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InterStellar OverDrive came about because of the convergence of many things: the inspiration from that previously mentioned mix tape, the long running daydream of doing a Captain Saucer Independent Comic, bouncing back from bad personal times, and the zeitgeist of finding oneself at three-quarters of the way through the ‘80s.

The bad times were a bit of a one-two punch. 1986 was a horrible personal off year, stopping any creativity nearly dead and then left to overcome a lot of inertia to get rolling again. This also meant losing the waning opportunities of ’86, which was the last year of getting in the Indie Comic Boom/Glut when the getting was still good. 1987 saw a personal aggressive attempt to make up for lost time originally called by the “Assault into 1987!” slogan in my Leonine Press catalogs, I was then tripped up again by an emotionally disastrous trip to the ’87 Chicago Comics Con and back.

The waning ‘80s zeitgeist also encompassed many things. New Wave had expired two or so years earlier leaving Alternative Rock was in an amorphous period until Grunge, and airplay!, came around in the then unforeseeable future. The stagnant and stifling Reagan era was weathered and tired and lumbering towards a near ragged end. And the ‘80s were beginning to wind down, with a whole brand new decade a little over the chronological horizon.

So picking up the emotional pieces, I toyed with doing a Captain Saucer reboot that would go beyond Captain Saucer, being more than “mere parody”. And since the whole era was in its beginning of the end, opportunity was opened up to get a jump on mashing up and making up the style for the next era and the next decade. My “Assault into ‘87” became “Suddenly, It’s “90!”, a pun on an old Chrysler advertising slogan and my own personal attempt to hopefully leapfrog and be a part of creating the next trend.

Here I’m trying to redesign tons of Captain Saucer characters and races for InterStellar OverDrive. Because I got hold of one of Burne Hogarth’s books and a whole lot force of will, I thought that I pushing them into some type of bravura. In retrospect, it was baby-steps at best, still suffering from herky-jerky figure rendering.

On the other hand, note the addition of Winnie. She wasn’t in Captain Saucer.


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