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Robert Evans (surllio) says:


We have to wait.

Asj Johnson (asjjohnson) says:

I like the bricks. ^_^ And that's a pretty car... must be a crown victoria.

Something should be in the place, with all that dark stuff... dark=unknown.

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Someone is at Kate's appartment.  Or either that she forget to leave the lights on.
Christopher Vogel (thxcsv) says: Love it!  Can't wait for the next webisode!
Cindy Franklin (ryouko) says: Can't wait to see what she comes upon in her apartment.  And I can't help but agree with Mike.  It's a bit odd that Kate isn't plotting revenge.
Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says: The scariest thing waiting for Kate might be Kate!  Her memories, starting to awaken; of when she was more and less than human at the same time.  Dealing with what she is, and is becoming is about the scariest thing one can imagine.   And lots of cops drive Crown Vic's; either Police sell-offs in good shape, or ones they've bought from the dealer.  They are nice, roomy, and rather fast cars for their size. 
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Sorry, guys.  I'm not going to be at Ohayocon this weekend after all -- weather conditions don't look so good.  Details on the blog.
Robert Evans (surllio) says: Hmm...I can't wait to see where this goes.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: This will be interesting...
Peter Vine (prestwick) says: God she looks like the feckin' gaffer in the first frame, huh?
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Holy Postal Service, Batman!! (And awesome detail work in the stairs in panel 4, Dirk!)
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Well I liek the qway she treats her bills.  Awsome detail Dirk.  can't wait to see what the letter is about

Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

I got a giggle out of the return address, because I was up there for christmas and New years.

Wonderful work and looking forward to the actual letter. 

Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

I wonder if it's a warning: "That stuff the Army did is not what they said it was" or a warning: "I'm coming to get you, woman."

Or considering the date, maybe it's an old Valentine's Day card...

Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says:

Yes!  We're finally going to get some answers!!!

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Here comes....
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Gene Splicing!!!  taht makes a lot of scence now.  So Kate was in the millitary at some point?  Remember boys and girls never pretend to be god.  Look what happened to Racoon City in Resident Evil.

Robert Evans (surllio) says: Explinations.
Cindy Franklin (ryouko) says: Ooh!  Can't wait to learn more about these tests!
Asj Johnson (asjjohnson) says: I'm surprised they're the only survivors... Although I guess it makes sense, or else there'd be werewolves on the rampage all over the place. ^_^"
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Don't worry I'm sure there coming back with a bucket full of buttery popcorn as well

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Ooh.
Peter Scott (petercs) says:

There is one police officer who won't be getting his pension. Of course whether or not the FBI will allow anyone to view the videotape is a question I'd love the answer to. But then is the guy from the 'FBI' really 'FBI' or something else. Ah I said something else not from something else. Hmm now there is a thought. Set a dog to catch a dog.

Peter Vine (prestwick) says: For some reason I feel maybe going to get a mug of coffee will be the smartest decision he'll ever make.
Leif Elliott (wolfyn) says: Experiment?? Wow thats nuts!
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Recovery from... weres... quick healing... rage... understanding....

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Makes scence actually the fight scence at the bar were basic Combat fighting tenquines, She knows Kick boxing at least probally is a MMA herself. She also probally served in the milllitary or ROTC program.  She signed the waiver when she join.  Probally was even at Desert Storm or Desert shield.  Wow the suspence is killing me aboput her past. 

I love the phrase "I have reason to believe that they could be fatal" was so casually put in.

I wonder if Mike is going to deside to forget who he is and just go nuts and start shooting and asking questions later. I'll love to see that. He might be the only one that has a chance with Kate in a one on one combat situation if he ever had to fight her.

Aaron Bailey (aunlashck) says:

Because the lettering is small and might be a bit hard to read here is what the letter says:

“Ms. McAllister,

You probably don’t remember me, but we share a connection through the “Recovery from Sports-Related Injuries” study we participated in several years ago at the University of Illinois in Chicago. I am contacting you because I have recently learned some disturbing information about the long term side-effects of these tests. I have reason to believe they could be fatal.


It would be best if I could speak with you in person, especially if you are experiencing similar problems. I will be in Chicago next week to learn what I can from the University records. My card in enclosed. Please contact me as soon as possible.


Sincerely [signature] Montgomery Bryant

Montgomery Bryant

Major, U.S. Army”

 Also I have enjoyed the comic, keep up the good work!
Josh Jack (matel) says:

Hehehe, it looks like the CIA spooks behind MKULTRA decided to dabble their hands in something meatier than LSD. It seems like things are gonna start unraveling pretty quick here. You got the Doctor realizing that something is very fundementally wrong with their physical evidence, Major Bryant talking to the cops, and McAllister making the connection with mike about the test she was in. And then there's Mister FBI, who realizes that the Boy's in Blue have got Bryant.


This is the part where things REALLY heat up.

Hillary S (maidengarnet) says: Eeee, I'm a student at UIC! I love this comic in general, but the fact that I can recognize all sorts of things Chicago-related just makes it all the better. I can't wait to find out more... you know, I've had to participate in studies for PEC credits... >.> here's hoping I don't turn into a were-critter.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Reality sets in.
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Holy Ripped Undies, Batman!
Robert Evans (surllio) says: Uh oh.  The memories are coming back.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: That can't be good?
Laurie Kellogg (lunaroki) says: I think she's just started to figure out that she didn't get the placebos.
Peter Scott (petercs) says: If she took the placebos then what in hell did they give the others.
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says:

If they were trying to improve recovery time from sports injuries, they certainly succeeded...

"New, miraculous Revitagen!  Torn ACL got ya down?  No more!  With Revitagen, that ligament will be good as new in days!  Warning: Side effects may include random acts of violence and, in some cases, lycanthropy."

 I'm going to have to read back through the comic, though, and specifically the scene where she first tears up the rug.  I'm wondering why she didn't notice it in the first place and what I'm not remembering that has me doing said wondering.

Robert Evans (surllio) says: She noticed it, but if I'm not mistaken, we are still just a day after it.  She woke up in the shower and found her room destroyed.
Josh Jack (matel) says: I really doubt this actually has anything to do with sports. This was probably some black ops program to make better soldiers.
narp yarp (narpyarp) says: Of course it's for sports! Or for medicine in general. Doctors would have an absolute field day with something like this- though I'm sure one who ran a study like that would HAVE to do it undercover... Breaks all kinds of ethics rules, let alone laws.

Why is it ALWAYS 'black ops to make better soldiers'...? We have robots for that! We have them NOW. Getting fuzzy and popping claws and GOING INSANE makes for a very poor soldier indeed. Especially when even FUZZY they compare poorly against a modern military using robotics.

Medical science and regeneration, sure! But not supersoldiers. If you want supersoldiers, make them SMARTER. Give them more situational awareness! That doesn't mean werewolf ears- if there's no conscious MIND then they're not AWARE. Give them BETTER self control.

