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One of the things in this book is that if Fanboy had feet instead of a pedestal, he would have one in “Fan Dumb” (Fandom acting dumb or badly) and one in being a “Straw Fan” (a straw man as applied to fandom). This page leans over more to Straw Fan. Although it will transition over to Fan Dumb in a few pages and then wobble after that.

Doing a near 180 degrees over the years, Merv Gustafson, the sort-of author avatar character in Sci Fi Guy! is going to be played as an “Ascended Fanboy”.

The ’83 art and lettering look a little more ragged than I remember despite being tweaked in ’88 for the collections.

The terms “Fan Dumb”, “Straw Fan”, “Author Avatar” and “Ascended Fanboy” are explained in excruciating detail over at Now don’t waste too much time there….

Fanboy having “feets” instead of a pedestal gets touched on in a later page.


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