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Paul Nickerson (pgn674) says: *GASP!* I wonder what happens next time...?
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: I knew we'd get to were the truth would be revealed...
Jon McCormick (youko) says: A whole nother week to find out what happens next. T_T
Karl Smith (madcat6204) says: Wrong with you, wrong with them, girl. There's lots of wrong going around these days. At least yours isn't being run by some sinister organization.
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Would that  be the sinister organization that turns people into werewolves or the sinister organization that drugs cops and kidnaps werewolves? :-)
Drew H (ash32) says: You'd think that the non-human spooks would carry weapons that could actually stop whomever they're using them on...they clearly have some sort of liquid that can sedate/kill their non-human targets, and going in without a weaponized version of that seems a tad short-sighted. Then again, it's totally like the government to create a super-soldier without making a countermeasure to easily stop that soldier.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

I like the Budda statue and mirror wards.  Well Kate should be thankful that it wasen't really the Men in Black. They can use them right about now

crazyman (crazyman) says:

Bullet wound healed at super-speed without even a scar...time to buy a clue, I think. Wait until she shows him the pointy ears and sharp teeth! :-)

Nicholas Ladendorf (nilgravity) says: Is that reaction from the lack of scar or did mike think he was about to get a show?
K Ryan (celtcath) says:

Its all starting to come together for our favorite members of the CPD. Hope Mike is up for more surprises.

Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says:

Kate: "LOOK!"

Mike: "....Oh my God! You have twelve-pack abs! When the hell did THAT happen!?"

Kate: "...did you just call me fat, or just lazy?"

Mike: "Mostly lazy. And I was being sarcastic.....please don't eat my face...."


(Sorry, couldn't help myself. teehee....) Watch yourself, Mike. Those WIBs might be gliding in for the kill at any moment.  Maybe Kate can save her partner for once, instead of the other way around as usual. 

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Deleatd Scences form the Set of Paradigm shift  (Best Anime Manga to date))

Take one

Kate: Nothing hurt them they kept Coming I mean Look *Shows no bullet scar*

Mike:  *Starts drolling offers a $50.00

Kate: Hey I'm not offering you a show here *punches out Mike and takes his money*

*Laughter in background*

Take 2

*Kate Shows that she has no scar*

Mike: Praise Mighty Buddah for that I am truly blessed by this beaytiful scenery that is in front of me today *starts praying*

Kate: What the hell are you talking about?!...Beautiful sceanery!!... Why you Pervert !!!*Kickes Mike in the groin and watches him double over slowing growing in pain as then Kate starts beating him up.  The crew starts to laugh as Mike is screaming I'm sorry I'm sorry. the sound of punching can be heard.

Take three

*Kate shows that she has no scar*

Mike wow nice abs *remebrs what happend the last time then Screams 'PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" and flinches as Kate just stands there laughing.

Take Four *Kate shows that she has no scar*

*Mike Devolops a typial anime nosebleed*

Kate: Hey your suppose to devolope a nosebleed when I show you my underwear NOT when I show you my side! 8Starts beating up mike again as the crew starts to laugh again as Mike is again going I'm Sorry I'm sorry

Take Five:

*Kate shows that she has no scar*

*Mike looks shock to see that there is now scar nor bullet hole* 

*Kate Finishes the scence and the director yells cut The cast and crew start to leave expect Mike who still stands there in shock as The director calls for Mikes name Mike remains motionless and just stands there,  they all leave and Mike still stands there. As the lights go out. A few hours later he finallY blinks from being in a state of shock from looking at Kate's Abstakes a deep sigh and fianlly goes home.

((Great work Dirk keep it up))

K Ryan (celtcath) says: Here it come, folks.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: This is it!
Stickman (pointystick) says: I think this is what we've all been waiting for.
Jon McCormick (youko) says: Don't think she's gonna calm down and go back to normal like she did at the gym this time. XD Though I'm wondering if she'll still be "herself" or if she'll go all crazy again.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Wow I guess she is a werewolf after all.  Poor Mike.  This must be really stressful for him

Jon McCormick (youko) says: Ha, stressful for him? What about Kate? XD
Michael Rotton (mrotton) says: This does not look good for our hero.
Karl Smith (madcat6204) says:

@ Ed Paradis: You GUESS? Just now you GUESS she's a werewolf? Dirk finished dispelling all doubt of that at the end of part 2. The whole comic since then has been going on the assumption that we've already grasped that concept. This should not still be in doubt!

