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The psychedelic era ends sooner that I thought. But the gradated Ziptone is still fun! This was even one of my better uses of the regular stuff.

Some of the rumors about Mr. Miller make you wonder what Fanboy found in that ashtray. By the way, that ashtray is based on an old Art Deco one that my Grandma or an Aunt had.


This strip was based on a half-remembered second-hand tale of what some real life loopy sycophant did to some poor Proboy. Who was 99% likely not Miller. The name was just dropped because he was the most famous guy in comics at the time and because it just seemed the funniest.


A real life story that didn’t influence this, was the Domino Chance artist relating that some unknown fan broke into his car and stole the original artwork of the first issue of his roach infested comic.


And in the three times that I suffered through car break-ins, all that was stolen were speakers, equalizers, and an in-dash player. Didn’t you thieving little bastards want an original Flexia to grow some hair on your grubby palms? 



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