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Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

Something look familiar, Kate?

Love the detail in all the panels here, Dirk!

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Ahwooooo! Werewolves of London.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Great detail expecially the T rex exibit. looks awsomst real Great Job
Eric Fretheim (ericthefred) says:

Cousin Joe? What're you doing in there?


Marc K (mechatron) says: I like the lack of dialog in this page. Also, how Kate's reflection's arm is over the wolf in the last panel. And the perspective in frame
two. And the fancy lighting in frame four. And I'm sure I could find more if I spent more time thinking about it. :)
Zedd Overkill (zeddoverkill) says: Puppy! xD
Love Kate's expression in the last panel. And the detail is spectacular! Is that T-Rex Sue, by any chance?
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: No one can ever accuse Dirk of not paying attention to detail.
John Moss (griz) says:

Hi Dirk

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your work.


Drakanor Dream (drakanor_dream) says:

Ian Morrison I think you just made an understatement... technically i would think that Dirk spent at least 10 days on this page especially for the second and the last couple of panels. I think that for the second panel he might have missed maybe 3 small bones on the T-Rex but with the detail I can see even missing that much is very iffy at best. never mind the Mammoth and all of the different people in the back ground of that same panel.

  Drakanor Dream

?????? Ezekude (mystery) says: Wow, that leaves a big cliffhanger here.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Thanks, everyone.  For the record, the page took about 16 hrs or so, over the course of week or so.

Just got back from NYC.  Going to rest, now.  I'll tell you all about the trip later. 

A. Chum (achum) says:

i bet you Kate is thinking, "omg, look, my sister is in that glass box! i need to warn the clan!"


excellent work as usual! ^__^

@Drakanor: missing three small bones? are you kidding? how can you tell? it looks nearly perfect! :o 

Drakanor Dream (drakanor_dream) says: Something you need to see she says ... Nice handy work there Dirk. I wonder how the next segment will turn out. Anywho have fun with the next page. I can't help but feel like something important is about to happen in it.
Drakanor Dream (drakanor_dream) says: (( sorry for the DP )) @Adrienne: you did notice the emphasise on might right? I was pretty much saying that the pic was as close  to perfect as an Artist could get while working with such a tiny space...
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Meeow. Great page!
Dan Pajor (thepageturner) says:

Sounds brutal! Nine feet long, I wouldn't want one of those in my hometown.

Another thing I've noticed: Dirk ends each page with a slight hook that keeps you guessing what happens next. Every page seems to have a transition to the next. Trying to keep us hooked? It's working. It's like Christmas every Tuesday!

Drakanor Dream (drakanor_dream) says: @ Dan Pajor: Here, Here...
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: A where-wolf!
duke van horn (darius04) says: A there-wolf!  Sorry, just couldn't resist.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:


Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

?????? Ezekude (mystery) says: I have an idea! The forensics team can do a blood check on the victim and examine for any hairs left on the ground! Then after that, they can do a DNA test on the hairs to find out what kind of animal killed those victims.
Alex Jones (darkphoenixv1) says:

It was santa! He was tired of cookies and milk, and went mad with rage on the unsuspecting people of Chicago

Nicholas Ladendorf (nilgravity) says: Unsuspecting my ass. In Chicago we are used to dealing with hairy fat crazed men, we call them Bears fans, and we know how to deal with them. All those pubs are like roach motels to them.
Owl Who says South (owlsayssouth) says: Were-(insert big cat here), not were-wolf... well, probley one of those too, but i think we are dealing with more than one were-beast here, obviously.
duke van horn (darius04) says: Um, there are some problems with your idea, Ezekude:  they would have to have to have DNA samples of a bunch of different creatures to test against, and getting access might be tricky.  Also, considering the story, it probably wouldn't match to anything anyway.
Zedd Overkill (zeddoverkill) says:

Mr. Warner, I believe you are correct - we have two weres on de loose. From what's been seen, Kate is most likely the werewolf (unless she is somehow telepathically channeling or something, though this is from the unlikely end of the spectrum), whilst the large blonde man currently in CPD lockdown is the other were-critter (lion? Wolf? housecat?).

The question IS! Who been chewin' on dem homeless guys, ya?