Being a soldier involves discipline and reliability. You do not find those characteristics in yon slavering beasties.
Steven Palermo (ciberx15) says: True but heck if the black ops scientists dont try anyway
Ville Rahikainen (watchman) says:

Robots - or rather, drones - have a zillion and one operational limitations, chiefly involving decision-making (ie. the need for remote control by human operators and due issues with signal security, bandwith and whatever) and logistical constraints like power supply and so on. Which is why the blighters are nigh exclusively used as UAVs, where their inherent disposability compared to manned aircraft is a real asset in hostile airspace and there's little to get in the way of the control link, and short-range tactical auxiliaries for infantry.

They're very far away from being able to actually replace flesh-and-blood humans in any capacity someone might want to create augmented supersoldiers for.

Anyway, the no doubt very hush-hush project here likely wasn't a real supersoldier program as such, given that the clinical testing was done through a public-sphere program and the subjects released "into the wild" afterwards. A military "black program" would of course never have left the high-security bases and suchlike. My bet would be that its creators really were out to develop some fancy-ass regimen for improving human regenerative ability (and maybe "push the envelope" in applied genetic engineering while they were at it) and got a lot more than they were expecting... probably long after the project was canned as unsuccesful, too, given that it apparently took years before the Major and our heroine suddenly went lycanthropic (I would assume that if the Major is correct about the other participants having perished in the meantime, presumably of diverse complications, that wasn't exactly in the developers' agenda either).

Kinda makes you wonder what the Hell those "genetic infusions" they were given were based on, though... Samples aquired from Romanian backwoods or something ? :P

Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

Now we see if Kate keeps her human mind as a Werewolf or not.  Every time before, she was asleep; this time she is awake and aware.  It would be interesting and different if she did, simply because it's such a rare story line.

Fuzzy and toothy, she'd be an even better cop and detective than she is already.  And she would have the Secret she has to hide, which would make the story even tighter.  There would be only one little problem; she would have to strip before she shifted or carry a change of clothing with her everywhere.  That could be a drag...

Drakanor Dream (drakanor_dream) says: good thing about waking up to your room like this: youre mind registers it as normal for the first 5 mins...
Leif Elliott (wolfyn) says:

Are they after her??


So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Oh, no...
Marten Kahr (martenzo05) says: Black sunglasses, microphone jammed into the ear... yeah. They're definitely there for her and will probably try to cover up the fact she ever existed.
Steven Lopez (dogsoneup) says:

Except that is the police station, not her apartment.  They arn't going to shoot up a building full of armed cops are they?

Very Terminator of them.  I like.

Marc K (mechatron) says: "Primary target" is Monty.
Ville Rahikainen (watchman) says:

Whee, it's the Old Skool MIBs! But... only one wagonload of heavies and no black helicopters ? They're not taking their job seriously are they ?

OTOH, no encounters with grim bullet-balleting lone-wolf gunslingers or odd couples of Girls With Guns are expected either so maybe they just went for the low profile...

...those guns didn't turn out quite right, I take it ?

Robert Evans (surllio) says: It has really hit the fan now.
Marten Kahr (martenzo05) says: Hmm.. Right. it IS the police station. I can see it on the sign now.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: That can't be good
dominiik mayer (kaylord) says: Uh I don´t know..... where ist the "Paradigm Shift"? Is it all but a mundane scientific experiment? I had hoped for more mystical elements. What about Mike´s spiritual leader in the temple, what about a possible secret war between cat ferals and wolf ferals? I thought there was more. No offense, it still is a great story!!!! :D
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says:

The "Paradigm Shift" could be as simple as finding out that, hey, there are such things as werewolves!  That's a pretty big shift.  Nevermind the obvious pun on "shift".  And besides, Dirk has yet to reveal the whole plot.

As for a secret war between cat ferals and wolf ferals, I'm sorry, but I think you're reading the wroooong comic.

Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

Puns aside, I think the "Paradigm Shift" is related to the fact that (one of) the killer(s) they're trying to track down is one of the lead detectives on the case.  From her flashback of the bridge incident, though, at least one case was arguably self-defense.

I must admit I was somewhat disappointed when it showed they were storming the Police headquarters instead of Kate's apartment.  I was hoping to see Kate wolf out (or better yet, just go into crazy mode) and kick some MIB ass, not see the cops kill/capture blondie.  But, hey, maybe he'll do the ass-kicking for me.

I realize this is my first comment here, so I'd just like to say - great comic! 

Ville Rahikainen (watchman) says:

The MIBs likely don't yet realize they actually have *two* shapeshifters in their hands, and may not really know very well WTF they're dealing with even in Monty's case either. One gets the impression they were caught quite off guard by the events and are now trying to get their bearings (and are probably frantically combing their backlog of Weird Ass Dodgy Research Projects to try and figure out the cause) - Step #1 naturally being damage control and containing the situation.

And they probably aren't going to be very happy at *all* when they realize they somehow need to discreetly "retire" a fairly high-profile up-and-coming police detective too...

Jordy Steinberg (rexlupis) says: Well, considering both Kate and Monty were part of a government funded test group which caused them to become something "supernatural" (for lack of a better term), chances are they are aware of the situation. Not to mention CIA types have enough security clearance to generally get all the information they want, hence how they would know Monty is at the police headquarters and so on. I think, if anything caught them off guard, it would have been the effects of the serum itself; hence why they were ill-prepared to deal with the consequences.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

These guys are not even remotely interested in being discrete. They are invading a cop station from the front door, in public. You can spin it however you like, but that ain't discrete.

 ...They won't have a problem with a high profile takedown of a rookie detective.

N P (defender_16) says: Wow, sure is 'Assault on Precinct 13' in here.
Laurie Kellogg (lunaroki) says: Odd that each of those guys seems to have a different gun than all the others.  Why would anyone equip their group like that?
Drgnkght (drgnkght) says: Laurie, it isn't the weapon that is important. It's the bullets. As long as the guns use the same rounds it doesn't really matter if they aren't the same weapon.
Asj Johnson (asjjohnson) says: looks like they made a boo-boo telling that guy about him...
Quentin Long (cubist) says: Hmmm. A lot of people have been using the word "discrete", which means "consisting of distinct or unconnected elements", where the context says the word they're *really* trying for is "discreet", meaning "heedful of potential consequences". Typoes aren't usually worth making a fuss over, but when one real word gets typoed into a *different* real word, it can get in the way of understanding...
Ville Rahikainen (watchman) says:

Drgn: fair enough, but units normally try to work with a standardised set anyway - besides easing logistics (eg. ordering spare parts and such) the troopers only need to be familiarised with a limited number of "user interfaces" and handling characteristics that way. Less of a hassle all around, basically.

By the looks of it, the agent guy in a ballistic vest currently exiting the van by the side door seems to have some member of the ubiquitous H&K MP5 family; the armoured-up trooper in the foreground seems to have some version of the M4 carbine (although it seems to have the carrying handle/sight combination of the H&K G36 family atop it...?); ditto for the two troopers exiting the van behind him. I'm stumped on what the second trooper from the left is holding though, and the guy at the extreme left seems to be carrying what looks like - of all things - the British L85A2 (nobody in their right minds touches the A1's these days)...?

