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Saturdays and Sundays

The Captain Saucer reboot that wanted to be more than just the Captain Saucer Small Press Comic rebooted as an indie, had its first tinkling of inspiration extremely early in '87. Right after I finished the Leonine Press 1987 Calendar, Pat Moriarity sent an Alt Rock mix tape that had a Camper Van Beethoven monster instrumental cover of a certain Pink Floyd song. After hearing it for the first time or three, it inspired this (then) one-off drawing. This also was my first use of a Planetary Gear symbol to as a visual pun to denote InterStellar OverDrive. Old school automotive overdrives, like in my beloved Studebakers, used planetary gears.

This rarity has some airbrush coloring that Geoff Everts did for fun. He was very helpful towards InterStellar OverDrive over the years. My contact with him as lapsed over the years and I miss him very much.

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