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Saturdays and Sundays

Welcome to the “Studeverse”, an Studebaker centric alternate time line. Variations of the Studeverse were the big gimmick in the various attempted InterStellar OverDrive revivals up to the aborted 2001 version. This type of alternate present has been thrown out and any upcoming ISOD revival will be set in a genuine space faring future.

This also has one of the many incarnations of the L4 Space Station. The trefoil incarnation is from a space station design that I originally came up with around about being a freshman in high school.


I have mixed feelings if this should have been an even numbered page to go with the big change of scenery or if it’s a good contrast with the previous page. My feelings lean to the former.


I also should have made it clear about whatever happened to “Bryte”, the space girl from the previous scene. I just took a shortcut thinking that the audience could read between the lines and assume that she got back home years ago after giving the Faster Then Light Technology to Earth. The Rip Off Press Revival would have fleshed out the story to her return in a series of back up comics if it hadn’t fell victim of the Heroes World distribution crunch. The aborted 2001 revival attempt would have had a whole issue based around Bryte and the two engineers.


And, yes, I’m corny enough to name her Bryte.


Also of a big note, the insertion of a fragment of the old Feirds continuity being  recycled in here with the appearance of Wilfred. The Feirds were a comic idea that I dinked around with from sixth grade through high school, and then fell to the wayside afterwards.


Finally, a play on the old Chrysler Corporation nifty fifties adverting slogan boasting of their more futuristic than thou tail fins, “Suddenly it’s ’60!” As if 6 were 9…. And after scrolling Joan Miro influenced letters. 


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