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Here we start out with the first of the two pages of this strip with some Fan Dumb meeting Straw Fans. However, it was good enough to be chosen to be in the Matt Feazell edited second issue of Eclipse Comics “Giant Size Mini-Comics” despite the last panel of the next page.

As an example of shifting times, these seem tame for fandom spoofs now that we’re on the far side of The Comic Shop Guy, Syndrome, a certain Freakzoid side-kick, Chum-Chum’s BFF, and others, but this was considered to be antisocial and generally all around "unmellow” back in the day. In that era, Fandom lampoons never got more pointed than something warm and friendly like “Gee, aren’t we silly for playing D&D until 4:30 AM.”


The TV set in the last panel is based on a real Googie era one spotted in a secondhand shop back in the day. That Atomic Space Age style just speaks to me. It’s also a little too close to the truth, with my teen self religiously catching Star Trek; That’s Our Spock! reruns until I was wondering why I was suffering through the “Evil Angel” episode for the seventeenth time.

Then these two pages should have been drawn in a more explicitly cartoony style instead of my not-so-illustrative illustration style of the time. Plus you have my old enthusiastic and expressive inking with a brush style that remained resolutely rough….

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