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Updated on Mondays!

Getting back into the groove of posting these web comics after two or three "too interesting" weeks.

This Fanboy book is laid out to vaguely resemble some of the better ‘60s Pop 45s, it has a psychedelic middle eight.

The original United Fanzine Organization version of this book was originally laid out and pasted up on a couple of butt-to-butt long tables in the usually abandoned dining room of the Iowa Western Community College dorms over a couple of evenings. The origin of Fanboy was placed at the beginning and the death of Fanboy was placed at the end. The pages in between were shuffled until some semblance of an arc appeared. The Direct Market version of this comic just inserted some pages in places where they’d most fit in, or do the least damage, to this arc.

This particular strip, “The Bunny Train” was based on a couple of weird dreams that I had in the days immediately prior to drawing it.

Oddly enough, just a few weeks later, Grandma Skow was in the hospital and one of the gifts that she received was leftover Easter kitsch that featured a cutesy train with an engineer bunny.

I did draw a sequel to this page a few years later.

Then, back in the early System 7 days, there was a Mac game for toddlers called “Bunny Train”. I remember seeing it on an OneNet, or maybe FidoNet, server. Unfortunately, I can find no trace of it years later on the World Wide Web.


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