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Saturdays and Sundays

We have the cover of InterStellar OverDrive F*U*N Book. This was an ashcan of a print run of about 24 that was given out at the 1988 Chicago Comics Con. It was printed to trawl for some interest from real independent comic book publishers after a fair-weather friend and supporter who started his own company to bring Small Press into the Direct Market hypocritically dumped on ISOD. It contained early black and white versions of the art for the original InterStellar OverDrive #1&2. These two were drawn over winter to early summer of ’88.

The F*U*N Book was published magazine-size with ledger paper folded in half and stapled at the spline.. The last bit of art was finished minutes before running over to Kinko’s the night before the trip before the Con. This was printed at a downtown franchise that use to have a after supper Happy Hour where they only charged bargain letter prices for ledger sized printing. It’s amazing how a person develops a nose for that stuff after they’ve done too much Small Press.

Despite not light boxing perfectly and a bunch of other nitpicks, this cover was probably the definitive Flexia pin-up of the close of the ‘80s. I’ve occasionally tried to redraw this, but could never ever recapture the mood.

I about to about beg Pat Moriarity to ride to Chicago Con with me. His feelings were like, “This is a comic book con, all superheroes and stuff! There’s nothing there for me!” Pat wasn’t sure that he could make it as a cartoonist. I was sure that InterStellar OverDrive would be the next big thing if only it could get a decent break.

Pat made contacts at the con, which he leveraged, to more contacts and opportunity, which he leveraged into more contacts and opportunity, until the he became “a giant of Alternative Media”, Rolling Stone’s hot Cartoonist of ’96, and Golden Toonie winner.

Meanwhile I shuffled through many years of many misadventures before becoming an Electronic Technician fixing $800,000+ machines for the USPS.

There is a probably some sort of moral here for somebody to figure out later…

There are reasons that “fun” had become embellished to the more sarcastic “F*U*N”….

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