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Here is a scanning of the cover of my homemade attempt at an independent version of a Fanboy comic.

This example shows how wholly shoe-string and a little naive my attempts at doing Leonine indie comics were. This art was colored with various markers plus some red xerography to get that solid-colored block behind Fanboy. Such were the limits of my expertise. The color separations were shot at the Council Bluffs Nonpareil back when I had a connection with Editor Ed Foss through IWCC Journalism Professor Steve Stone. Those were the days before scanners and Photoshop were common and color separations were a pricey specialty black art. The Nonpareil separations cost $75 back when all the regular printers were charging $350 plus as many $300 proofs as could pad the bill with. Let's all herd-mindedly charge as much as their noncompetitive market can bear when somebody just starting out could desperately use a break! This cut-corner separation also meant a drop in quality, mainly from the slick-zine 120 dots per inch to a newspaper 72 dots per inch.

I have a series of mixed feelings over the turn of my '90s Leonine Press indie attempts. Steve Stone supported my comics during my IWCC days at a time when I was teetering on giving up on drawing due to too much of bad politics in the United Fanzine Organization and regional fandom. Yet him giving an A-plus to early version of InterStellar OverDrive as a college journalism project gave me the temerity to try and crack the Direct Market where they royally flunked. On the other hand, not even trying for the Direct Market would have totally doomed these projects to obscurity.

Yes, it did come double bagged, presaging the gimmicky covers of the '90s and making even more extra work for myself.

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