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ACT II now running at www.paradigmshiftmanga.com
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Holy M.C. Escher, Batman! What a background!
Robert Evans (surllio) says: hmm....
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

 Awsome Background

Somehow I don't think Agent Xiang is going to be wishing Kate and Mike Happy Holidays



Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: What's the reflective orb in the background? In the first panel, I thought it was a side view mirror on a car, but it's present in all the different angles. Looks flipping huge.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

That's The Bean.

Google "Millennium Park Chicago" 

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Oh hey is that ever shiney.

...damnit, Dirk, now I'm going to be distracted all day.

Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

The Bean!  The reflection work is awesome; kudos on that.  I, too suspect that agent Xiang is not going to be happy, either.

This time of year, it's cold squared in Chicago, and he probably won't have anything to say to them, unless he's been ordered to.  Oh well, one tries.

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Cold Squared? Damn, I wonder what that makes Edmonton in Febuary. :P

e ^ cold? Cold ^ Cold? Coldpocalypse?

It is a difficult question!

Meredith Dillman (kyrn) says: I recognize that bean sculpture thing!
(tehbeefer) says: I'm guessing Edmonton would be c-c-c-c-COLD!  Nice reflection, by the way.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: I think I know what's coming next...
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Love the detailed on that bean sculpture

Robert Evans (surllio) says: Most interesting.
Drgnkght (drgnkght) says: Hmmm, note that he's looking at Kate when he says "your contributions". I wonder, does he mean your as in Kate personally or as a team...
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says:

And now we start getting info.  Gotta love the tourists with the bean.

llearch n'n'daCorna (llearch) says:

I love the bean. And yes, this should be interesting.

It's the pedant in me who points out the lack of a pillar with a light on it in the reflection on the bean, though. Or the stubs between it and the next pillar...

Mischa Robuliak (bouncymischa) says:

Edmonton?  Did I miss something?  <.<

 One of these years when I'm in Chicago I gotta go see that bean, though.  It looks cool. :3


(tehbeefer) says: I goofed; commented on a post about the previous page.  Oops.  I just noticed that the guy walking past the 2 people taking pictures in the background panel has no reflection.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

D'oh!  Clearly he's a vampire.  I'll have to fix that later.

Regarding the lamposts -- they are reflected, but way in the background.  The shape of the sculpture really distorts the reflection. 

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: BUT!
Robert Evans (surllio) says: The plot thickens.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

 Medical leave?  Right I'm sure Mike is thinking different as well about that.

Love the night background detail.  Looks brillant

Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

Awww, he was doing so well until he got the species wrong.  Disappearing partway through a PTSD Eval isn't that uncommon, since you tend to re-live whatever it was that messed you up to begin with.  And yeah, the background detail is excellent.

Robert Evans (surllio) says: Things continue to thicken.  This plot is getting good.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Hmmmm...
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Something is going to happen next Tuesday before Christmas. That okay i'm in suspence just waiting for it to happen  

My Prediation and odds that are wahts going to happen next week are as follows:

2-1 That Kate is going to go midevil on Mr NCIS guy

3-1 That the Mr NCIS person tries to bolt after the questioning

5-1 That they all have a nice converation and they wish each other a Happy holidays

10-1 That somone is going to shoot the NCIS guy.

20-1 That Kate accepts her problem and tells Mike about those strange delusions about her being a werewolf  

30-1 That Kate turns into a Werewolf.

40-1 Alfonze makes an apperiance and beats the snot out of the NCIS guy for what happened to Kate and then tells them what has happened.

50-1 Mike hears the bad news and starts to cry and admits that he has feelings for Kate.

100-1 Santa Clauz makes an Apperiance and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and checks his list who was naughty or nice and gives everyone a present.  Then Kate then arrested him for B & E

1000000000000-1 That Mike Looses his cool. Beats the snot out of Mr. NCIS guy then points a gun and hold him up agaist the wall, his 44 Magnum pointing directly at the NCIS guy's head and then demanding that he needs to help them expecially Kate or else and then Kate calmy tells make that he must have control young Wise Grasshopper

Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

We're all assuming that Mr. NICS knows about Kate.  Bet'cha he doesn't; after all this is the Government!  As for Kate; if he says, "Oh, by the way, you're a Werewolf" she is most likely to arrest him for being on something chemical.

We still don't know for certain that Kate is the BIG BAD Werewolf here.  She might actually be the Nice Werewolf, while Maj. Bryant is the Nasty Werewolf.

My point is, that thanks to Dirk's writing, we really don't know squat.  We know she dreams--Period!  Good work and good writing!

