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This is the first ever Fanboy installment from very early ’83. It was originally a single pager that got dovetailed into in inside back cover in one of the Captain Saucer reprints.

Dale Luciano, in his series of articles on “Newave” comics in the middle ‘80s issues of Comics Journal, opined that this was the best of the Fanboy cartoons, being to closest to the truth of what Small Press Cartoonists have to put up with dealing with Fandom acting Fan Dumb at the time.

Mainly, I was frustrated with doing the early Captain Saucer issues for amusement of cliquish local fandom and getting that kind raw treatment for about a year and running. It was just plain frustrating being a long running outcast in both the fannish and “boring old normal people” worlds.

On the other hand, maybe I should be retroactively happy that Image didn’t exist yet….

This strip also starts out the long running antagonism between Fanboy and Flexia R. Bast.


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