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Robert Frazer (robertfrazer) says:

Mahayana temples should advertise that. "Find the stress of exerting your genius brain a drag? Well, try ZEN - the easy alternative to analytical thought!" They'd make millions. 8)

I'll also wager you £50 that this FBI agent is actually part of the Occult Division and has a DIY Voodoo Summoning kit in the boot of his car. He and Mike can share stories of voyages of self-discovery and enlightenment in the wilderness and shudder at memories of That Drinking Game with St. Peter and Ganesh. ;)

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Becha ten bucks that Mike knows more about Kate thant what he lets on.  I'm still amazed with this comic and look foward to reading it every Tuesday. 

 Come to Ai-Kon here in Winnipeg MB.  It may not be Toronto but there are a lot of Die hard Anime Fans and it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Hmm. Is there a deeper meaning to Mike's words of wisdom, or is it just a variation of "go with the flow"?
Carling McGuire (dbzfreak897) says: Y'know. I have no idea. XDDD Knowing Mike, I'd say that he's probably just giving her something that sounds flashier than "go with the flow." Besides, things sound so much better when they're flashy or Zen-like. X3
pero kaso (pero) says:

just discovered this webcomic..

 I'm definitely gonna stay :D

Alex Jones (darkphoenixv1) says:

Welcome to the collective Pero...we have snacks (lol)

Brodie Sharp (brodiesharp) says: and cool beverages???
Bryan Climer (revarien) says: love the pattern on the ceiling in panel 1!
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Yikes, that must have been a pain to ink!

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Actually, I cheated on that.  Created a herringbone pattern in Illustrator and used the Transform tool in Photoshop to put it into perspective.  =D
Rachel C (angelsierra) says: Just clicked through from Alpha Shade.  Wow...awesome work dirk!  Like Pero...I'm hanging with you on this one.  Kate is my hero!!  LOL!
William Gray (alaron) says: I'm with Rachel C; Got here from Alpha-Shade, and I'm lovin' it.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Glad you're here.  I hope you enjoy the ride!
pero kaso (pero) says: woot woot update day today ^.^
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Actually, Tuesdays are usual update days (still Monday here in Chicago.)  However, due to being at Anime St. Louis this weekend, it's more likely the update will come Wednesday.
more soon! 
pero kaso (pero) says:

:P I live +12 GMT

 It was tuesday when I posted that =D Currently it is 11:40am Tuesday 24 April.

 Bummer.. have to wait til thursday now :(

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Sorry.  This week's schedule is a nightmare for me between work, conventions and the comic.  Hoping to get this week's page all inked in time to post for tomorrow.  more soon
William Gray (alaron) says: Don't rush it. It's worth waiting for, in my opinion.
pero kaso (pero) says:

Soooo.. we have were-wolves and were-cats?


Dan Pajor (thepageturner) says:

Awesome. Just got in to PS, so now I'm officially caught up.

Aw, whats in the bag? 

pero kaso (pero) says:

Presumably hair samples taken from the now-arrested blonde guy.

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Actually, these are the hair samples Kate found at the crime scene in Ravenswood.  (See Part Two, Scene Three) 
They still don't know about *him*.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Whoa. So either the blonde guy is a whole lot bigger than even he looks, or he defies the laws of physics and gains mass out of nowhere to become a very, very big cat.

Where does that leave Kate, I wonder?

William Gray (alaron) says: Well, he doesn't necessarily gain mass. 'If these were as large as you indicate, then this would suggest an animal between 250 to 300 pounds.' When you have people turning into animals, they'll have different physiology, and would likely have a different-sized pawprint than a large cat of the same weight. What I mean is, a 250-pound lion would have that sized pawprint; for all we know, a 25-pound werecat would have that size.
We just need to remember that the woman is an expert on large cats, while what we're dealing with is thus far an unknown phenomenon.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

The were creatures shown thus far have pretty closely mirrored the proportions and characteristics of normal animals... more a mix of human and animal proportions than something completely off the charts.

With the homeless guy, it's not much of a stretch to say that he was already that size. Looking at the muscles and stature of him, he's pretty freaking heavy and huge. With Kate, it looks like it might be a bit more of a stretch, as all the depictions I've seen of Kate beside her werewolf form (with a clear sense of scale) shows a substantial size disparity between the two. Though Kate isn't a small person, and looks to be very fit, she's still fairly lightweight looking. The wolf form CAN'T be lighter than it looks, considering that it has the strength to rip a man apart... so either the additional mass is coming from somewhere else, or Kate is much, much heavier and stronger than she looks.

