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Saturdays and Sundays

This is the cover of the ashcan of the Leonine Press InterStellar OverDrive that was sent out late spring or early summer of 1989 to drum up distributor and retailer support. It was also probably the last hurrah for my gimmicky key-lined two-colored xerography.

By this time, InterStellar OverDrive had a go-around as an A+ college journalism project. The guts to the first issue appeared as an insert in an edition of the Iowa Western Community College "Reiver Raver" newspaper.  Beyond that, I got about 700 contributor’s copies out of the deal.

This boosted my moral at a time when getting the raw end of attempted “Chocolate War” type politics within the United Fanzine Organization had damped my Small Press Comic ambitions to where I was teetering on pruning them down to just a hobby where I would merely show the pages to just a few friends and acquaintances. This break also made me bold enough to attempt to self-publish InterStellar OverDrive as an Independent Comic for the Direct Market.

As an alternative, I wished that I could have swung a trip to the ‘89 Chicago Comics Con. In hoping that maybe handing out these 700 free inserts of would have primed interest in InterStellar OverDrive or even shook loose a deal with a real Independent Comics publisher.

Then when that didn’t work, I would then go ahead and publish it myself.

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