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Hasn't been stated outright, yet, but the story has been hinting pretty strongly that the first two maulings were Maj. Bryant, but that the most recent was Kate. But you're absolutely right, Dirk know how to spin a good yarn. :D
Drakanor Dream (drakanor_dream) says: I say that Dirk should be starting to run out of cliff hangers ideas at this point lol
Steven Palermo (ciberx15) says: Hey just logged in for the first time, great work here. On a different note though, has anyone noticed that the two FBI agents that were on the gang case didn’t know anything about Mr. Xiang. This could be because they can’t keep track of their own agents OR, Mr. Xiang is not really FBI at all and is part of whatever organization that was experimenting in genetically engineering super soldiers. Just my take on things.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Yeah, I think "not actually CIA" was hinted at pretty hard... maybe a member of whatever organization was dealing with werewolves, or maybe a different, more secretive branch of government.

Or possibly the other guys weren't actual feds. ;)

I don't know how to read Xiang, though... he seems earnest enough in this scene in terms of not actually being part of a coverup, but there have been enough hints that he knows a lot about what's happening.

Hmm. Maybe some kind of independant watchdog who is faking CIA credentials, but has had enough time to piece together large parts of what's going on?

...damnit, Dirk. You update way too infrequently to be dangling this many plot threads in front of our noses. :P

Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: Hmmm... I seem to remember that the first sets of prints, and the fur, seemed to be from a lion.  Maybe the Major is a lion and Kate is a wolf?  And something is definately up with the feds.  Maybe one of the groups is actually CIA...
Robert Gifford (crazybob) says: Do I spy a subliminal 'peace' and 'love' in the opening shot, on the tower with the diamond-shaped top?  Or is it just me?
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Ah! The plot thickens...
Heather Lord (pixiekhatt) says: *cuts his hair*  So out of regs... I bet that altercation started because the NCO told him to cut his hair! 
Steve Ford (fordsfords) says: Dirk, I don't comment much, but this story is fantastic!  
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: Awesome, we're finally getting the backstory.  Way to leave us hanging!
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: And Mike clues in that Bryant's reported behaviour perfectly matches Kate's in 5... 4... 3...
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: They could of met in the Reserves?  Maybe they were pen pals or hav ethe same blood type, maybe Kate had a cling with him?  Awsome story Dirk
Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

Well, they did have side-by-side beds in the rather spartan medical location they were in.  Kate seems to have partially blocked that memory out, while Bryant seems to have kept most of his memories of the thing.

Possibly, he sees Kate as someone who can corroborate his claims.  Possibly he sees Kate as competetion.  More likely, he sees Kate as female to his male; and has puppies in mind...or at least the Wolf does.  What Kate sees is open to question, thanks to Dirk's excellent writing.  I'm beginning to wonder if the "Drugs" she was given were the same as were given to Bryant.  And where those "drugs" were sourced from...

Kate is going to have to come to terms with what she sees as odd illusions and odd healing capability; and she is going to need to do that soon.

Richard Jenkins (richardjenkins) says:


I really enjoyed reading the first two volumes.  the pacing and the character development are great.  Of course the artwork is beautiful, as well.

And it looks like part 3 is off to cool start. More mysteries! 

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Ooh... he looks a bit... stunned.
Leif Elliott (wolfyn) says: I do wonder what Kate is thinking right now. ^^
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Awww, Mike's been waiting hours to drop that one on Mr. FBI.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: I wonder what the jail cell looks like right now.  Probally a bloody mess
Drgnkght (drgnkght) says: The most important question I have is why does he look stunned. Is he suprised they caught Bryant? Or is he maybe more concerned that they might have already heard a different (possibly more accurate) version of events from Bryant and Mike and Kate have been pumping him for information? I'm leaning toward the first one based on his performance eluding the police.
Jeremy Berg (pisceneanteater) says: Gotta love the spitting fountain giving Xiang the razz in the background.
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: I'm guessing after this scene we're all gonna be making a mad dash back to the police station.  Very quickly.
Josh Jack (matel) says:

I'm thinking it's because Xiang has just realized that the badges have a mentally unstable berserking super human in the middle of a police station. He's obviously trying to keep this entire incident under the radar, and nothing will screw that up like having half a police station brutally mauled to death by some crazed furry.

Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

Okay, now we know Bryan remembers Kate, but one suspects that Kate is just now starting to remember Bryan.  That shock panel is great; she looks like a deer in someone's headlights.

They are going to have to run, though, if they're going to get back to the Jail in time to see Bryan, before he makes a very unpleasant exit.  I wonder what seeing Kate will do to him, and what seeing him will do to Kate.  It will be interesting, that's for certain.  Superb story and art, as always.

Courtney Souden (childerolland) says: You know you are now at the top of the Google page if one googles Paradigm shift?
Duke Walls (dukew) says: Don't you just hate it when somebody completely ignores all the extraordinary art and brilliant story, and points out that Agent Xiang's use of the word "lead" in frame 25 is incorrect?  It should be "led" (past tense) not "lead" (either the element or the present tense of led, your choice).  Pedantry, while you wait!
Fionn Silverwolf (chunkboi) says:

Maybe Kate will be a "nice" werewolf if she manages to fully realize that fact instead of getting it in bits and pieces of little acid trips.

And imagine all the bonus pay she could get doing double duty in the K-9 unit...

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