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Here is a page of self-depreciating humor that has aged to be even more unflattering. It all starts off with a Godwin and gets flakier from there. It probably doesn’t hold up on the light-box so well either.

It also yet again flogs the troubles that I had with the cliquish fandom back in the icky ‘80s. I have torn feelings about this. I probably shouldn’t have flogged the theme so much until it was redundant and tired. But regional fans let their raw treatment run on a few years too long. By the time that some of my stuff got raves in review ‘zines and that original InterStellar OverDrive was an A+ college journalism project, just couldn’t some of them break from the herd mind and see a little merit in my stuff?

This was a touchup of a 1983 comic page. The 1983 part gives the first rattling at what would blossom into the Sputnik and meeting the Muse similes in the original InterStellar OverDrives. It also presaged a brain glow event that I had in late ’87 or early ’88. This page was re-lettered and somewhat re-dialogued to reflect where I was in ’88-9. The description of the Muse in the original text was probably came out looking like Flexia Bast.

I did end up owning a 1990 Bill Blass Edition Mark VII from ’97 to ’04. That monster was prone to oxidation and leaks and repairs (especially expensive ones in the air suspension) and earned the nickname “The Sinkin’ Lincoln”. But that 5.0 H.O. was awesome.


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