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Saturdays and Sundays

The back cover of the 1989 Direct Market InterStellar OverDrive with an overly right-brained too flat, straight-on, non-perspective perspective. It wasn't until a year or two after this that I realized I was still doing such lingering juvenile quirk and quit it.

On the other hand, really nice coloring donated by Geoff Everts. Whatever happened to him?

The alternate universe 1990 Studebaker Golden Hawk gets a lot of inspiration for the "Aero-Bird" era Thunderbirds. But then again, car stylist, Jack Telnack, out right admitted that those old '50s Studebakers were a big influence on those '80s jellybean Fords.

Also a pun and paraphrase of the '50s Chrysler advertising motto, "Suddenly it's '60!"

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