Owl Who says South (owlsayssouth) says:

i thought of the telepathic angle myself, though i didnt feel strong enough about it to speak it... plus Kate's Regenerative abilities shown previously lean towards something a bit more than some psychic connection to the killer.

well, i think we are dealing with a minimum of three were-beasties. perhaps more. i really want to say one is a were-raccoon, sense we saw paw marks (along with the canine marks) under the bridge. i would venture to say that kate is the were-wolf, and that she may be responsible for the mauling under the bridge. note how the corpse has been torn into pieces, while the other cases were (aparently) clawed (which is more catlike). probley we are dealing with one lion, sense they did find the lion's hair at one of the sites.

and that doesnt even touch on the "fbi" agent. man i love this comic. such great artwork, and such an interesting story thus far. i wait with baited breath for more.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Lion Men. Ohhh, if only you knew...
Tamara Havik (tamahawk) says: Hmm, looks like they're going on a wild goose chase with this piece of information... Oh well, they'll be put right again when they analyse that barf Kate left on the third crime scene. ^^
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Dirk, just a nitpick: that last shot of Kate seems a little off. The length of her head seems a little short for a profile view, especially given the size of her head in other panels on the page.

 Outside that, fantastic page. Moves the story along nicely! :D

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Eh, that's what I get for rushing a page out in one day... Got to get prepped for Ohayocon.  I'll look at it later. 

BTW, I'll probably be late on the next page (probably won't go up until Wednesday or Thursday), partly because I'll be gone all weekend, but I also have to go pick up a new car from St. Louis next week. 

?????? Ezekude (mystery) says:

Have you looked into "lycanthropy" yet? It could give you some inspiration.

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: See Part 3, Scene Two. =/
jesse burton (theburton) says: woohoo St.Louis! I live there
Alex Jones (darkphoenixv1) says: I saw Dirk at Ohyaocon! Sadly, I missed his panel there, and I didn't get his autograph...I saw him though, adn talked to him some <^_^>
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Hey, cool!  Glad you stopped by.  I need to post a real report for the con, yet.

BTW, the next page will be delayed until Friday.  I spent all day in transit (aforementioned trip to STL and back), and haven't had time to sit down and draw since getting back from the con.  At least we have a new car, now!  Woohoo!  

Anyway, patience.  New page soon, and it will be worth the wait. 

Eric Evans (karatejoe) says: Hey! I met him at the con too! You inspired me to go and do my own web comic! You and Spike were so cool! I'll actually work on mechanical things like I said, hope I don't BS too much.
?????? Ezekude (mystery) says: Wait! I looked back at Scene 2, and I saw Mike offering Kate to read that book about werewolves! She should have read it when she had the chance too!
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Uh, I think you misread.  SHE was the one who picked it up, and blames it on her nightmares.  ;)

It is a real book, BTW.  It was written in the mid-1800's and it covers a wide range of western werewolf myths, ultimately concluding that the concept is based on humanity's own violent tendencies.  In some ways it predicts modern ideas such as serial killers.  

Also, page update.  Obviously the next page is not ready.  I had some last-minute client work come in.  It's late enough this week, I'm just going to push it back to Tuesday.  Sorry to keep you all waiting.  It just couldn't be helped.  

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END! Damn you, Dirk! Damn yoooouuuu!!!

Naw, we're cool. I'd rather have a quality comic than a rushed one (especially if it's as cool as you've been hinting), so take your time. :)

Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says: Totally agree with Ian!  Looking forward to it!
Rachel Blackman (rainpacket) says:

Kate, this is your subconscious calling...

(Or "snarling," either way.) 

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

I wonder how much longer she'll avoid telling people about how quickly her bullet wound healed. Or figure out that she actually DID get a hole punched in her.

Only Dirk knows, of course. Damnit, Dirk, you're making us wait... again! I'm sure this violates the Geneva convention somehow.

William Gray (genereaver) says: Unfortunately for us, I think the Geneva convention only covers prisoners of war, and we are only prisoners of a comic-writer. CURSES!
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Aeegad!!
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: I t'ought I taw a puppy dawg!
Dread Lord CyberSkull (cyberskull) says: Well, she probably doesn't have to pee now. :p
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: BTW, fixed that last shot of Kate on the last update.
Geoff Blizard (paxromana) says:

I think something is going to hit the fan.


It may or may not be shit. 

jesse burton (theburton) says: Interesting
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

She has to stop watching those dang Teen Wolf movies.. 

(The suspence is killing me ))

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

She has to stop watching those dang Teen Wolf movies.. 

