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Saturdays and Sundays

I wish that I could send a post card back in time to the ‘70s or early ‘80s with a list of tips to fix these old comics.

Don’t draw the faces so weird and narrow.

Curing the “3/4 disjoint”, tip #1: if anything looks off kilter with your faces, it’s 90% likely needs to be pushed away from the viewer.

Curing the “3/4 Disjoint”, tip #2 if anything looks off kilter with your figures, it’s 90% likely needs to be moved closer to the viewer.

Build a light box. When in doubt, use it.

Practice figure rendering, the actual college or night class will never be available, so just practice from pictures in magazines and newspapers.

Don’t cram too much dialog and stuff into those cramped panels. Give them some breathing room with some deliberate pacing. Use some timing on those gags.

Change scenes when the page gets flipped. Start a new scene on the first panel of an even numbered (left) page.

Thumbnail your stories to lay them out to tide you over until the day comes when you get hold of actual word processing.

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