Kate! Calm! You really need to get Mike to teach you some meditation techniques. Controlling your emotions is going to be essential for controlling the monster inside you. It MUST be possible. That fed who chased you took two rounds to the stomach, four to the chest and shoulders, was kicked through a support beam, and had a fire escape land on him, and he STILL didn't start to change. There must be some way to bring the transformations under control.

Lara Herfurth (equinox) says:

I'm wondering...  How did the hobo's dismembered right hand get on the left side of him?? That looks very odd. Other then that I love this page (well, I love all of Dirk's pages)! I can't wait to see the next one! 

Dread Lord CyberSkull (cyberskull) says: Sweet, it's all coming together (by all coming apart)!
Laurie Kellogg (lunaroki) says: @Lara: It kinda looks like she ripped off his right hand, shoved it through his gut, then tore off his left arm before the hand had a chance to hit the ground.  Man!  She is fast!
Lara Herfurth (equinox) says:

@Laurie Kellogg: Thats a good idea, but then Kate's right werewolf arm & hand would be covered in blood. The hand would be covered in blood & be closed or smashed because she forced it through him. I don't exactly know how the blood spray (if indeed Kate did that) would be, but there would much more. Also some guts too.


Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: She bit it off, but is moving fast, so it hasn't hit the ground, yet. That, and it looks nice and splattery.  Can't I have just a *little* artistic license sometimes?  =)
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Karl Smith (madcat6204) says:

@ Ed Paradis: You GUESS? Just now you GUESS she's a werewolf? Dirk finished dispelling all doubt of that at the end of part 2. The whole comic since then has been going on the assumption that we've already grasped that concept. This should not still be in doubt!


 Well sometimes people can overlook the obivious. Oh well it happens. I wonder if Kate still craves for some Sausage at Denny's

I like the hobo getting bloodied panel.  Looks really nice and bloody. The severed hand and the bone attached gives debt and severaty to the already mangled corsp. I like it.  >:-)>

Lara Herfurth (equinox) says:

All right. I still think it looks funny though. You're a very good artist so you are qualified to bug/make us scratch our heads for some for fun. LOL!

Keep up the excellent work!

Angelo Portal (survivor12) says:

she is like the hulk when bruce banner get stress out he hulk out when kate get stressed she wolf out! it is like werewolf meets the indcredible hulk cross breed


Justin Allison (justin_allison) says: That poor hobo. Will Mike be next? Probably not, buy it would be a good plot twist if he got mauled, but lived of course. Got an account, I've finally decided to stop being lazy. For now.
Craig Hoo (damaku250) says: aaaaand... it hits the fan. Hey! Seriously dude, stop gawking and GET OUT OF THERE! hahaha. Great expression work on this page, especially that last panel.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Time to go.
Peter Scott (petercs) says:

Not a good idea. Dogs love chasing things and running gives it the opportuniy to attack from behind. Of course shooting her isn't a good idea either. Maybe a bowl of dog food and a stout leash instead.

Mathew Daley (shepherdgunn) says: Mike should remain calm and assertive. Doesn't anyone watch Ceaser Milian?
Joseph Halko (kaerus) says:

Depending on werewolf lore here, she may not hurt Mike, in some werewolf stories, the wolf side would never hurt a friend or family memeber of the human side.

Great comic btw, been reading for awhile, sorry I've been to lazy to post thou.

Timothy Charles (tim250) says:

Katie would probably kill me for saying this, but even as a werewolf she looks adorable.  Ah well, I guess the only question now is how much sentience and self-control she retains.  She still has her bangs, so obviously there is hope that she wont hurt her partner.  (OK, I'm not sure about the logic of that last bit either.)

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Maybe Mike has some silver on him?  Poor Mike he's up agaist a wall and it's closing fast on him.  I don't think Micheal is going to run, Not his style, If anything he's going to face the problem head on and use his Brain

Awsome art expecially the whole transformation slowdown bit.  I feel sorry for those Converse sneaker that Kate wears all the time. First her jacket then her shoes.  Man is she going to be piss'ed.

Eddie Sells (edsel) says:

If this has been going on for a while you would think that she would have noticed that her wardrobe was shrinking. "Hmmm... another set of clothing is missing." Of course I guess she may have been in denial until now.

Perhaps up until now it has been happening only at night when she was less likely to reek havoc on her clothing budget.

