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Updated on Mondays!

The rare Fanboy strip where he does something halfway smart and comes out ahead.

Also here’s another Fanboy strip based on another second hand horror story about the comics business. Apparently some comic company, probably Charleton as it was related to me, wouldn’t let its artists have their art back because it was company property and too valuable.  Yet they turned around and were dumping it on recyclers for dollars on the ton.

A few years later this strip was reprinted as filler in the back of one of Jeff Nicholson’s Ultra Klutz comics, finding new relevancy during the fannish flap about Jack Kirby getting his art back.

Phil Lord told he original story told to me, which is why he got the special thanks at the end. In the summer of 1982, he graduated from the Iowa State Art College with ambitions to move to New York and draw comics for the Big Two Comics publishers. The last I heard from him was around Thanksgiving ’82 is that he had his toe in the business doing assistant work at $15 a page while trying to subsist in pricey NYC. I wouldn’t mind hearing from him again and finding out what went on since then.

Finally. Here are more of those contradictory qualities in my art. Poking through the art are some of the roughness and immatureness.  Yet back then, a professional commercial artist asked me if I drew that Studebaker pickup from a photo reference. Actually I did it from memory.

Anyway, it’s probably a spiritual predecessor of Olaf Gustafson’s “Daisy Mae” pickup from Sci Fi Guy!


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