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Saturdays and Sundays

And finally, here’s a somewhat cynical anticlimax. It was vague where the cynicism came from even back then. It possibly came from some general “people ain’t fair” feeling.

If I guess to make one belated guess where the cynicism came, I’d guess that it’s from being late in the Reagan era with its Yuppie, Preppie, Jock, and aging Hippie hoarded privilege.

Another almost likely guess would have to be me feeling like a red-headed  stepchild in a world of teachers’, professor’s, and regional fan scenes’ pets.

Talking about pets, “Herman Hamply” is a spoof of a high school class mate that went on to be a TV reporter and anchor.

Anyway, I deliberately tried to push the climax in these InterStellar OverDrives as far to the end as possible and have no more than a page or two of anticlimax , because some of the Captain Saucers took the first half of the issue to get going and the last third winding down.

Otherwise, I’m still bugged by the figure rendering that needed the eyes drawn a little less weird and wide and a lot of move the facial features 1/16 of an inch one way and some of the torso features 3/16 inch the other way kind of stuff which would have moved this from the clunky to the passably journeyman.

Then there’s ending this with a loopy. spoofy panel that riffs on nifty ‘50s Skiffy.

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