Pretty sure all of that hardware is for Monty though, as having a shootout with the local cops in the middle of the freakin' city would obviously leave way too many people asking way too many persistent questions around a senstive case that's in all likelihood already far too close to public awareness for anyone's comfort.

It would also be plain pointless and stupid (as they should be able to get custody of the fellow simply enough by procuring the appropriate official orders and whatnots - they should by now have such paperwork well prepped), and while the dysfunctional US letter-soup community has famously had its share of collective brain farts they're not complete morons.

Jordy: I'm assuming whatever specific letter-salad bunch (or multiples thereof) now were involved in the original research were "caught napping" mainly by the fact Monty was able to initially evade capture in spite of the warning signs that had been accumulating for a while - suggesting that the entities involved weren't observing him too closely (or at all) nor prepared for any kind of trouble so long after the fact. And as a military man in active service he should have been very easy for them to keep close tabs on were they so inclined.

Nevermind now that it's still entirely unknown if "They" understand at all what's specifically up with him, other than that it's Big Trouble and he needs to be taken in ASAP dead or alive in the interests of damage control. (The strike team's loadout seems to be more for dealing with humans than big angry felines, nevermind now regenerating ones, which would seem to suggest the negative.)

For her part, Kate seems to have been under the radar so far (unless she's now "secondary target" on someone's briefing) and given that she apparently only started flipping out and mauling people after Monty turned up it would seem likely the shift in her condition hasn't yet been registered in the relevant circles. Well, and the Major's case ought to have kept them a bit preoccupied too...

Beats me where Agent Xiang comes in. It would seem entirely possible he's exactly what he says he is - after all, the Major's multpile-homicide case would appear to be exactly the kind of stuff the FBI handles - and has no connection to "Them" responsible for the original experiment (or the current situation). It's not like the letter-soups were known for unfailing and ready cooperation at the best of times nevermind now concerning the hush-hush stuff - and this research project seems like it would have been heavily classified ("need-to-know only" sort of thing) and compartementalised six ways to Sunday even inside the agency (or agencies) responsible. Pretty standard data-security practice that really, even discounting the obvious sensitivity of the project.

Ian: What, and then "remove" all of her nosy colleagues too when they start poking around to figure out what happened to their pal, as cops have a bad habit of doing...? Sure. And the local cops and the Feds (nevermind now the shadier MIBs) love each other so much at the best of times to begin with, too...

I rather imagine they could really do without that kind of extra grief and publicity risk. They ought to have quite enough of it already, after all.

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Why draw one awesome gun when you can draw them all!!!!
Josh Jack (matel) says:

It's possible that the agents exiting the back aren't wearing ballistics armor. It looks like it might be riot gear, which is generally more optimized for getting hammered in hand to hand then stopping bullets.

Regarding Xiang, It's hard not to think he's involved with this, considering that almost immiediatly after they told him about the colonel, the suits showed up at the police station.

 I doubt they're going to initiate a dynamic entry against the police station. They probably have allot of nice paper work that designates themselves as helpful agents of homeland security, and that they are here to retrieve Bryant in the name of national security.

 I don't quite get what they plan to do if Bryant goes feral inside the police station, and disembowls a dozen people before getting put down by a hundred rounds or so of gunfire. That's not exactly the kind of thing you can write off as conspiracy theory crap.

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Ville: I don't think we can tell how prepared they are for the situation just from their outward loadout. What will be more telling is whether or not their bullets are silver.

And I stand by what I said: whoever these guys are and whatever they're trying to do, they've already given up on the idea of handling the situation quietly. Marching into a police station with that much firepower from a public street, even past 8:30pm, is not exactly "low profile", and it'll be even LESS low profile if shots are fired or cops die.

Given that they've already demonstrated that they don't give a rat's backside about handling the situation quietly, I see no reason why they wouldn't be inclined to handle other situations (like, say, Kate) with a similar level of subtlety.

The people who would look into what happened to her and why would be utterly irrelevant if their objective is a coverup: there are only two living test subjects with potentially incriminating memories, as well as the cops who've been listening to Monty's story (and the videotape they've taken). Eliminate or capture them, eliminate the recording, and you've cut off the obvious viable paths for an investigation to lead back to whatever is being covered up here. Gina's data, which is not too far different from what Xiang must have had to work with elsewhere, raises interesting questions... yet it doesn't point a finger anywhere in particular. Xiang has already indicated that attempts to figure out what the hell is going on have led to dead ends and brick walls... given that, it seems an entirely reasonable proposition to perforate the few people who know anything before they tell anyone else and then just weather the shit storm that follows.

 This is, of course, assuming that whatever they're trying to cover up is so dangerous to them that their next course of action is going to be to permanently silence anyone remotely knowledgable about the situation, instead of simply taking Monty at gunpoint. Perhaps I'm jumping the gun here.

Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: I'm guessing that Kate is gonna have to bolt for cover after this and work from the underground, especially if the MIB are storming the police station.  The biggest question to me is how Kate is gonna react after remembering that she's a wolfie.  Major turning point... I wanna read more, this is absolutely fantastic!
Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

Mike better get there pronto; yesterday would be nice.  I don't think that having a Fed badge waved in his face will make any difference, either.

Kate is going to have to hide, and in the process get control over herself.  I'll bet that Mike will be the one hiding her, too; and since the whole thing is Black Ops, the Feds are going to be behind the curve on this one.  They can't ask for help, either.  Good.

Ed Debevic (rlx) says:

I haven't seen this in any of the comments.  It looks like the guys stepping out of the side door is agent Xiang to me.

 If it's not he's someboy as unlike the others you can see his face.

(swiftdraw) says: If feel sorry for the rookie, Newburg, as he has some rough couple of days(?) and it looks to get worse.
William Hodges (billyh666) says: I wonder if we're gonna have a Watchmen moment here, like when rorschach got surrounded by the law!
Eddie Sells (edsel) says: I registered just so I could say that of the 34 webcomics I follow this one is my favorite. The story is outstanding and the artwork is very good as well. I just got tired of being one of what are surely many silent observers.
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says:

This has to be the Longest set of coments that I have ever seen for just one of the scenes.

Great storie and artwork, I cant wait for the next set.

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: And the fecal matter hits the rotating air displacement device once more.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Uh-o...
Sebine LifeWind (sebine) says: This wont end well.
shui lung (draconautus) says: Oh come on! They're from the Government! They're here to help her! What could possibly go wrong! ;)
Robert Evans (surllio) says: And it only gets deeper and deeper.
Shayne Fisher (manik_dragonchild) says: Maybe its just about those unpaid bills? One can hope!
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: well that can't be good for the Feds.  Poor slobs I feel almost sorry for them.  Expecially the one's at Kate's place.  I hope Kate terars them apart
Eddie Sells (edsel) says: So she'll either flee and become a fugitive, answer the door and be taken into custody... or there is a third possibility that is not yet clear to me. The feds probably have the known exits covered but since Kate's a cop she may have an escape route they are unprepaired for. Another possibility would be that the stress causes her to change but I don't think that would be subtle enough for this plot. Augh! I'll just have to wait another week to find out.
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says:

I think that Kate's going to run, get picked up by Mike and left with some underground contacts of his so that she can manage to figure out some of what is going on.  We'll have to see next week.

Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

I'll bet those people aren't selling "Federal Agent Cookies" door to door.  Run, Kate, run; or this story is going to end in another page or two.

How can you tell when the Feds are bing the bad guys enemy?  The good guys don't hide their identities and they don't wave guns around; and then complain when somebody shoots them.

dominiik mayer (kaylord) says: Awwww, come on! It is Monday evening over here in Germany and still no new page! This is torture!!!! ;-)
Jessica Hawthorne (darkwatersong) says: Still no comic, and it's noon in California.  :-(
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: 5:30 in the midwest, only a few hours left.  I can't wait!
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Well, since the comic updates on Tuesdays...
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: Hence the "only a few hours left".  What can I say, we're overeager :)
Robert Evans (surllio) says: Things have just gotten extremely bad.  It has really hit the fan this time.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Holy--
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Holy Habeus Corpus, Batman!
Alex KB (kbkarma) says: Oh, hello there, big men with big guns!
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: Huh boy, at least Kate's running...
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says: Love the clawmarks on the window sill and frame.  Excellent detail.
Peter Scott (petercs) says: But is she going to run on two legs or four.
Jordy Steinberg (rexlupis) says:

Those crazy government types, first they take all our money, then they take our FREEDOM!!!!!!

Does the constitution still apply to Kate if she technically isn't human?  I guess not...

Angelo Portal (survivor12) says:

HOLY COW! She is running away RUN KATE RUN!!!

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Nice detail. Great work as always  Kudos to the Feds for being polite and asking the Chief to "Sir Please step away from the glass"
Andrew Fraser (abeo) says:

Uness she is no longer a citizen, she is still protected by the constitution.


I think they are just jerks. I also think that the second group is going to face off with a werewolf soon. Yay.

Nathan Palson (maldraugedhen) says:

...Why is she running, again?

 If they imprisoned her for any period of time then found out, "Hey, she transforms into a feral beast against her will every once in a while!", then she might actually get some medical help.

At most, I would think she would be charged with manslaughter for what she's already done, and she'll likely get a much harder sentence if she runs (especially since she'll be putting herself into a situation where it's likely she'll change, and therefore could cause the needless deaths of more law enforcement).

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

She's put two and two together. Federal officers banging down her door (and with her having done nothing wrong) while at the same time being informed about a major government screwup directly threatening her life and the resulting conspiracy? At the same time she REMEMBERS the experiments done on her?

Yeah, I'd figure something was up in her situation too. The "feds" aren't there to play nice, they're there to make her disappear.

Eddie Sells (edsel) says: It is hard to wait between updates.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Aw, man, don't get me started!

We need to invest in a time machine for Dirk or something.

Josh Jack (matel) says: ...I think you're being a bit naive maldraugedhen. This is a cover up. And people get "covered up". If Kate gives herself up now, she's going to end up in a hole where nobody will ever find her.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

He OBVIOUSLY has no idea what he's got in there, since whatever it is apparently necessitates the guns being levelled on HIM instead of the suspect.

And Kate's escape just got the requisite dose of drama.

...and another 7 days before the next page arrives. Goddamnit! 

Peter Scott (petercs) says: The male suspect gets a SWAT team and Kate just gets two guys with a gun each. Talk about female equality.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Dun dun DUNNN...
Jon McCormick (youko) says: Maj. Bryant has a known history of violence and is believed to be responsible for several deaths. They don't want to be taking any chances. Kate, on the other hand, has been shown as having a pretty clean slate. They were probably hoping to catch her without her being suspicious of anything and just get rid of her real quick and quiet like before she knew anything.
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says: More to the point, Kate and Maj. Bryant were in the same group experiment.  Maj. Bryant has shown clear signs of having gone loco while, as Jon said, Kate has not. Taking her in may be something more of a precaution, since there's no clear evidence - at least that Gina has shared yet - that Kate's also possessed of a meaner, fuzzier side.
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says: Also of note, Maj Bryant was looking for Kate.  Why?  That's good reason to bring her in right there!
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Still gotta like how poliet the feds stil lare with their tactical unit "I'm sorry sir but you have no idea what you have in there."

The Feds clearly underestimate Kate in genernal.  I would of send out a team for her as well.  Cops have really good trainning and if they read her profile she is clearly is one of the best officers in the force. 

Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

They probably didn't expect any resistance from Kate.  She's a cop, they're feds - when they show up knocking, they probably anticipate her coming along willingly.  The tactical team is probably at the police station as damage control - if Bryant wolfs out, they'll need to make certain there aren't any witnesses.

Also, as Jon and Kevin mentioned, Kate hasn't yet shown any signs of going wolf and killing people, so even if she does resist the special agents should be well-trained enough to take out a rogue detective.

Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: If I remember, in earlier pages, they are looking for a "large cat" and that would be Major Bryant. Kate is the only one (so far as we know...) that has the wolf gene.
dominiik mayer (kaylord) says: I wonder why the MIB´s didn´t think about guarding any backdoors, one of which Kate is using right now. Not very professional when bashing a door already.
Adam Self (suedodeus) says: I think the reason they started looking for a large predatory cat is because wolves just don't get that big, and a dog doesn't seem right (plus it would have to be something like a mastiff).  Of course, the blurry image of Bryant on the first page (the only time we've seen a real glimpse of his alternate form) does have a cat-like snout, although personally I wouldn't read too far into a blurry half-image that's basically just some eyes and teeth.
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says:

Run Kate!!!

I seriously think things are not gonna end up going well at the police station, especially if Major Bryant gets cornered, that'll bring out the survival instinct...

Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says: Mike better get there damned fast or things with Kate might get a little hairy! (ooh, bad pun)
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: UNDONE.

Ah, memory loss, we worship ye...
Cat Tillinghast (silentsooyun) says:


Anyone else notice the agent in the window is a bit... "wolfy" around the ears? Sounds like the government's had at least some success with the programme before trying to aquire Kate and Bryant.

Either that or he's into Legolas cosplay

Robert Evans (surllio) says: And things only get more and more complicated.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

I'd noticed it too. 

One should never play god.

Besides that got to like their protocol. First they are polite to you then they drug you.  I seriously don't think their The Feds.

I think its a Secert goverment program.  wheres Jason Bourn when you need him 

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: I doubt that guy in the window is wolfing out or anything like that, more likely just an odd angle, and I'll continue thinking such until I see some large canines. 'Course, it's testimony to Dirk's incredible attention to detail that people jump on small details like that. :D
Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says: Ooooh, Converses. Nice choice, Kate. Perfect for running from the government. :D
Angelo Portal (survivor12) says: Run Kate get away fast now if thaydon't stop you Run very fast and dont look back Kate!
(swiftdraw) says: Eesh! Slappin' leather, never a good feeling, 'specially when you need your sidearm.
Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says: Shit, no gun!  Run faster!
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Only one option left. Time to change...
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: I'm pretty sure Kate can handle these two Feds without a gun.    However I do feel sorry for them once Kate does get a hold of them. i'm sure she's going to interogate the.  io wonder if Mike's going to come with a car and run them over.
Andrew Cochran (mceajc) says:

Every new post makes me

1) hungry for more

2) more impressed at the drawing skill.