(The suspence is killing me ))

Simcha-Yitzchak Lerner (tgif) says: Is it me - or has her scar suddenly reapeared in the next to last panel?  (And if so, either it's a reflection or it's moved to the other side.)
Owl Who says South (owlsayssouth) says: Damn scientists! always coming up with some lame brained way to keep an eye on an experiment at all times... and who turned on the light in the wolf-lion hybrid's habitat room?
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Simcha-- no, that's just her mighty abs.  ;)

 Anyway, as you may notice, the page isn't quite ready, yet.  There's just no way I'm going to finish this before the morning.  You'll see why soon.  >:D

More tommorrow! 

Zedd Overkill (zeddoverkill) says:

Wolf-lion hybrid, eh, MW?

Not quite. Is like so:

Kate = werewolf, as-of-yet-nameless blonde guy = werelion. And last we saw him, he was begging CPD to lock him up. And...Didn't he slug an officer, too?

Also, in that last panel, it's almost like her reflection is doing an angrier version of "OMG Hai2U!". xD

Jeff Gum (sandgate) says: Y HALLO THAR
Andrew Sumner (locus) says: love your work Dirk, can't wait for the next panel (as always!)
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Damnit, Dirk, now I just want to see MORE. This weekly updating thing is a strain on my sanity.

By the way, beautiful page, man. No wonder this took an extra day... I'm surprised it didn't take longer!

One has to wonder how long it'll take for Kate to put two and two together here. I mean, this "dream" is happening while she's wide awake (and startled, no less, by her injury's disappearance), pretty clearly illustrates a possible scenario for the killing, and (if nothing else) is clearly not "just" a nightmare.

Michelle Ernst (lhuci) says:

It is a beautiful page.

 But I hate to point out, a "dream" while you are wide awake is a hallucination, possibly brought on by the stress and horror of dealing with such a violent and disgusting scene. Hence why the scene would be the focus of the hallucination.

Perhaps that explains her difficulty in "putting two and two together".

?????? Ezekude (mystery) says: He he...still struggling with masceline...
cayetano garza jr (catgarza) says: that's freakin' awesome!!!
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Thanks, guys.

PTSD, anyone?  ;) 

Dan Pajor (thepageturner) says:

Awesome, one of the more surreal pages I've seen. I can't wait to see how she reacts....to knowing. 


I guess now she knows where the bone fragments in her stool came from

Zedd Overkill (zeddoverkill) says: Awesome page! Well worth the wait! Dirk, your grasp of imagery is awesome and the detail is smashing!

<waits on pins-and-needles> xD
Jeff Gum (sandgate) says:

I say it on a weekly basis but this puts all previous ones to shame.

 Holy shit Dirk, you're a master.

Geoff Blizard (paxromana) says: Nicely layed out.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says:


Well, at least we know what happened NOW.

Eric Evans (karatejoe) says: I wonder if she'll be able to control it eventually. She's probably gonna run away with the army guy who probably did that to her.
?????? Ezekude (mystery) says: Hold it! How do we know it was really Kate who did it! She may have the victim's blood on her hands, but...
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Ezekude: You've got it all wrong. She saw the other were do it.

I think.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: heh heh heh...
Anton Schleef (razmoudah) says:

She definetly seems to be a werewolf, but from the evidence the first two victims were killed by a werelion.  Also, from the 'children's ward' dream I'd guess that the goverment did some 'experimenting' with them and knows she's going to turn into one.  If it turns out she's an orphan, and can't remember much of her childhood, it would support that much.  Further, I'd say that she hasn't harmed anyone yet herself, but been a witness to the incidents when her other nature exerted itself.


And why do all of the cool chicks that I'd love to ask out only exist in fiction?  In theory there should've been an original around someplace to inspire them.  Or else there are a lot of artists/writers who have similar taste in women to me......

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Whoa. If this is what it's like in the dark corners of her head...
Anton Schleef (razmoudah) says: That's tame in comparison to the 'lighted' spaces in my mind...
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Awesome sequence! I wonder what the guy driving the car in panel 3 thought as she ran past.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

I wonder how long it's going to take for her to open up to Mike and tell him about those strange visions that she has been having. 

Doc Neilson (echoes_of_silence) says: I wonder how long Mike stayed waiting outside that bathroom...
?????? Ezekude (mystery) says: Dammit, it's all tooooo confusing...I can't figure out why their are action lines on Panels 1-3.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

It implies that the camera itself is moving, presumably because we are seeing things from the POV of the wolf.

