished with Ziptone. Sometimes I wonder if that Ziptone regrets that it only had one existence to go around and it ended up on this rough art. Then again, so much of that stuff ended up on other fannish art, student projects, and even hackish Commercal Art.

And that’s without realizing that I’ve just inflicted the Pathetic Fallacy onto Ziptone.

This was supposed to be a setup for a later issue where mankind gets elevated up a notch. Ont that I forgot to draw, so maybe I get knocked down a notch. In retrospect, the whole level thing seems more clunky than cosmic.

The two junior Little Green Men are named Sid and Jello after Mr. Vicious and Mr. Biafra. The Great Greeno is a pointless personal in-joke, being a lapsed nickname for another student in my old High School. The guy’s real name was John Thomas, and back then none of us didn’t realize at the time how funny that was in the United Kingdom….

Otherwise, there’s the Trironian that was an alien that I originally dreamt up in junior high and then redesigned a couple of years later during the summer of ’76. The revision was based on a hypnagogic vision of the thing. The boiler riveting on the creature shows some contradiction of being drawn rough, but there was some talent trying to poke through. 

This page also features one of the many weird in-joke cameos of Wilfred P. Feird, in those years between the Feirds and InterStellar OverDrive when he wasn’t a regular character.

Finally there’s Floppy from a regional legend kiddy show.

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