 Congrats on the real-world stuff, too!

Peter Scott (petercs) says:

Upside of not having a gun is that she can't be charged with shooting federal officers.

I'm not certain if throwing full rubbish bins at federal officers is a crime though. But she may want to change to some other ammo that's easier to find like paving slabs.

Joshua Ryman (steak) says: There's a whole slew of violations Kate is committing here: Obstructing a Federal Investigation.  Interfering with police pursuit (admittedly her own).  Damage of public property (if the waste bin belongs to the City).  Damage of private property (if the waste bin belongs to the landlord).  Obstruction of a public thoroughfare (a knocked over waste bin in the alley can make access awkward).  To say nothing of Littering.  Be careful, Kate: they'll book you on some misdemeanor thing and that's the last anyone'll see of you.
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: These cliffhangers are gonna kill me. Just keep running Kate, I think your fans are gonna all have heart attacks if you get caught.
Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

I don't think Kate's really committing any crimes that aren't covered under self-defense laws.  Those "Feds" have silencers attached to their weapons.  I'm fairly certain silencers aren't legal outside of military operations (which the FBI can't do), and certainly agents simply out to make a lawful arrest wouldn't be allowed to use them.  Kate is aware of this, and therefore knows these aren't Feds... or at the least, that they aren't operating within the law.  If she had a gun and turned around and blew both their brains out, she'd be perfectly within her rights to do so.  They're clearly trying to kill/deprive her of freedom.

Of course, if she DID shoot them, their higher-ups would probably manage to screw with the evidence so that they WERE trying to make a lawful arrest, at which point Kate would be convicted.  Long story short - run for it, Kate!

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: kate can handle herself.  this is a well made manga and I want more.  If this ever came out to anime I'll buy it for sure
Josh Jack (matel) says:

I think the moment they put those two cops under it became pretty clear that legality is the last things these bunch is worried about. These guys are looking to dispose of Kate no matter what she does.


And yes. The use of silencers is generally a sign that someones trying to do something covert.

Josh Jack (matel) says:

Another thing that I'm surprised no one has noticed.


A full garbage bin isn't exactly light. You've got to have some pretty hefty upper body strength to just casually toss it across an ally like that.

Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

Eh, depends what it's made of and what's in it.  We used to own a plastic bin that looked something like that, and even full (provided it was full of ordinary garbage) I probably could have chucked it decently well with enough adrenaline going through me.  And I'm not as strong as Kate should be, even without the lycanthropy.

As for legality, I was looking at things more from Kate's perspective.  Clearly their actions at the police station show that they are operating well outside the law. 

Drgnkght (drgnkght) says: @Adam: Agreed. They are _WAY_ outside the law here. I'd almost be willing to say the best thing for the remaining (hidden) officer would be to simply shoot all of the "federal" agents. Given the circumstances they aren't going to surrender or allow themselves to be arrested. 1. They obviously don't have any paperwork to support their actions or they would have presented them first thing. 2. They have attacked at least two law enforcement officers, possibly killed them; we don't know what they used when they injected them. 3. They have stormed the police station armed with automatic weapons. 4. They also obviously intend to abduct/kill a suspect in an ongoing investigation. 5. Lots of fake dead "federal agents"(?) would be rather tricky to cover up. 6. They have illegally entered a detectives private residence. (Breaking & Entering) 7. Attempted kidnapping of a police detective. (Not that he'd know about the last two..) Of course this all assumes that he could take them all out, which probably isn't the case. But I doubt Dirk would go that route anyway. :-D Oh, and I agree about the trash bin too. It looks plastic to me as well. The plastic ones aren't particularly heavy.
Drgnkght (drgnkght) says: Hmm, what happened to my formatting?
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

@Adam: Silencers are legal. Some hunters around here use them during deer herd culling just to cut down on the number of "omygodiheardaguninthewoodssavemesaveme" 911 calls from the ignorant suburbanite newcomers. However, you have to obtain a stamp from the BATF for about $200 for the silencer - they like to keep track of 'em. The same goes for what is commonly called a "sawed off" shotgun (bbl<18" || oal<26") or automatic weapons. You can own a fully-automatic Thompson (if you're clean) and even keep it in a violin case next to your fedora -- you just have to be a good boy about it. And if you can afford the amount of 45acp you can run through a Thompson on full auto, you can certainly afford the stamp.

The most important thing the layman should know about silencers is that the ones you see in the movies are pure bullshit.

The device in the first insert panel may be a silencer or may just be a suppressor, which redirects the shockwave (and hence the sound) and stabilizes the weapon for faster second shots. Most of the things people see on the ends of barrels fall in the latter category. The abrupt transition from closed to open space for the expanding gasses has some disturbingly-sharp transitional effects. Suppressors ease that transition. You have probably seen the suppressor's cousin on the tip of an airplane wing - the little vertical eases the abrupt transition from air-that-has-been-split-by-the-wing-and-is-sucking-a-partial-vacuum-on-the-trailing-edge and relatively-undisturbed-air-just-beyond-the-wingtip. That helps reduce vortices that create drag on the wingtip and obliterate small aircraft.


Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: These guys look like MIBs, anyway, not FBI. Too well-dressed.
Josh Jack (matel) says:

Drgnkght,Ithink you're taking a bit to optimistic view on this situation. They may be operating outside the law, but it's improbable that they're operating outside the confines of some high level government authority.Look at the MKultra experiments. Completely illegal, but the spooks behind it got away because they had the right connections. Why wouldn't the intelligience community not be willing to do stuff like that again?

These guys are very dangerious. If you did end up killing one of them no matter the context, it'd be spun up turning you into a drugged up psycho killer.


Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: To continue from Jack, ...a drugged up psycho killer who ends up vanishing within a very short period of time after the arrest.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: So the shades weren't just for show, huh?
Andrew Sumner (locus) says: What's the betting she'll pick the car up & toss it down the alleyway like a garbage bin?
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: I kinda see her jumping the car with out breaking stride.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Dun dun DUN!
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: Also, in the fifth panel, looks like she's starting to "wolf out". Notice the ears and teeth.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

ahnybody want to guess who's in the SUV?

Chrontius Lameth (chrontius) says:

No.  Either it's a very good thing for her, or a very bad thing for her, and there's no use speculating.


Unless it's just a random SUV there to be hurdled and used as a distraction and/or red herring. 

Joshua Ryman (steak) says: That ain't no random SUV.  That baby's got Government tags.
Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says: @steak: Those of us who live in the rest of the world will take your word for it.

