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Saturdays and Sundays

Outer space is an ocean with its life above air.

Merz, the flying shark thingie, was inspired by an organic spaceship in a dream that I had back in junior high. The trouble was that the creature in the dream looked like two green potatoes joined by tendrils, which made for a bland visual on paper. Then years later I saw the shark tank at Sea World San Diego and found visual inspiration. And, of course, add pseudo jet plane embellishments. The name Merz is a Dada reference. Sometimes Merz posters were seen hanging in the backgrounds of the early issues of Captain Saucer.

The BEM was based on one that I daydreamed during the summer of ’76. Usually, nostalgic space monsters were based on insects, reptiles, or cephalopods, all bisymmetrical. I tried something based on a starfish, putting bug eyes on something with exotic radial symmetry. It even tries to crack open the space ship like a starfish tries to crack open an oyster.

The two little aliens that don’t have three eyes are from two different REM state dreams. The three-eyed guy and the spaceship are from two different hypnogogic dreams.

Mighty Flexia has finally found something that over powers even her. Well, something that isn’t her mother. Thus has to put some thought and strategy into overcoming it.

Amusingly enough, the song that was tweaked below was actually the first song that played when the clock radio this morning. "It's a coincidink or sumthin!"

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