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I’m amused because I saw the South Park parody of Heavy Metal the Movie just a few days ago. Despite Heavy Metal being one of my favorite movies, the parody was extra funny because it was a little backhanded. Part of the back handedness was a Taarna knockoff with extra large boobs.

 So we have Flexia Bast here who is sort of a Taarna knockoff with extra large boobs. Not to mention having extra large muscles to complement them. The plot of this was even a Taarna plot knockoff (politely pronounced “homage”). Sort of a getting back to my roots and influences after the emotional bruising of the ’87 Chicago comics con.

Kurt Wilcken’s father printed this when he was briefly into offset printing as a hobby. He explained Flexia’s appearance to others as “His mother was scared by a melon patch!”

I also tripped into what is considered one of cartoondom’s lamest things, only next to udders on male bovines, by having a character breathe in outer space. If I had to do this again, I’d give her a life support force-field belt like in the barely remembered Star Trek; The Animated Series. That series that also had the early feline female, M’ress, another influence on Flexia.

This art suffers from what I call the “three-quarter disjoint”, although it’s one of the lesser offending examples of the time. In the three-quarters view, the shoulders a bit disjointed from the neck, shoved a little away from the viewer.  Then the upper torso is a little disjointed from the shoulders, the waist from the upper torso, the hips from the waist, on down, with the lower part usually pushed away from the viewer. I wasn’t able to put my finger on it until a few years later in the middle ‘90s. I’m still fighting it, trying to figure what secret ingredient to figure construction that I’m missing.

Kurt Wilcken was so kind to point out that the expression of Flexia in a bottom panel was too close to Miss Piggy in her martial arts fury in The Great Muppet Capper.

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