@greypaw: Actually, in panel five, she looks like she's beginning to enjoy herlself.

Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: @mr dave: If you look in panel four, the "feds" have stopped chasing her, so I think that she thinks that they have given up the chase while infact, they were calling for re-inforcements (ie, the SUV).
Joshua Ryman (steak) says: I apologize for the apparent provincialism: I meant United States Government tags.  That's what the little characters on the left side of the plate, all slanty and downward-going and starting with "G," signify.
Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says: @steak: I assumed US Govt; I just didn't know how you distinguished them at that resolution. Thanks for the info. (To be fair, I doubt I could either recognize or distinguish my own country's Government plates at that resolution...) 
Bill Erickson (billerickson) says:

Has anyone else besides starstriker noticed that the eyes of the agent removing his sunglasses while talking with Bryant are a little... "weird" ??



Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

steak:  Good eye.  I was thinking it looked government due to the model, color and tinting, but the plates were a very good observation.

Bill:  I didn't notice until I saw starstriker's comment, primarily because I don't pay a lot of attention to eyes in monochrome comics.  Looks like the fellow who commented on one of the feds looking a bit "wolfish" earlier was on to something.  Now, I doubt ALL of the MIB's have undergone treatment, so Kate still has a pretty good shot at getting through this.  It does appear that they might not be killing Bryant... provided he cooperates.

dominiik mayer (kaylord) says: Kate=Wolf... rest of the gang=Cat...
Aaron Ray (nakomis) says: I think our dear fedral agent is a bit of a werwolf himself. Judging from the eyes.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: I think that little Miss Werewolf is a little too close to Kate for a firearm to have the desired deterrent effect.
Howard Katz (howodd) says:

Wow government werewolves I did not see that one coming.  What I am wondering is how Mikes marshal arts far him against them.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Wait, the female agent's one too? Hoo boy. Now things get interesting...
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:


So, they're not MIBs. The WWIBs!!!!!

Robert Brigham (greypaw) says:

Unless that little pea shooter has either silver bullets or a tranc, the only thing that is going to do to Kate is Piss Her Off.

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

the Female agent is a Hybrid as well.

A easy manouver for Kate by far.

What's today's lesson Boys and girls "Never play God with Genetics"  you think those Resident Evil Games, Jason bourn series movies etc would of taught people something important.

Awsome work Dirk.  iIwant more

Joshua Ryman (steak) says: Looks like Eddie Munster got a job with the Company...
Edwin Quantrall (reynard) says:

More like "Edie Munster"...

BTW: Is it some sort of coincidence that Shaenon Garrity's "Skin Horse" is also running a werewolf arc? (Although for comic effect...) 

Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says: Didn't see this one coming until the last page or so. Nice one indeed, Dirk. :D
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: I wonder if all of this is under video surviallance at the police station? 
Aaron Ray (nakomis) says: "What's today's lesson Boys and girls "Never play God with Genetics"  you think those Resident Evil Games, Jason bourn series movies etc would of taught people something important."

Those are all completely fictional.  I mean really, you're comparing reality with zombies. Genetic engineering can and has done some great things, most treatments for cf involve genetic engineering. Do you know what cystic fibrosis is? Of course not. Cystic fibrosis is a horrid chronic disease that has a 100% fatality rate. Unlike other diseases that kill you fairly quicker and/are curable, cystic fibrosis is not curable and will kill you very slowly, and painfully. It is an inherent chronic disease you are born with if both of your parents passively or actively carry the gene.

"Cystic fibrosis  is a hereditary disease affecting the exocrine (mucus) glands of the lungs, liver, pancreas, and intestines, causing progressive disability due to multisystem failure. Abnormally thick mucus results in frequent lung infections. Diminished secretion of pancreatic enzymes is the main cause of poor growth, greasy stools, and deficiency in fat-soluble vitamins. Males can be infertile due to the condition congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens" In otherwords, something you really don't want to have.

Most never lived past elementary school. With modern medical technology we can extend their lives to 30-40 years, that being said how would you like to spend 40 years coughing up blood and mucus gasping for breath? Lung infections every other week? Painful bowel movements? Knowing you will never lead a normal life? Go to school, college, love, marry, and have kids? Instead you will spend the next 30-40 of your life hoping in vain for a miracle or cure to end your misery. Or until you get sick of it and end your life yourself. This is where genetic engineering comes to help, and do some good.

It's not like one day a scientist decides to question God and commit the ultimate evil by splicing a tomatoe and orange together. The horror, imagine more resistant crops allowing greater yields to feed millions of starving people. Great act of evil indeed, God is going to burn humanity over some vegetables.

Actions are not evil, only the motivations and intentions are. Actions however still fall under right and wrong.

If you disagree with me, head over to any local hospital that offers care to such victims and have a little chat. Sorry, little Jonny you're going to die so I can have a clean conscious about my morals.

Gotta uphold those morals. Don't be so selfish.
Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says:

@nakomis: There is some difference between genetically engineering a treatment for a disease with careful monitoring for potential adverse side-effects, and genetically engineering a human-hybrid killing machine and consequences be damned. I think most of us understand this.

Most of us also understand that Paradigm Shift is a work of fiction, so relax and enjoy the comic.

PS to steak: I apologize for the tone of my first comment last week. I came off sounding surly and arrogant, and I promise you I am almost never surly.

Joshua Ryman (steak) says:

Apology accepted sir.  I apologize for any offense caused by my ironically condescending, mock-chauvinistic response to your might-have-been-perceived-as-surly and arrogant comment. 

Anyway: tampering with God's work to create Doom Viruses and killer man-beasts = bad.  Tampering with God's work to treat horrible diseases = OK, unless the treatment itself mutates into a Doom Virus or turns the recipient into a killer man-beast.

Josh Jack (matel) says: I think the real issue is that the WWIB is going around committing secret experiments on people that turned them into homicidal were wolves.
Angelo Portal (survivor12) says: looks like some wolfing out!
chic geek (onechicgeek) says: Anybody notice the return address said 'Major and MRS. Bryant?' If she's just a normal, they'd have no trouble getting her. If the feds, mibs, whatever are doing a clean sweep, they'd want her in a cell or worse. If nothing else, they'd want her as bait to lure out the major. I'm going to guess either A-she's on the run, or B-she was the major's first victim. If B, he may not even remember it, and it may be what tipped off the feds that there was cleanup to be done on that project. And if there's a Mrs. Bryant, that opens the door to the possibility of a child or children, or a pregnancy. Betcha they'd like to see if that genetic experiment can be inherited...
chic geek (onechicgeek) says: Okay, somehow I missed the strip where they mentioned finding Bryant's wife's body. BLUSH! How the heck did I skip that one? Sorry!
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: Oooo, we were definately right, big kitty! Awesome lion, Dirk, can't wait to see more!
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Yeeeow!
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Oh, I get it! Each one has a different weapon because they're hoping that one of them will work. :-)
Michael Parkin (gniknam) says: Lion or werewolf?  Can he be stopped with out "silver" bullets?  If the suit knew what he was capable of why was he in there alone, and why is he having a hard time stopping him now?  Seems not well thought out on his part.
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: Awesome, as usual Dirk. I'm wondering about the other Swat team members, by the look on there faces, I don't think that they knew what they were in for. The wide eyed, small pupils are perfect.
Eddie Sells (edsel) says:

Looks more like a werewolf to me. I think that the SWAT guys had been told to expect something but probably didn't believe it until now. This gives us two cliff-hangers to wait on: (1) Will Kate escape, be caught, be shot, transform or somehting else? (2) Will the guns of the Federal SWAT team be able to stop the beast?

