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At least this page has a snazzy title panel.

It was probably loosely based on me getting the short end of a falsehood that circled around either the Ames Fandom or New Wave cliques shortly before this was drawn. At this late date, I really don’t remember many details.

What’s really scary is that I went through something pretty much like what was described here in regional Fandom at the turn of the Nasty ‘90s. It was enough of an emotional bruising to go through, that I all but totally dropped out of Fandom until just a couple of years ago.

And like the previous page, I’m not happy with the figure rendering or schoolyard politics presented here. Not only didn’t I start getting Flexia’s figure drawing figured out unitl sometime in the ‘90s, I also didn’t her personality really figured out either. Now she would have just shaken her head and walked away. However, characters acting well aren’t as funny as slapstick comedic sociopathy.

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