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The inside back cover of the Direct Market version of the Fanboy collection was a reprint of a back cover of a Captain Saucer from 1987. The original incarnation was one of my quirky key-lined two-color  Xeroxes in clashing blue and red. This one-color version was the blue plate.

There’s a bit of frustration vented here at a Direct Market Indie Glut dysfunction that embraced all sorts of pale derivative me-too and wannabe stuff but gerrymandered the tracks so that Flexia and I were always left out. Of course, there are unflattering depictions of the older Baby Boomer as seen by me in the younger Boom, their self-centered, self-serving hypocritical pony-tailed selves hoarding all the Direct Market goodies so us younger Boomers couldn’t get when the getting was briefly good. There is also another oddball cameo by Wilfred P. Feird, back when he was just a character that I use to draw in high school, as a poke at an Indie Glut distributor called Glenwood that used bankruptcy to stiff a bunch of publishers.

Kung Fu Elvis was a villain in a Captain Saucer filler strip called Ameriman. He was based on a decorative whiskey decanter in one of Iowa ‘s state run liquor stores back when two friends and I were playing hooky from school, buying booze underage, and getting my 1947 Studebaker Champion Custom licensed and titled, all on the same errand run on my Senior Prom Day. Sugar Mountains is a loose backhanded parody of Dolly Parton and named after a Neil Young song. Ameriman was a parody superhero that was pretty much Abe Lincoln’s head on Space Ghost’s body.

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