Urban Wildman (urbanwildman) says: DON'T run! Only PREY runs away! Scratch her behind the ears or under the chin???
Jordy Steinberg (rexlupis) says:

It's always a good time when you get to use the classic werewolf cliche of "please GTFO before I eat your intestines."

 Considering how Kate has already gleefully dismembered several innocent bystanders in a bestial rage, it is doubtful she would have the cogniscience to recognise Mike as a "friend" oppossed to "delicious."

 Great comic so far, Dirk.  The visual quality and the writing are both beyond excellent.  Keep up the great work!

Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says: @rexlupis: I'm not absolutely certain, but I believe that the bystanders she's known to have dismembered were not entirely innocent.
Josh Jack (matel) says: You mean that construction worker, the random commuter and the hobo were actually all part of some insidious conspiracy?
Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says:

Uh, not all of the killings were her, remember?  We've also got the major to deal with in this case.  Just guess we'll have to wait to find out. Martial arts also includes a lot of pressure points and ways to subdue without killing, etc, so there'll have to be a solution.

Awesome story in the last few weeks, the once a week suspense is killing me!

Drgnkght (drgnkght) says:

@matel: Don't forget Kate isn't the only lycanthrope in the area. The victims weren't all killed by Kate. The construction worker wasn't hers. Most likely he was killed by Bryant. In fact I think (though I could easily be wrong) the only place there weren't lion tracks was in the Lincoln Park tunnel crime scene. Which we know was Kate because she remembers doing it.

K Ryan (celtcath) says:

Running is probably the absolute worst thing for Mike to do as Candis are programed for the chase. Then again, staying where he is does not appear to be a genius-level decision. I do not envy his position. At the moment, it looks like the best option to save Mike's hide is to have those 'feds' come in and ether tranq Kate or drive her off. Not exactly the best of choices.

Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

This could go either way.  Keep in mind that Bryant apparently killed his own wife while wolfed out, meaning that there might be an inability to distinguish friend from foe.  Of course, Kate knows (kind of) what's going on, while Bryant may not have, meaning she might be able to better control it (or at least keep subconsciously chanting "Don't kill Mike, don't kill Mike").

As for Kate's kills, I think she's only eaten the underpass guy so far.  That was at least somewhat justified - she woke up confused, naked, cold, and wet, with someone lunging toward her with the apparent attempt to rape her.  Even if she weren't a lycanthrope, things probably would have ended painfully for the guy.

crazyman (crazyman) says: Where is Mike supposed to run to? I mean, where (outside of a bank vault, maybe) can he possibly be safe from a rampaging werewolf? Riddle me that, Batman!
Angelo Portal (survivor12) says:

This is Crazy Mike Seeing Kate Becoming A werewolf in front of him. If i was him i will take my car keys get in crank up put it in drive fast and floor it.

adam sporluck (c_adam) says:

I've been around wolves, including those in the wild, and there's nothing to fear. Respect yes, but fear no. So what, if anything should Mike fear? The Human side, or the Wolf side? Or is it just gonna be a heck of a fight happening with the pursuers and she doesn't want Mike around to see it?


Dang you Dirk! So many possibilities. 

Melanie Larson (disjointedimages) says: Ah, but this isn't typical wolf.  This is some kind of experiment gone wrong.  I'd imagine that there is an agression tendency that has been added (so called super soldier?), and she fears she won't be able to restrain herself even if he didn't do anything provoking.
Peter Vine (prestwick) says: Woah thats not looking too good for Kate and I- WAIT WHY IS HE STILL THERE! RUN YOU SODDING FOOL!
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: One word: BAIL.
Timothy Charles (tim250) says:

Fascinating.  From 5' 8" to 8' 5?"  Talk about a gain in mass.

While I'm a bit unsettled by the look in Kate's eye, I'm convinced that she is still there, she still has her wits about her and Mike is going to be just fine because of the loyalty he showed in staying by her side.  For his sake though, I hope she no longer has her larynx.  He's in for a major chastisement for his apparent foolishness in sticking around.

Or would "chewing out" be the better phrase?

Andrew Dunham (octodude) says:

Don't interrupt her, Mike.  She's busy.

And running?  Bad idea.  Running would probably trigger the chase reflex - and I don't think she's in enough control of her inner furry for that to not end badly.

He'd better hope she sees him as pack, or mate.  For most predators - especially stressed ones - anything else will likely be seen as food, or a threat.  Either way, a bad deal for Our Pal Mike. 

