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The out of season reruns of Fanboy continue with this installment from Xmas 1983.

This one doesn’t seem to have much of the point except for belaboring the obvious double-bagged joke. Although, it was more of a non-sequitor to a causal reader of that era because a whole lot less nerd culture had crossed over into mainstream culture, including the slang term “Fanboy”.

Christmas is spelled Xmas because of the feelings annoyance and betrayal of somebody who had a good Disciples of Christ upbringing that didn’t quite survive the crisis of faith brought on from dropping out of college. No Mom or Dad, professor or counselor, or Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, his buddy with the rowboat, his other buddy with another rowboat, the guy with the helicopter, or some real life Lucas Tanner stepping in. “We have a student getting hurt here! Something needs to be fixed!”

Then again, years later, the Harvard educated writers of that other Sci Fi parody with the Cyclops babe put the X in the Xmas Special to make fun of silly things like religion.

This is stylistically similar to the Lottery-IRS cartoon. Like that one, it should have been pushed much farther into a more cartoonish style. It’s also flawed by my less than mastery of inking with the brush.

There is also the half bright, half –Dada use of a left over cassette tape label for the title graphic. Although, those were as perfect as the era would allow medium for those New Wave and Alt Rock mix tapes to share with your Small Press and future Rolling Stone Hot Cartoonist of 1996 friends.

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