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Saturdays and Sundays

This continues my attempt at doing a Moebius style gal. Although I’d don’t have a fraction of the technique to pull it off. Just so close but yet so far on those faces and figures. It just wouldn’t take much correction to cure the disjointedness. There is just so much that needed corrected that it really adds up. I just wish that I didn’t have such a blind spot for that at the time and wishing that some outside mentoring or guidance was there.

This has sort of a Roswell plot that’s played kind of weird. This because this was made up from scratch and this sort of thing was a bit of a novelty. It wasn’t a cliché until the X Files and its ilk popularized it a few years down the road. Pop examples of it before the middle ‘90s are just rare. For instance, there was no Roswell reference in Close Encounters of the Third Kind despite its mining of popular UFO lore. Compared to Roswell playing a big part in later ‘90s Independence Day.

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