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Saturdays and Sundays

One of the troubles with this old stuff is that it was ad-libbed one page at a time. If the story ran short, I would just draw some filler to pad it out to 24 pages. This sort of thing was a carry over from Captain Saucer.

These next two pages are a bit contradictory; this was a bit too edgy for the time while also being a bit dated.  This time of goofy malice may be in tune with what passes as edgy Millennial Humor, but it was too antisocial for the “Make money, not waves”, Conservative ‘80s. It was dated because I got a little lazy and redrew some filler from a 1984 issue of Captain Saucer, including a buzz phrase that was way passé, even when the first version of this strip was drawn in ‘84. And this has the oddity of doing an attempted artistically improved version of something when in retrospect, it’s just two versions of my herky-jerky self-referential art arc, just three years apart.

The original strip had to do with personally eating, with my then steady, at the McDonalds in San Ysidro, California about two weeks before it was the scene of a mass massacre. That’s a little bit jarringly close. So I handled it with dark humor.

On the other hand, this strip is also perforated with warmed over and glorified Fearless Fosdick shtick. Perhaps pushed out into being a little more ornery and obnoxious. Which may be saying something since we’re talking about Al Capp here. The kiddy safe Li’l Abner strip within the strip was ran in the family friendly newspaper funnies. But my strip had the disadvantage of being between those bad old days and right before when gross-out giggles were made trendy by Ren & Stimpy and all their wannabes.

For back when I claimed a lot of influence by Heavy Metal Magazine stalwarts ,Moebius and Corben, most of this art looked more like an untrained hybrid of Capp and Hanna-Barbera regular Iwao Takamoto. If the three-quarters disjoint were fixed on these characters they’d probably start showing some resemblance to Cappian caricatures and stereotypes.

Then there’s Flexia who looks like she could be Wolf Gal’s iron pumping cousin. This is despite that I had no biological memory of her in those days. These feral females must be some sort of archetype although one of the lesser used and more oddball ones. At least Flexia looks quite fetching in the first two panels despite my herky-jerky figure drawing.

The Blimpo’s fictional franchise, with it’s Balloonburger, Blimpburger, Dirigiburger, Zeppeliburger, Hindenburger, etc. started as a high school in-joke concerning a portly classmate who wanted to grow up to be a restaurant magnate. He obviously had a healthy good sense of humor about himself. Plus, in case you’re wondering the Blimpie’s franchise was pretty much unknown in this area back then. They’re still not common now. 

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