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Saturdays and Sundays

Here we have a little green man popping out of an air conditioner and a big dragonman popping up in nuclear reactor in a middle of the story. Only because these sort of things happen in Comic Books! 


I made the mistake in this go around of InterStellar OverDrive that if the intended reader would be meeting the characters for the first time, a lot of the characters would be meeting each other for the first time. This gets fixed in the later incarnations that most of the main and supporting characters have known each other for a long time. What gets also fixed in the later incarnations is that Elvin/Elvis, Didi, Winnie, and the Dragonman are introduced much earlier in the story and their paths are quirkily intertwined. 


Also of note, a recycling of the Hollywood set design idea of a nuclear reactor. Which I’m guessing is based loosely on the vaguely remembered visual of the vault-like airlock to the nuclear containment area. In next few years, I will get some actual nuclear exposure and the nuclear technology gets redesigned to closely reflect real life, even down to some in-jokes.

Then there is the nuclear outsider’s mistake of the upside-down trefoil.

The Dragonman is a weird revival of the Clan the Dragonman character that I drew around second to fourth grades. What makes it a little weird is because the juvenilia version of the character was a friendly protagonist.

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