Which would be interesting.

I can't believe I just wrote as much as I did on that subject.

pero kaso (pero) says:

The best part is that Kate gets to be "man's best friend"..

hehehe.. I sure wouldn't mind her as company, from the angle that she seems very.. uhh.. masculine in personality.

Down to earth, and centered.

I absolutely am not implying anything beyond what I've said above.

As for you, Mr Tiede, I was simply stating that the hair sample that was collected was blonde, and that since the were-man is blonde, it was the logical connection. I hadn't even considered whether or not that the characters knew he had been taken into custody.


William Gray (alaron) says: Ian:The only problem I have with what you wrote above is the sentence, 'The wolf form CAN'T be lighter than it looks, considering that it has the strength to rip a man apart.'It actually doesn't take very much to rip a man apart, even more so when we consider how most (if not all) of the tears were at soft tissue parts, like the throat and abdomen, and all of the removed body parts were split from the main body at points where the only thing keeping it from tearing itself apart is cartilege, a substance easily remove from bone by mildly forceful pulling, to say nothing of the claws Kate presumably grows. When all of the mass behind an attack is focused on a small point (like the end of a claw), it doesn't take much mass to produce a cut; and once skin is cut, it comes apart easily.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: I'm still inclined towards phenomenal strength. For one thing, that mans dismemberment was hardly surgical. With such a haphazard killing, It looks like damage was simply dealt fast and furiously, instead of being a targeted strike at the weak points. Keep in mind also that Kate's already shown some impressive feats of speed and endurance after taking injuries. More importantly, the other were-person in the story leapt over a fence about 3 times his height or more, and threw a grown man 6 meters into a dumpster.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: heh heh heh...
I just got home from Pittsburgh today, so the next page will delayed for a few days while I get it finished up.
more soon
William Gray (alaron) says: Phenomenal strength is definitely in play here, then; I'd forgotten about the jumping and throwing. However, there's still little reason to assume mass-from-nowhere. We're dealing with an unknown species, which means anything from more efficient muscles to invisible bio-jetpacks is possible (and more feasible than teleporting muscle from another dimension).
Gotta say, though, you're really fun to talk to. Very eye-opening, intelligent, and you at least know what you're talking about.
Andrew Sumner (locus) says: Everytime real-world physics is brought into a discussion about a webcomic, God kills a were-kitten.
William Gray (alaron) says: Good thing I don't believe in god, then! Or were-kittens, for that matter...
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Aye, I'd figured the "mass from nowhere" thing was pushing it, too. Which is why it has to be either some crazy efficient muscles (also pushing it a bit) or simply an increase in muscle mass. Its not a stretch with our were cat, but I'm much more interested in how it applies to Kate. I'd say that a prerequisite for gaining that kind of strength would be a very efficient metabolism and a body weight focused on muscle. I'm willing to bet that Kate is a bit heavier than most people would guess.

 Also, it puts her insatiable appetite and inability to gain much body fat ("Not THESE hips, pal!") in a new light. ;)

Rachel C (angelsierra) says: Gawd...what I'd give to be able to burn off fat like that.  =P
pero kaso (pero) says:

Having a physique like that must cost her a lot of money in hydration and food..

I bet it also plays havoc with her insides. Does she eat enough roughage? xD So far all I've seen her want is burgers and... "sausage"

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Alright, it's Thursday already and I haven't even gotten to doing roughs, yet.  So, I'm have to push back the next update to Tuesday.  My apologies.   See the blog below for details.
Matthew Stewart (qwaar) says: well you do damn good work, and i read a comic that updates twice a month, so just do good work and I'll be pleased.
Andrew Sumner (locus) says: what Matt said :)
pero kaso (pero) says:

LoL I have been waiting a year for Outsider to update. 1 week is nothing.

You do what you must, Dirk. We are patient.

Sean Hall (silentsong) says: A couple things to note:  Kate seems to ALWAYS be hungry.  And several types of animals have muscle tissue dense enough to double as armor.  Boars, and bears, for example.  I'd peg Kate at around 160 lbs. from wat we've seen her do.  That's a damned big wolfie.
Matthew Stewart (qwaar) says: Hence why I wouldn't ever go hunting, if i piss off a bear I cant easily drop it with even a gun.
Sean Hall (silentsong) says: That's why .30-06 or higher caliber is recomended.
alex h (leakingpen) says: Actually, theres a lot of difference between size of paw prints between cats of the same weight class.  Thats not how the zoologist would know.  You estimate weight by the DEPTH of the print, in relation to the size, and the kind of terrain. 
Matthew Stewart (qwaar) says:

Might the zoologist just be saying size in order to make it psudo simple for our favorite duo?

