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This is probably another page drawn to be unique for the Direct Market version of Fanboy; The Comic Book that Comes Double Bagged. This page was based on a then fictional Fanboy comic that appeared in second panel of the previous Page 22.

I'm flogging the familiar, but too long running, frustration with being the odd man out with the cliquish regional fanboys. Although, by the time this page was drawn the subject was getting a bit well worn.

There is also a bit of overconfidence showing on my part here, because I was coming out of an early version of InterStellar OverDrive being an A+ College Journalism project, from a slumming Comparative Lit professor who also sent the thing to his literary agent. Plus I then had strong gut intuition that either the Fanboy or ISOD indie was going to be one of the big sleeper hits of that year.

Flexia looks as good as she can for being my art in '89. A little Al Capp influence is unintentionally poking through. Fang and I maybe just had the trouble of being an self-referential '90s Bad Girl back when it was unfashionable in the '80s.

And yes, wouldn't you feel an annoying disconnect from being treated as dumb and untalented by "The King of Small Press" and regional fanboys while being able to do something that was an A+ project?

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