Fantastic transition from the dream sequence with that last panel, Dirk! :D

jesse burton (theburton) says: Awesome!
Eric Evans (karatejoe) says: Man, did she ditch Mike?I can imagine him just sitting outside the bathroom tapping his foot and looking at his watch. Mike: Man...she must've been holding this for awhile!
Owl Who says South (owlsayssouth) says:

when a woman goes to the bathroom, and takes her time, you just wait, and dont say a thing about it. everyone knows this.

hmm. curious. well, that serries implies, at least to me, that she was seeing someone, or thing, rushing through the city, and to her apartment... and seeing her lieing there sleeping. which would imply that she didnt do it. cause. ya know... its kinda hard to turn into a wolf and eat someone and then run home and see yourself sleeping in your bed. just saying. its a bit hard.

i wait for more. such an interesting comic.

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

I'm spriiinting in the rain.

Just spriiinting in the rain.

What a cold and dark flashback!

I muuust be insane. 


Dirk, I must ditto Ian's remark about the transition out in the last panel. That's awesome. If this is ever made into a film, you've got perfect storyboarding for this scene - a smooth or cut zoom into Kate's face on the pillow, creepy violins, a big dolby-supported lighting flash just before the last panel, and ....pow!...back to the face in the mirror.

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Martin, we're talking about dream sequences here. Metaphors go all over the place here... I interpreted the scene as her inner wolf meeting up with her human side at the apartment. At any rate, it's certainly not hard to have wierd things happen in dreams, especially when your own head, history, and nature is as much of a mystery as Kate's is.

There's no doubt in my mind that Kate's wolf was responsible for the killing. It's been hinted at with all the subtlety of a half-brick to the head at this point... I think Dirk titled this chapter "emergence" for a reason.

Natalie Bell (vega) says:

eeh... how long is it going to take her to mention it to someone? I know there'd probably be a strong stigma against someone in law enforcement reporting symptoms of any kind of mental disorder, but the symptoms she's having (looking at it purely from a non-supernatural viewpoint (and we know probably isn't the case but she at least would still be thinking that way)) could be indicative of some really serious shite... temporal lobe epilepsy or some other kind of seisure disorder, onset of schizophrenia, possibly even a brain tumor. Did they ever get her under a CT machine? And how long before one of these fits takes her while she's driving?

Can you still get a driver's liscence if you have a history of lycanthropy? Are werewolves allowed to operate heavy machinery?

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Yes, but there are strict limitations on night driving.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Keep in mind that less than 72 hours has gone by in the story so far...
Timothy Schoonhoven (lord_obsidious) says:

Hoohooooo, it's been a while since i commented.

I like the whole seen of Kate in the bathroom when she wakes up.  Especially how she looks herself in the mirror again, as though she was checking to see if she wactually herself.  Love the expresion *Thumbs up*

The mystery of the plot that keeps me reading is defintely still here alright.  I'm just wondering when Kate will start open up actual questions about her 'dreams' XD.

And it's now for more FEDs.  What are they really up?  Ahh, so many mysteries, so many unanswered fan questions; still plenty of scenes that keep tugging at, giving me more hypothetical ideas in what's really happening. 

Awsome work in keeping a readers attention.  Keep it Dirk

P.S I can't help but feel that your art style has improved in comparison with the first book.  That would be natural, though.

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Dirk, you really need a new comment system. Scroll back a page, and any of the comments past your PTSD post are cut off!

 Beautiful page, as usual, can't wait to see what happens next, etc, etc and so forth.

Your comic updates too slowly! :P

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: That's strange, I can see all of them.  
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Huh. I still can't see anything past that post... strange, indeed.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Hmmm.  That's awfully wierd.  Works in Firefox and Safari.  I'll have to check it in IE later.

Maybe you're right.  Time to do something about this comment engine. 

Eric Evans (karatejoe) says: Well, all you guys theory about Kate just went down the toilet with this page. Well, off to meet more feds.
?????? Ezekude (mystery) says: Masceline again. Lol.
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: I LOVE Kate's "What that hell was that!" expression when she first stares at herself in the mirror as she pulls herself up at the sink.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Dirk, why not just put a permanent link to the forum beneath the page, and just have weekly (or scene based) discussion threads?
Fionn Silverwolf (chunkboi) says: "Oh man, forget a bikini wax, forget a leg wax, this is going to cost me a lot more..."
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