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Saturdays and Sundays

I’m scratching my head over what went off course with my figure rendering of this era. There are many possible reasons.

I did have a bad blind spot. When I drew this, it looked realistic too me. It’s like the art had degenerated over the years, getting worse for wear, in my eyes. Although, for everybody else who isn’t me, this art has always looked this way.

Some people had no problem with this art. Maybe they thought that it was a stylistic choice instead of being as good as it gets for the time. For example, Geoff Everts, who did coloring for Moebius and Marvel, thus saw the best and the rest, still thought that it was good enough to donate a lot effort to color the covers for the two Leonine Press Direct Market InterStellar OverDrives.

Some people did see something was off kilter but couldn’t explain it or put their finger on it. 


Others saw a lot wrong with it. To obscure their point, they also tended to be the people to say mean things just to hurt somebody.

But neither friend or foe of that area would or could pull out a blue pencil or tracing paper and show me how to do something right. Being isolated on the pig farm, plus being an outcast in the Fandom and Prodom of the time, prevented me from trading tips to improve.

Kurt Wilcken once commented that the pieces were well draw but didn’t fit to together. This is possibly an overly right-brained, borderline Aspergers, tendency to see the parts instead of the whole. 

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