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Poor SWAT I almost feel sorry for them. 
Geoff Blizard (paxromana) says: It doesn't matter if these SWAT guys knew about the reality of the situation or not. They're staring down a pissed off were-lion, and they're in front of the only exit.
Peter Scott (petercs) says: Chances are that the suit is were as well.
Josh Jack (matel) says:


I think the reason he was in there alone because he was hoping there was still a chance to get him to come in quitely...


Also, it's probably because HE has the healing factor here. And I'm thinking he's going to be really needing it in a  couple of minutes.

Marten Kahr (martenzo05) says:

Hmm... A werelion. Wait... Could this mean that the "test subjects" each have a different animal they transform to? If so, then I'm putting in a guess that Kate is a fox or a wolf. But definitely not a lion.

Oh, and yeah. Not well thought out on the Fed side. Probably, they thought Bryant would come quietly or something. Or, they didn't know those "test subjects" are capable of a full transformation. Who knows how far back whatever project that spawned those hybrid agents goes. Maybe the agents are an older generation or something. Let's wait and see.

Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Wow. Fed has a hell of a hand cannon. What the hell IS that!? Guessing a desert eagle, but MAN is that huge.

 And I don't think the fed is in as bad a spot as he looks to be. If Dirk's werewolves are vulnerable to silver, the SWAT guys will be armed with silver bullets, and if they're vulnerable to (an excessive amount) of normal damage, which seems likely, they've got the firepower for that, too. Not to mention that the fed is a were-something too, if his pupils are any indication.

Chrontius Lameth (chrontius) says:

Fed has a deagle, probably 357 Mag.  The .50 one looks like a length of sewer pipe with a lug on the bottom.  Swat guys are using EOTech holosights (the side-mounted controls (there are normally two buttons on the back) mean they're a version designed for use with nightvision optics, and the length says they're most likely the version running on 2xAA batteries) on the AR-15s, (NOT m-16s!  They only have safe and fire positions!) and Streamlight Scorpions under the barrel.  My god, they've even got Magpul folding rear sights!  The MP5 is using a Surefire dedicated foreend light.  I'm not sure if it's the 1-cell or 2-cell version; it looks like they've probably got an 18500 li-ion cell in there with an oddball lamp assembly, possibly a direct-drive LED.  ( http://malkoffdevices.com/ )


I love this comic.  Complete suspension of disbelief, no stupid nitpicky little errors to pull you out of it while you're reading or marinating in the awesome. 


The look on those poor SWAT mooks is priceless, and I almost feel sorry for them.  Almost, since the whole subduing an entire police department with opiates thing (and risking giving everyone present AIDS and/or hepatitis) is like hugely illegal and immoral. 

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

The casing coming out of the Fed's sidearm is too stubby for 357Mag or 44Mag. The aspect ratio of the case looks more like 45 ACP.

I've carried a Streamlight Scorpion on my belt ever since seeing one in action in the late 90's. Awesome flashlight.

Don't feel bad for the mooks. They're moonlighting from their jobs in Tenaha, TX. :-) And if they decide to go lion-hunting with .223 Rem weapons, the results will just be Evolution In Action.

dominiik mayer (kaylord) says: Lions do have round ears. This one has pointy ears. Even though there rest really looks more like a feline than a canine. Heh, nitpicking here.^^
Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

Maybe I'm wrong, but in the first panel, does it look like one of those shots went completly through Bryant's abdomen?  Does it look like that to anyone else?

~crickets chirp~

Marten Kahr (martenzo05) says: Kita: Definitely looks like it to me. Then again, Kate took one in the side, no problem. And well, maybe the full transformation closes up open wounds instantly
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: Definately lion.  Nose and ears give it away.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Ooh the brakes have come off! Now she's fusing the best of Were and Human... this is gonna be good!
Steve Ford (fordsfords) says: Whoa!  She's FAST!  From "click" to pwnd in the time it takes for the powder to ignite and the slug to leave the barrel.  (And no, I won't bring up issues like the speed of sound v.s. the speed of the slug ... it *does* have to accelerate first.)
Fionn Silverwolf (chunkboi) says: See, now THIS is what happens when you try to take a werewolf to the vet...and now she has a gun.  Howl, bang, bang.
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: Curious Question: Do werewolves have to be concerned about sundrie items like distemper or the such?
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: I think Kate just qualified as "pretty badass". Again.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Go Kate Go!!!!
Fionn Silverwolf (chunkboi) says:

Robert: Probably.  Rabies, Distemper, things that can cross species barriers.  Though I'm not sure how Mr. Tiede would rate their immune system.

 I think the more she comes to terms with her ability the more she'll gain control.  Maybe reconcile "wolf instincts" into a similar vein as "cop instincts."  Who knows?  Instincts are just system software for survival.  We all have them, it's a function of being alive with a nervous system.

K Ryan (celtcath) says: Is it just me, or is the 'man in black' Kate just laud a smackdown on  starting to transform just like our dear detective?
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Woman in black, and I don't think so... aside from the canines she seems the same as she was to start off.
Andrew Sumner (locus) says: Must ... see ... next ... *gasp* ... update ...
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Exciting.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: I think she needs some silver bullets.  Or a silver flamethrower.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Yep they should of send in the SWAT tactical unit or whatever it was after Kate as well. I practually almost feel sorry for them. Awsome work ecpecially their sunglasses, facial features and differnet hairstyles.
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Man, those guys SO did not watch Jurassic Park.
Karl Smith (madcat6204) says: Not good at all. Those people she hit barely seem to have even noticed it. Worse, if they're ALL werewolves, they aren't all showing it. The one who went facefirst into the window was already, but the guy who we get a closeup of here shows no signs of transformation at all. He is completely calm and collected... despite having just taken a bullet in the stomach. If he is a were-creature, he is significantly more dangerous in the long run than the agent who was already changing before Kate even attacked them.
K Ryan (celtcath) says: Kate is not having a very good eveming off the job.  In the past ten+ minutes, she has learned about the "medical trial" that she fprgot, had feds pound on her door, escape her apartment without her badge and pistol.  Not to mention phisicly assulting and shooting said feds.  I'd say her her weird sh!#-o-meter is starting to spike.
Fionn Silverwolf (chunkboi) says:

Turns out this is completely unrelated to the story.  This is the RIAA coming after her for all those MP3's.