Nope, now would be a good time to look non-threatening, and maybe may soft, soothing sounds and no sudden movements.  Even if it means sobbing quietly to yourself as she nibbles on your entrails.

But hey - Mike finally gets his wish, from the time in the hospital in Part One - she took off her top for you man!  Score!! 

And the tail poking out of her jeans is really cute.  :-]


Timothy Charles (tim250) says: Andrew's right.  Vinny from Atlantis: The Lost Empire has the right idea: "Don't move, don't breathe, don't do anything, 'cept... maybe...pray."
Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says:

....too bad her vision's not based on movement, like T-Rex. >.<;

I agree with everyone here. Stay put, act like a beta or omega, and maybe you'll survive. Eye contact is BAD! Put your head down, Mike! And try not to smell like fear.

 A little fear to make the Mike go down.... *to the tune of "A little sugar makes the medicine go down*

adam sporluck (c_adam) says: Throw her some Chocolate and then stay very still.
william mo (kiaora) says: Well, speaking of chocolate, I really do hope she has a stock of cocoa butter 'cause that shifting has gotta leave some nasty stretch marks.
Angelo Portal (survivor2722) says: YO! Mike What did i tell you to run very fast oops to late now you got werewolf looking at you for lunch.Mr-T would say I PITY THE FOOL!!!!
Cat Tillinghast (silentsooyun) says:


Hopefully he's gleaned some of these "How Not To Get Eaten" tips from their recent investigation into wild animals.

Hopefully there's enough Kate left that these tips are simply redundant

K Ryan (celtcath) says: Kate?  That's all your going to say?  At least tell he what big teeth she has.
Timothy Charles (tim250) says:

Cath...never be condescending to a werewolf.

Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says: I see one big advantage the Government WIBs have over a city cop like Kate — they can expense new clothes every time they shred their old ones.
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: I'm thinking that the "feds" (W.I.B.'s) are going to show up soon, then there's going to be a 'Monster Bash" that Mike would have never believed possible. Kate is goingto protect Mike as part of her "hunt"( a small pack of wolves, usually no more than four or five members).
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says: Dirk, you've gotten GOOD.  I must say, this art makes me /happy/.  The look in her eye in the last panel is chilling.  Awesome.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Kate...?  Something tells me that Mike's been through worse. 

Damn love the art in this expecially the Eyes and the teeth.  Best panel to date

Andrew Dunham (octodude) says:

@Dirk: I want to second the rest of the crowd - the entire page is fantastic - and the last panel is just flippin' awesome...

Hopefully Mike will learn from this experience.  Just in case, I'd say it's time to start carrying a tennis ball in one pocket, and a fistful of chocolate-covered snausages in the other - and from now on, it'll be smooooth sailing...  :-]

Meredith Dillman (kyrn) says: She must have to replace a lot of bras.
Josh Jack (matel) says: Hate to say this Mike but...I don't think all those Chinese Kung-fu lessons are gonna help you against an animal that can tear a human body to shreds in seconds...
Brandon Che (drag3ndz) says: Mike! Do as she says and run! You're the main protagonist now, boy!
Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

No chance to run, now.  His only chance is to remain calm and try to get her to recognize him.  Hopefully she will, or this story will be taking a rather sad turn.

As for the "feds," I don't think they'll be showing up again for a little while.  The team sent after Kate was recalled to help deal with Bryant, and I suspect he'll have them tied up for a while.

Curtis Hanna (ulmar) says:

I see 2 possible outcomes:

  1. Using some sort of combination of all of his experiances, Mike somehow manages to either get away or return Kate to normal.
  2. Mike dies a terrible death.

The second outcome is unfortunately the more likely of the two in my opinion. Unless of course, Mike has had were contact in his time in china or something.

GAH! Second guessing myself here! You must be doing something right Dirk, I've never been looking forwards to the next page as much as right now. Keep up the good work! (please don't kill off Mike)

Nicholas Ladendorf (nilgravity) says: damn I was hoping she'd have the a triple rack when she transformed. I'm not into that but it would be pretty funny
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says: OK, so I must admit, EVERY time I see that first panel, I think, "... It's KISS!"
Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

Dirk: Love the posture in the first panel.  Excellent!  Love all the attention to detail you put in even the smallest things.

Mike has taken the wisest course of action here; which is NOT to run.  Running triggers the chase reflex and then he'd be completely out of luck.