They just want to know what the animal is, not how you know thats what it is.

tyce velde (elvelcro) says: I find it interesting that people are more concerned with Kate or the homeless dude gaining mass than they are with them turning into bloody great beasts.  Maybe whatever strange force changes them can also create matter from nothing to pad out the were-lioness form, or maybe it borrows it from nearby objects at the time of transformation, or maybe that's why they eat people--to regain that mass...  Anywho, I think laws of physics would be the least of our concerns when facing this kind of phenomena.
Cisel Kane (cisel) says: Im also reminded of the shot near the end of chapter 2 with kate wakeing up in a hospital like room before wolfing out... raises a few questions on how she became a wolf in the first place ne? right beside the perp who turned himself in at that. Makes me wonder... but il keep my thoughts to myself. no need to give off potental spoilers. (laughs)
William Gray (genereaver) says:

We don't mind the transformations nearly as much as we would if they weren't the base of the comic. Besides, there are hundreds of semi-plausible explanations for people changing into animals, and almost all of them require extreme amounts of energy; Hence, Kate's incredible appetite.

Besides, it's not like Dirk came up with the idea of people turning into animals. And if we were concerned, we'd be asking HIM, not debating it between ourselves. We just like debating, and this was a good subject. 

Brodie Sharp (brodiesharp) says: curiouser and curiouser
Brodie Sharp (brodiesharp) says:

is that how its spelt......i aws trying too be clever.

Dan Pajor (thepageturner) says:

Well, you spelled "curiouser" right, even if it isn't a real word, rather a quote from Alice in Wonderland.

You did, however, spell "was" wrong.

Anyway, back on topic, awesome. Especially the last panel, with the wolf poster blatently symbolizing the were-nature of the murderer.

Ooh! I anticipate the next page! 

Timothy Schoonhoven (lord_obsidious) says:

Woooh, nice job in putting together the zoologists thoughts on the situation Tiede.  That shows the reader that'll probably be an interesting reaction to the picture that Mike has; assuming you can pull that reaction off well, which i have no doubt you can (And if you don't, may my faith in you be damned XD).

Silly words aside, though, very nicely done.  I was eagerly awaiting this new page, and i thus equally anticipate the next one.  And yeah, Dan Pajor took the words right out of my mouth; great symbolization of the 'crime' situation.  Considering the fact that we see the wolf and the picture of the victim in the same space.

Ahhh, it's almost like the answer to the whole mystery is staring them right in the face; almost ironic, too.  It' so fun that the readers know some important things that the main character's just don't know until it suddenly shows right up in their faces XD.

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

I'm with these guys, thats a clever way of sticking a symbol in there.

Its interesting. The mysteries that Kate and Mike are going after are the ones the reader has already solved... yet there are still plenty of other mysteries for the reader to chew away at...

pero kaso (pero) says:

Here's a point to consider:

The only one not thinking logically at this point is the Autopsy woman.

Oh I bet that'll sting.

William Gray (genereaver) says: No, she's thinking plenty logically, just in a different direction from everyone else. While she knows as well as they do that the best way for such killings to occur is a feral animal attack, the lack of sightings of such an animal has her convinced that the animal is being controlled by a person.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

I dunno Kate was reading everything about werewolves was kinda odd to me never mind the FBI agent. But then again that's jsut me

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Actually, William, Gina has completely disregarded the possibility of there being human involvement, on the basis that a human COULDN'T inflict that kind of damage. I'll agree with you about it being a logical conclusion... it's just based on the faulty (if reasonable) premise that the kind of animal being dealt with isn't a supernatural trickster.
Timothy Schoonhoven (lord_obsidious) says:

Disregarding the Gina subject because i just have nothign to really add to it at the moment, let's try to remember one thing about the werewolf situation: Us, as readers, do know that Kate is a werewolf, and there a bunch of scenes including the dreasm that show hints.  But what's still quite in the shadows is how or why she's a were wolf.

 We get hints in her dreams that this may be related to some kind of group of people, but we have no way of know who they are, if they're actually responsible for the supernatural state that Kate has or not.

Just wanted to point out that while we might have solved the case of the mauling victims long before the two detectives have, there's still a very big mystery beyond that.

And that is one reason why i looked foward to every next page ^-^.