 Good action drawing...although with all the detail sometimes the panel borders become hard to see.  Kate almost appears to be looking at herself in in the bottom right panel, and at first glance seems to be in the same alley rather than a different perspective.  "Hey...isn't that me?  Huh...do my ears really look like that?  HEY, OTHER ME!  LAY DOWN SOME COVER FIRE, WILL YOU?!"

I think if Kate needs anyone right now, I'd have to say it'd be Agent Pendergast.  He's FBI, and would probably recognize that Kate isn't a threat...until she actually became a threat.

Jordy Steinberg (rexlupis) says:

Serpentine pattern, Kate! Go!  Go!


Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Hey, she knocked off his shades! I wonder if knocking off a WIB's shades is like knocking off a jaegermonster's hat?
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Ooh-OUCH.
shui lung (draconautus) says: Actually I think knocking off the shades makes them weaker. After all, how can you be cool and mysterious without your shades?
Karl Smith (madcat6204) says: She's hit him an unspecified number of times, and he's still not even slowing down. Yet he's also not showing the slightest sign of transforming. Not good.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Nice move by Kate. 
Jesse Burton (burtonj) says: Kate's Sig slide should be locked open unless the "chik" was a jam.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Dammit, I had it like that in the roughs.  I couldn't remember how it would finish.

Guess I'll have to touch up before it goes to print. 

crazyman (crazyman) says: Nice kick! Maybe the fire escape will fall on him. That should slow him down, right?
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

I've never fired the Sig, but if it works like the 1911, failure to remain open after the last round could be a magazine problem. I had that problem with a Colt Ace years ago.

If it was jammed (in this case, failure to go into battery) there's usually no sound - just this big empty silence where you wanted a bang. It's sort of a zen thing - what is the sound of one trigger clapping...if you pull a trigger in a forest and the hammer doesn't fall...or the curt "Good Night" at the end of the prematurely-terminated date.

Josh Jack (matel) says:

Damn. These Lycans are fucking tough. 2 rounds to the gut and he gets right back up. 3 rounds in his shoulders and he goes back to shooting her.


And judging by the state of that support beam, Katie's accident with thepunching bag can't be chalked down to it being in a sad state of repair.

Fionn Silverwolf (chunkboi) says:

Dirk: Well there's another possibility, it's that the last round was a dud. Without the recoil from the round, it can't cycle the action.

"Next on 'This Old House,'we're remodeling a charming Chicago apartment.  Guest contractor Kate McCallister will help us by using Federal Agents as tools to help clear out some of the old structure..."

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

LOL or you can hire Jesse James and he'll run and drop a monster truck on youur house

Kate should be on UFC. Mike can couch her.

Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

Love the sense of action in this page. 

~snorts~ Love Kate's remodeling.

Oh, and Marten, thanks for the answer to my question!  I was looking at that panel and thinking ow, that had to hurt if a bullet tore all the way through his abdomen, but he barely even reacted before changing and attacking.

K Ryan (celtcath) says:

things are coming to a head for our dear Kate.  Let's hope Mike can handle it.

Meredith Dillman (kyrn) says: Woah crazy perspective on that balcony.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Run, Kate, run!
Cat Tillinghast (silentsooyun) says: That's not "crazy perspective" so much as "critical engineering failure"
Karl Smith (madcat6204) says: Ouch. Well, at least she finally got him to look pissed off. And if I understand their target designators correctly, these kids are being called off to go help try to capture Bryant.
K Ryan (celtcath) says: Our dear Kate just can't get a break.  the Fire escape didn't even have the good fortune to land the the evil fed.
mellyrn (mellyrn) says: They didn't get Newburg. Or that other guy behind the door.
Fionn Silverwolf (chunkboi) says: Kate: "First I'm being arrested by the feds on no charges.  Then I'm being shot at.  What's next...oh crap, I HAVE FLEAS!"
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: I know I'm late in saing this but it just ocured to me, the fed that weht into the car window looks like "Eddie Munster" in the fifth panel.
Jake McInelly (gyffes) says:

Actually, it's not that the fire escape missed him but that he survived having it drop on him and, it seems, is actively lifting it off himself.

 So, we have SuperFed chasing SuperKate.

Fionn Silverwolf (chunkboi) says: Something I just found (pardon me if this was posted already) but it's a Chicago PD Homicide Division coffee mug: http://failblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/fail-owned-slogan-fail1.jpg?w=375&h=500
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

"Our day starts when yours ends." 

Okay, that is frickin' hilarious!

crazyman (crazyman) says: It fell on him! Yay! :) And "Primary target has escaped"? Was Kate the primary or was it the other dude (last seen tearing up the police station)?
Josh Jack (matel) says:

Hey folks, lets stop and think about this for a minute.


Mr.Fuzzy hair FBI just took 2 rounds to the gut, 3 to the shoulders, got kicked through a support beam, and had a balcony fall on his head andat the moment he looks just fine. If a lycan in human form can take that much punishment...what can a fully turned one take...like the one in the police station.

 I'm thinking the FBI guys in the police station should have brought a rocket launcher.


john chasse (blackraven) says:

they just dont build them like they used too, sorry i couldn't resist.  Kate had better calm down though or mikes going to freak out when he sees her ears.  You know thinking about all we've seen so far can the fbi guys even turn, cause we havent seen any of them turn yet but kate and bryant have both turned and  are from a later project and a project that had few survivors not to mention after sedating the police why wouldn't the fbi guy talking to bryant turn rather than just shoot at him.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: GO!!!
K Ryan (celtcath) says: Lucky for Kate that Mike was in the area.  Think he'll hide her in Chinatown?
Jon McCormick (youko) says: I'm wondering if he'll notice her teeth and ears. XD
mellyrn (mellyrn) says:

Not "lucky" -- she asked him to meet her "by Harry in ten ... better make it five!" as the feds were breaking in.

She's in the back; maybe she'll calm down enough to lose the ears & teeth before Mike gets a good look.

Heh heh -- bend with *this* wind, Mikey.

crazyman (crazyman) says:

Poor Kate; she's on the FBI's (or someone's) Ten Most Wanted list, she's turning into a werewolf, and she left her gun back at her apartment. All in all, she's having a worse day than I am!

Ashley Stuart (aeolismith) says:

It looks like Mike already noticed Kate's ears/fangs between panels 5 and 6.  In panel 5, he's turning to ask her what happened, and sees her changed features, prompting him to warn her, in panel 6, to stay down, so that fewer people outside the car will see them to be able to give a report when the feds come asking.

Also, this is a very impressive comic, and one I've been watching for quite a while, tho this is my first time commenting on it.

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Somehow I don't think they were Feds.  Great detail expecially on the Statue

Jordy Steinberg (rexlupis) says: I think he's telling her to get her head down because people are looking for her, not because she has fangs and pointed ears.  I'm sure in a distressed, frantic situation, especially while driving, small details as such wouldn't be immediately processed into cognitive thought to allow cognitive processes to be used on more pressing matters... IE, unless he's a genius with a photographic memory, chances are he hasn't noticed those details yet and is more focused on the fact that she is being chased by a group of well trained, well armed agents.
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