Keep talking Mike... low and soothing.  Hope like hell she knows you are pack and not prey.   And whatever you do, stay calm!

Mathew Daley (shepherdgunn) says: I love the size perspectives. Kate is the size a werewolf should be.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Well, the cat... er, dog... is out of the bag.
Timothy Charles (tim250) says: OK...isn't that Kate's "face of doom" in the first panel?  "Gosh, Kate you look awfully uncomfortable in the remnants of your clothing.  Let me help you get those off.  Easy girl..."
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: Excellent work as always. I think that Kate is having a little fun at Mikes expence, I could swear that she is "smiling" in the third frame.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

My Kate what big teeth you have.  I love the SNRRL mark as well.  I wonder what's going to happen to Mike.  I wonder if he packs Silver bullets in that 44 Magnum of his, if not Mike knows what to do ((He hopes))

Zahc L (kuraiou) says:

The proportion of the limbs and size really bring into clarity how monstrous Kate is.

Love it! 

Jessa Fork (stoneunhinged) says: I love her face in the third panel. I see smiling too...
K Ryan (celtcath) says: Our mas has a set, I'll give him that.
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: Just remember Mike, DON'T ask her to scratch your back...
Stacy Humelsine (katsei) says: Whoo boy, I don't think there is a big enough rolled up newpaper in the world for her.
Laurie Kellogg (lunaroki) says: That may be a smile on Kate's face in panel 3 but that's not a "Kate's still in here having fun at Mike's expense" smile.  That's more of an "Oh, this looks like fun!" smile.  If Kate's still in there I don't think she's fully conscious right now.  Hopefully Mike can get through the lupine consciousness to reach Kate's human mind.
crazyman (crazyman) says: Get into a more submissive position, Mike; acknowledge her as dominant to you. What? It works for the Weres in the "Anita Blake" universe. ;)
f u (discord) says: little detail, humans are pretty much the only species on the planet tha 'smiles' to show that everything is fine and happy, for the rest it's called 'showing teeth' and considered exceedingly hostile.
Chrontius Lameth (chrontius) says: I wonder if lycanthropy is contagious in this setting?
William Hodges (billyh666) says: Man this is bad for Ol' Mike, and i'm pretty sure that, as a product of genetic engineering, regular werewolf weaknesses won't work.
Andrew Dunham (octodude) says:

I've been around hundreds of dogs through dog rescue, and I can attest that dogs can indeed "smile" - but they smile with their lips, not with their teeth (teeth may be shown incidentally, but there is an obvious difference between a canine smile and a baring of teeth, no question).

That said, yeah, showing teeth in the animal kingdom is a threat - usually a display to warn - "mess with me, and you get these."  Usually a prelude to, or intended as deterrence of, agonistic behavior.

I don't see the smile in panel three - look at the corner of the mouth - that would be turned up if she was smiling.

My two cents...

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

Belly skritches, Mike! Belly skritches!


Nicholas Ladendorf (nilgravity) says: Drawing Kate topless to increase traffic dirk? Those pants are pretty revealing on her too but atleast they aren't the precut type
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says:

@nilgravity: Not the first - check this out http://dirktiede.deviantart.com/art/Bad-Move-95556722

The original hangs in my studio :-)

Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says:

I agree, crazyman! Mike, get into a submissive posture! Not completely submissive--that might show up as a "food" response to her. I'm seriously going to laugh my pants off if he does the Submissive greeting to Kate. Anyone who's read Anita Blake knows what I'm talking about...

It really is amazing how aggressive we humans don't realize we're being to animals. Mike's posture right now is very aggressive. Hopefully, he'll realize what he's doing wrong soon enough not to get eaten.


Again, Dirk: Absolutely love your drawing style. Very lovely, and very detailed. You don't half-ass anything, and I'm grateful for it. :D
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: I'm sure Mike can take on Kate as a Werewolf.  After all he's Mike ;)
mellyrn (mellyrn) says: Maybe Mrs. Bryant ran.
Drgnkght (drgnkght) says: @mellyrn: That makes a lot of sense. He seems to have his head together so that might explain her death if he really did kill her. We don't know for certain if he did. Though if he did, and it was a result of losing control of his new "animal" instincts, given that he appears to be a large feline of some sort I shudder to think what her corpse looked like when he was done...
K Ryan (celtcath) says: Your boy is going to need a trip to the taylor at the end of this fraces
Jon McCormick (youko) says: Better the tailor than the morgue, no?
Brandon Che (drag3ndz) says:

DO A BARREL ROLL! That was close! If that was a direct hit, he would get a "You Are Dead" screen. Good thing he pressed X! (Referring to Resident Evil 4/5)


The only thing he can do now is hide, but it's not likely he'll get away safely, yet...

dominiik mayer (kaylord) says: That was suprisingly clumsy for a Werwolf who, in half-form was already shown us a lot more agile and quicker... unless we have just seen a hidden kung-fu master move?
Erik Cobban (dero-ashe) says: or it could be that she is still not used to moving in her werewolf state. also the part of kate that told mike to run could still be fighting a loosing battle in her mind slowing her reflexes. there are lots of other reasons she could be not as fast as before but those are some of the obvious ones.
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says: Disoriented wolf is disoriented.
Jessa Fork (stoneunhinged) says:

I think she's actually still fighting, hence the closed eyes and the stopping. She doesn't WANT to hurt Mike, but the wolf does...
Just my two cents  


f u (discord) says: i get the feeling the wolf is more raw power and aggression then skill, so if you are calm and got some skill dodging the first lounge ain't all that hard especialy if the aggressor did not notice the brickwall she just jumped headfirst into before doing so.
crazyman (crazyman) says: I hope her claws don't infect him with the "wolf virus" (or whatever it is). Maybe if it's just a scratch, he'll be alright. Also, that door isn't going to stop a determined boy scout, let alone a werewolf.
Josh Jack (matel) says: It turns out that it's a good thing that the good detective didn't use dexterity and agility as dump stats.
Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

Wolf Kate is quick, but apparently not that agile.  Which, really, makes a good deal of sense - she's got a lot of mass behind her (I wonder where it all goes when she's human), and a massive object moving quickly is going to be very difficult to move.

I have to wonder if Mike positioned himself so she'd hit the wall on purpose.  He seems to be pretty good about keeping his head about him, although the whole "Wolf Kate won't be able to get me if I lock the door!" thing doesn't seem like a great plan.  Locking it won't do much good, and if that nose is any indication hiding behind it won't help him either.

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Nice back roll by Mike.  It's almost like Kate is enjoying herself.  in that second last panel. 
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: Can we guess how much angst Kate will feel if she does hurt or kill Mike?
Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says:

Loving the Dog Shake there in the second to last panel. Nicely drawn.

 And I don't know if Mike actually locked it. I'm thinking the "click" was from gently closing the door behind him. He's probably now trying to think of what his next move will be--since Wolf Kate won't stop (if she can't get a hold of herelf, that is) until he's either dead or infected. 

 I'd get a real kick out of it if Wolf Kate pounces on him, only to lick his face. Sadly, I don't think that's going to happen. Keep it up, Dirk. You're keeping me on the edge my seat here....

Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says: That's "get a hold of herself", btw. Stupid typo demons...
crazyman (crazyman) says: That wall isn't brick, it's plaster & laths, am I right? Wolf-Kate could probably dig right through it with her claws (assuming she doesn't go after the door first).
Erik Cobban (dero-ashe) says: i'm not entierly sure but i think mike is in another room not just "in the closet."  and knowing mike if he hears kate moving for the door he could do a backflip so when she enters the room she goes in right under him thereby allowing him to get the heck out of doge.
Erik Cobban (dero-ashe) says: great comic btw dirk really get's your blood pumping and makes you think. just the way i like stories.
Nicholas Ladendorf (nilgravity) says: What sucks about this is that kate just shaved her legs
Eden Space (edenspace) says: The Trurth is...that Kate had always hated Mike's dress sense. Especially the jacket...I love this comic
Andrew Dunham (octodude) says:

I could be wrong about this, but based on the directions KatieWolf is facing in panel 3 versus panel 4,and the movement implied by the sweep of her hair in panel 4 (compare it to panel 3) - I think she turned *away* from the door Mike hid behind - I think StoenUnhinged may be right - I think she is struggling to regain control...

Fight it, Kate!!

Then again, I could be reading too much into it.

