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Saturdays and Sundays

Cover of InterStellar OverDrive#0. Sort of an odd duck, even by the standards of my stuff. The only ever "true" Small Press version of ISOD (save for the occasional ashcan). It fits in neither the Captain Saucer or ISOD continuities. It's also a magazine sized, right page mini-comic. In a quirky bit of function altering form, the title appears on the back cover. This is sort of a warm up and a warning that InterStellar OverDrive is coming.

This is a redrawing of the earlier mini-poster. It is still suffering from the herky-jerky figure drawing. I wish that Flexia's limbs and other were a little bit more naturalistic and fit together better.

On the other hand, if you put some '90s style "scorching hot" inks, with all that then trendy stiletto pointy hatching, on ol' Fang, she wouldn't be that removed from a '90s Liefeld-wannabe bad girl. Except those had to be six foot tall, 125 pound supermodels lugging jumbo jugs like that, not your six foot six, 275 pound warrior princesses.

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