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I believe that this page was originally drawn as filler especially for the Direct Market version of Fanboy; the Comic That Comes Double Bagged. Although, I’m not absolutely sure about this after 20 years of being out of sight and out of mind.

This is a fannish spoof of an actual television commercial of the time, which featured an actor paying an unflattering stereotype of a comic book fanboy. And there’s an in-joke here referring this actor not being an actual fanboy since he was holding the comic in a wrong way that hurt the spine.

This strip is also fannish in a not necessarily a good way. It’s only a soft and vague parody of the commercial. Plus it’s a bit soft on the humor being only worthy of a grin at best, and not a laugh out loud guffaw.

On the other hand, the last 20 years of Animaniacs to Adult Swims and Family Guys have lowered the bar and blurred the line between professional and fannish.

“Hammerlock” is both a spoof of a brand name and a Wrestling reference. The reference is by the way of The Cramps cover of “The Crusher”. And you know how rare Cramps references are in my ‘80s comics.

A little Al Capp influence poked through with that pig. Although, against a little real agriculture reference of a hog confinement system. Maybe that pig is a spiritual relative to the sow and scions that Tom the Catgirl argued with in Sci Fi Guy!

Flexia R. Bast is played a little off character and bimbo-ish. Although you could say that it was self-referential irony, back when that trait as fannish instead of “pro-ish”. My herky-jerky figure rendering isn’t helping. I never got ol’ Fang’s character or appearance dialed in as well as she should have been until the early ‘90s.

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