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The alternate universe in Watchmen was the big influence in setting up the alternate universe in InterStellar OverDrive. Then again, how many people trying to do comics in the late ’80s didn’t The Watchmen influence?

The Watchmen were also an influence to try to write more clever comics, although I only had a fraction of the chops to really do it, and blissfully unaware of it. For example, we were told that Wayne broke up with Didi without showing it or have even been introduced to Didi. This was fixed in the later attempts at an InterStellar OverDrive revival.

Oh, yeah, this page has nine panels. ;)

This was also a bit loopy for a supposedly serious Cerebus Syndrone reboot of Captain Saucer. But it did have the distorted reference point of Captain Saucer being very loopy with filler material like Fanboy and Ameriman being even looper.

Despite its warts, this version of InterStellar OverDrive was once an A+ college journalism project.  Although sometimes I wonder if this stuff suffers from a spot of Cult Movie Disease, “it’s actually quite great if you ignore all those pesky flaws!”



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