William Gray (genereaver) says:

Ah, so I had it backwards Ian? Damn.

I remember now. Gina was telling Kate et al that looking for a person was useless. My mistake. 

Andrew Sumner (locus) says: Also we don't know whether Kate is responsible for any of the deaths yet, and if she is, which ones. The actions of the other werewolf guy indicate that he knows quite a lot about his state & hopes to do something to prevent Kate from killing like he has. I'd also guess that whatever medical experimentation process turned them into werewolves happened quite recently & the transformation is still taking effect. Another thing - there were three others in beds next to Kate (http://www.webcomicsnation.com/dirktiede/ps/series.php?view=archive&chapter=12312#strip5), a man & two women - so there could be other wolves wandering about :)
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: We know she's responsible for the latest. The other guy turned himself in, and the flashback did everything short of actually showing her rip him apart.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Heh heh heh...
I love to see you guys speculate on all this.  As I mentioned in the blog, the next page will be up later this week -- Friday at the latest.  
In the meantime, I want to know your opinion on something else.  I've really enjoyed watching the discussions here in the comment system, but I'm not entirely happy with the implementation.  Frankly, it makes the page layout pretty ugly IMHO.  
I've put a poll regarding this up in my forum:
So if you have a moment, could you please come over there and vote?  Your feedback is especially important to me.
Doc Neilson (echoes_of_silence) says:

The dream flashbacks in Scene 1 Part 10 show medical scenes with a different doctor than the one that stitched Kate's bullet wound (who also appeared in the same sequence).  Given that the blond man was in the bed next to Kate with a similar IV in his arm, coupled with the unknown doctor's rather sinister commentary about helping Kate sleep, I think these weres are created, or at least forcibly "infected" with the curse.  Who's behind it and how Kate got there remains to be seen.

But we also have this Chinese mafia outfit running around Chinatown that appears to be deep into the illicit weapons industry...

Curiouser and curiouser, indeed.  ^_^

Fantastic story so far and beautiful art, Tiede.

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: I should probably note that there's no chance the next page will be up on time for Friday.  It's 9:45pm on Thursday evening, and I'm currently pencilling.  While I could probably post it when it's finished, I'll probably just wait to post it on Tuesday.
Apologies on the erratic posting schedule.  It's just a crazy month.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: BTW, I'm starting a page production progree report in the forum:

guy (natnat) says: Wait...werewolf...weapon....
Doc Neilson (echoes_of_silence) says:

Yes, weapon.  ^_^

We've already seen that they kill with remarkable efficiency and are quite difficult to chase/find.  Just drop them off someplace and let the mayhem ensue.  The difficult part is controlling them, since the subject doesn't appear to have conscious control while shifted.

That's how these mad-scientist weapons programs work.  ^_^

guy (natnat) says:


...I knew that!

pero kaso (pero) says:

Haha.. yea. Maneater.

Kate strikes me as kinda naive sometimes, which is coo, she's cheerful and that's good for me :)

Robert Frazer (robertfrazer) says: Heh, I think we'd all prefer a bold, bright and bubbly naive Kate over one who's slipped into angst mode, writes non-rhyming poetry on 'the monster within my SOUL' and accosts random bystanders in the street, screaming "WHAT AM I?" ;)
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Ah, she's young, yet.  Plenty of time yet to become cynical.  >:)
Also, a side note.  There really is a 'Tsavo Maneater Program' at the Field Museum:
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Looks like Kate's more interested in proving Gina wrong than actually getting the facts straight... she jumped on the whole "have you considered that this could be a hoax" thing far too readily. Good thing Mike is around to be the voice of reason! :D
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Hey, nobody's *always* right.  ;)
In some cases, *nobody's* right.  >:]
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

I'd have it no other way!

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Gah, I just noticed those walls of vines. Dirk, you didn't do all that by hand, did you!?
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Yup.  Of course I did.  Been playing around with doing traditional-style pen & ink texturing with rapidographs one these last few pages.  Cursed myself while doing those walls, though.  
Fionn Silverwolf (chunkboi) says: "HA!  I knew it!  A CAT did this!  I knew I didn't tear up those people!"
Joseph Myers (warsmith_bob) says:

Considering all the flashbacks of Kate hooked up to an I.V. along with many other people, the fact that we see "wulfenkate" but have cat hair, methinks we have an unholy scientific chimera on our hands.


Eileen Young (chiomi) says: Just found this tonight. I am now so tired that my eyes hurt, but I can't stop reading.
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