Justin Allison (justin_allison) says: Man, those are some pretty good walls. I can't say the same about the door however... ten to one says its hollow, and not made of
oak. But hey, what could possible go wrong? Great comic, but now I have to wait till Thursday.
f u (discord) says: crazyman: if that was a plaster wall she would have gone right through it, i have just about almost not quite done that by mistake, plaster walls are NOT very durable.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Depends on the plaster.  Also, don't forget studs, and reinforcing columns that go down to the foundation.  Mike's in an old brownstone building, and they were made damn solid.  

I lived in one for two years.  Mayhaps there is a resemblance. =P 

Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

Denial, thy name is Mike.

And look, Kate's even getting Naked for you...

I'm getting hit for this comment, aren't I?

Formula Fox (formulafox) says: "Denial is a river in Africa."
Thomas Robbins (trwolf2k) says: beat me to it Fox. First stage: Denial
BDan Fairchild (tirerim) says:

The door has panels, which actually suggest that it's solid (as does being in a house with lath and plaster walls).  However, those same panels are going to be thinner than the surrounding pieces, so they may not be too difficult to punch through, at least for a werewolf.  A werewolf may also not be smart enough to punch through a panel to get to the lock on the other side, though, (if it's even locked, which is unlikely unless Mike has the skeleton key it looks like he needs handy).

But it's probably a moot point, since he seems to have left by another exit (hard to tell where -- it didn't look like an exterior door, but there's at least one step down -- maybe a basement entrance?). 

Stephen Crowley (stephencrowley) says: Second stage: the screaming. the running.
dominiik mayer (kaylord) says: This is a kind of unfocused werewolf... nice, if not cute! =)
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

I wonder if Mike will really Shoot Kate if needed.  Nice detail with the Panel with Mike and his 44 Magnum.

Asj Johnson (asjjohnson) says:

BDan, sure they weren't on the second floor?

 I wonder if the guys tracking her down are actually worried about people's safety and just want to help her instead of trying to put her down... But if that's the case then you'd think they'd be more open about things... (well, as open as they can get, I suppose)

Josh Jack (matel) says:

"Okay, my partner cannot possibly be a werewolf"


Someone's not using their logic brain today.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: OK, now what's he going to do?
Jon McCormick (youko) says: I think she just needs a hug. =P
Jessa Fork (stoneunhinged) says: Those jeans must have been seriously uncomfortable. Maybe once out of them she'll be able to chill... perhaps?
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says:

"Those jeans must have been seriously uncomfortable. Maybe once out of them she'll be able to chill... perhaps?"

Ha!   "Uncomfortable jeans making you slaughter your best friends?  Try new Levis Relaxed Fit jeans today!"

K Ryan (celtcath) says:

And Mike's wtf monebt continues...


Keith Taylor (moktay0000) says:

IS that blood on mike ????

hit..........Kita Ross lol ;)

Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:


~takes a punch~  

Owww! I jusst knew somebody would do it! XD

Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

Why does it not surprise me that Mike knows about huli jing?  And his beliefs just got all shook up.

Note:  Kate's in the kitchen.  Does she have enough presence of mind to raid the fridge?  (And considering Mike's rather healthy lifestyle, will she find anything in there she's willing to eat?)

Thomas Robbins (trwolf2k) says:

second stage: acceptance

third stage? hmmm, I think it would involve new shorts for some people. but looks like he is keeping his cool.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Hooo boy...
dominiik mayer (kaylord) says:


Cuuute! A she-werwolf raiding his kitchen, sure it is no were-racoon?

Anyways, her behaviour shows, for those willing to interpret,that she is no bloodthirsty killer-wolf. I think Mike realizes this with a kind of gallows humor he currently displays.

Jessa Fork (stoneunhinged) says:

I have to say, I think Kate has only attacked those that have attacked her first. I can see a drug/drink-crazed Hobo attacking a giant wolf, to be honest. She can't see Mike and so she's calm. That's what I think, anyway.  


Alexander Burke (aburke2435) says: It does seem like she is hunting him, or at least checking out her current teritory.
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says:

I'm not sure how her behavior shows that she is no bloodthirsty killer-wolf.  It may demonstrate some intelligence and that she's willing to settle for something less than a fresh kill, assuming she's raiding Mike's fridge.  But I don't think she was playing "Shake" with Mike with that paw of hers last page.


