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The Fanboy page that spun off Ameriman. Ameriman became filler in the later issues of Captain Suacer. It also would have been dovetailed as a comic book with in the comic book of InterStellar OverDrive if that would have been commercially successful.

This is from my brief flirtation with, lord help me, the Paisley Underground in the limbo between New Wave and Noise Bands. And what’s a better way to show a Paisley Underground influence than to do something retro-psychedelic.

There are lyrics excerpted here from the Dream Syndicate, who where one of the better Paisley bands. Or at least when they were being derivative of the Velvet Underground. The second song quoted was “Tell Me When It’s Over”. The first song quoted was “When You Smile” which was their standout song, despite of, or because of, being essentially “Heroin” rewritten as a bummed out love song. In a hypothetical Ameriman Revival, which would probably be a comic book within the comic book of an InterStellar OverDrive revival,  as an in-joke, all installments would be named “It Seems Like the End of the World When You Smile”. That title would also make an inspired or excruciating title for an APAzine, but try not to think about it.

We have panels based on dreams, both hypnagogic and REM, and just plain doodles. The first and fourth panels are probably embellished doodles. The fourth panel was enhanced with what were probably left over adhesive stickers that came with blank cassette tapes. The second and last panels were probably based on hypnagogic dreams. The white on black doodles were Sanford Cloud White Fluid. I was that I could still find that stuff 25 years later. The characters that became Ameriman and the Flying Freak were battling it in the middle two panels were from a REM dream that I had back in second grade. I just wish that I had enough more technique to make these look like real comic book panels. Although at the time I drew this I thought that I did. Something with this flavor of loopy would have been much more effective on an intuitive level if it was played with a straight face.

Back around fourth grade I made a Halloween mask based on the Flying Freak. The other kids were a bit unkind because of its weirdness, but when the teacher brought in one of her old lady friends to be an impartial judge, it won for being the most creative.  At least it wasn’t another girl doing a pretty princess mask or another boy doing a hairy scar face smoking a cigarette.

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