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Saturdays and Sundays

Here’s an attempted token poke at regional fandom of the “Bad Old Days” when it was acting like “Fandumb”.  this page probably wasn’t at all that effective because it starts out soft and fannish and just peters out from there, getting fuzzier and more pointless. Something like this should have been done either incisively pointed or bluntly bludgeoning or not at all.

The character is a redesigned Spike from Ameriman. He was taken from a character in a dream that I had back in second grade, which was pretty much a straight up expy of a certain character from a certain TV show. Guess which one….

It’s also a spoof of a certain “Comics Snob versus the Comic Book Ghetto” that symbolized what I perceived as hypocritical of ’80s regional fandom. He much wrote long ‘zine articles about supporting “punk’ Comic Book creators with raw personal visions while hurtfully dumping on the closest one around. Plus.

A couple of years prior to this page being drawn, a bad experience with that group left me with the perception that they were also a fair weathered bunch.

I didn’t have much going for me at the time and all my future, career, emotional and self-esteem eggs were in the single basket of the Indie version of InterStellar OverDrive becoming a sleeper cult hit (because coming out of the A+ College Journalism experience, that seemed possible to me). It really hurt that there was not even a phone call or postcard from the Des Moines, Ames, or Omaha fan scenes wishing me luck on this; no favorable plug in It’s a Fanzine!; no sympathy after it died like a dog in the Direct Market; or no well wishes on any future projects.

The majority of art on this page, if not all of it, was drawn while I was watching a rerun of It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World on Channel 42, back when it was a fairly decent independent station and not just another boring Fox affiliate.

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