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Following up last time’s Panter wannabe, we now have a Norman Dog wannabe.  It’s even flogging the playful Zipatone abuse of his then style. There is even a circle template abused to mimic one of the miscellaneous styles of those burnish down screens.

However, I trip myself up because of my old herky-jerky figure rendering of the time is poking through. I didn’t even begin to get the hang of stylistic imitation until one quarter into the Mel Allen Sink thing in the ‘00s. At least this doesn’t flog that same single XWG joke over and over and over again because a royal screwing in the Model Rocket business knocked a few screws loose.

At least trying to ape Mr. Dog’s clean and hard line style was a bit of a technique builder, trying to pick up two good qualities that my art didn’t necessarily have.

This strip also has one of the many oddball appearances of Wilfred P. Feird during the middle ‘80s. Between when The Feirds lapsed with my teens and when a fragment of The Feirds was dovetailed into InterStellar OverDrive, Wilfred would pop up in various mock-random places on my comics as an in-joke on a character that I use to draw in high school.

This was also signed with a parody signature of “Norman Pig”. Not only was this a spoof of Norman Dog, but trying to find some tongue-in-cheek humor in being stuck on the stupid stagnant stifling pig farm and missing out on a lot of New Wave and other Alt Rock that was happening in the ‘80s.

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