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Now we’re getting into the not so fun stuff in a book that was never completed or published because it choked in it’s anger, it never quite gelled, and Fanboy had probably ran his course by the previous book.

The attitude was a bit sourer after the original incarnation InterStellar OverDrive died in a callous and cliquish Direct Market. I felt that my future had been shot out from under me and it was a big blow to the self-esteem. This was influenced by the introduction of the author avatar character Scapegoat. Although Scapegoat could have been named the more optimistic Underdog, if that name hadn’t been already taken and in perpetual reruns.

It Whatever Happened to Fanboy? did get a tongue–in-check mention in Pat Moriarity’s 10 favorite comic books list in an ‘90s issue of Comics Journal


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sana javed (sanajaved) says:

I like Joanie miro character.


how to win him back

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