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I probably should have shown the good ol’ boys of Rock referenced in the title a bit more respect. But they just seemed as long in tooth as they did long in beard when you’re young and angry and feeling excluded. Suggesting that somebody shoot you in the era of Mark Chapman, John Hinckley, and the San Ysidro McDonalds probably wasn’t all that sharp either. This is a parody of a TV advertisement of the time for an Omaha AOR station. Plus my frustration with “Progressive FM” like them and the older Boomers that patted themselves on the back for being soooo open to new ideas, and then disingenuously dumped on us (then) younger guys with new ideas about music and comics. Years later, I would change the ending. It doesn’t have much point. I’m also not happy with the schoolyard politics in some of these old strips and would change the ending so something different. This is made even more so with a big character punching a little character. Even stretching it by being the avenging Basty. Although it could be played theoretically that Fanboy is the power character and that Flexia is at the lesser advantage. Fanboy, while not all that powerful, is sucking up to the powerful, in this case, big bad Corporate Media that revolved around early Boomers while excluding us younger Turks. The station who’s commercial is being lampooned would later go on to air a bully’s style gloat about trouncing a couple of Alt stations back in the late ‘90s. Flexia is in the not so empowered camp with Alt Rock when it was treated as a leper colony by Radio and record folks and in camp with Small Press Comics when it was treated like a leper colony by the proboys and fanboys in Comics. Another thing that I would change is the spoonerism type pairing into “Pink Zeppelin and Led Floyd” to bring it closer to the truth. That station’s play-list is that stodgy day after day that it blurs into that. The odd pairing of Public Image Ltd. and the Ventures was probably a slight Bill Griffin influence, although I really liked both groups and would listen to them back to back. I’m frustrated at how clunky the pin-up art here is. Think about all that bouncy and bulging goodness needing to be rendered better. I probably didn’t do a Flexia rendering that did her justice until ’92 or 3.
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