Btw, Dirk, great artwork.  Again.  These compliments are getting redundant!

mellyrn (mellyrn) says: A sub-basement?  Coool.
Melissa McAllister (evilyumi) says: I think Kate is getting Mike's scent more than anything. It's a smell she most likely recongnizes from being around him at work and stuff, and so it's giving her a more intellectual aspect to her instincts. And her not feeling threatened at the moment would give her a calmer feeling. Although with the crashes in the kitchen, she may feel a little more threatened now.
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: I can just hear it now : Kate (hollers from kitchen) "Hey Mike, got any ketchup?"
Erik Cobban (dero-ashe) says:

i really like mike's sense of humor. and to  be redundant yes dirk your art is fanfreaking tastic and it makes me wish i could do stuff like this. and to give my own speculation i do belive that kate is hungry( after all she did just grow into a large creature that looks like it needs a lot of food to keep  in top phisical condition) in any case i think if mike stays calm and maybe offers kate some food she might and i'm stressing it might calm down.


Eden Space (edenspace) says: I'm Chinese...ermm... Huli Jing literally translates to fox spirit...or foxy spirit...like ah...referring to a woman of ill repute as a sex vixen
Eden Space (edenspace) says: And Kate is really crabby in the morning while trying to find the coffee maker
adam sporluck (c_adam) says:

Toss her some chocolate. Either it'll calm her as it does most women, or kill her like it kills canines.

Jessa Fork (stoneunhinged) says: @Adam - He doesn't want to kill his friend, I'm sure.
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: I think Kate is hungrhy.  Probally wants some chips, pop, steak, sausages, junkfood etc.  Here's hoping that Mike is not a vegeratian
Treb kecel (snore) says:

Adam, do you know how much chocolate it takes to make a large dog sick, much less kill it?

 I give you a hint, if you ate that much, you'd feel like you were in need of medical attention too.


An average 100 lb dog needs to eat more than a pound and a half of milk chocolate or more than 3/4 lbs of dark chocolate to be ill enough to require medical attention.

 Same thing with many other "poisonous to dogs" foods.  You could hardly manage to kill the dog if it were a chihuahua and you tubed it.



Dirk, I've been following the story since before the  China Town gunfight, and I have to say, its been interesting to watch you grow as an artist as it progressed.

 And you've done a good job to keep my interest so far, of all the comics I started reading that month, I think this is the last I have contiued to read.

Eden Space (edenspace) says:

poor Mike. His brand new pots and pans just got trashed. Luckily, IKEA's just around the corner.

I love Dirk's art...it has only gotten better with time!

Eden Space (edenspace) says:

Also, did anyone notice were-Kate has got girl-Kate's bangs ? I've always wondered how werewolves get center-parted hair.

 Must have something to do with those ultra rough tongues

G M (hellome) says: Felines have rough tongues, not canines.
Justin Allison (justin_allison) says:

"I've got a real, live werewolf... who was my partner... in my kitchen."

That kinda sucks. Nice to see that Mike's paking a S&W Model 479 .44 magnum, forgot to mention that last week. Something tells me that isn't standard issue. But really, .44, great stopping power.

Justin Allison (justin_allison) says:

@ Eden Space:

I did notice Kate-wolf's bangs, but thats probably so we can tell her apart from all the other werewolves running around Chicago. 

Eden Space (edenspace) says: She bangs, she bangs... <<Ricky Martin
Erik Cobban (dero-ashe) says: the reason she has her bangs as far as we can tell( since dirk hasn't told us) is that even though her phisiology ( her musculature and skeletle structure) cgange the only differance we see in her body hair is that she GROWS more hair that seems to be about the length of your average  dogs coat. the hair on her head starts off long so it stays long. seems simple to me
Thomas Robbins (trwolf2k) says:

well, at least he wasnt a vegitarian.  yum, chicken.

 Though I would have just let her eat in peace.

William Hodges (billyh666) says: He's hoping she'll run up and glomp him animal style, what he'll really get is a bad facial scar.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: I sure hope that's silver...
Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: My TV Dinner! Mine!!
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Careful Kate otherwise the food might go straigh to the hips.  Maybe mike wants to join her for dinner?

Jordy Steinberg (rexlupis) says:

Here's to hoping Mike isn't on the dessert menu.

Peter Scott (petercs) says: Kate really needs to work on her nails. With nails that long she's going to have a hard time typing up police reports, like the one she'll have to type up when she finds Mike's dead body in his kitchen
Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says:

I absolutely love how you've managed to show the posture of a canine (which is 4-legged) and that of a human (2-legged animal on four legs) at the same time within these shots of Kate. You are superb, Dirk, as always. :)

And aren't we hoping he DOESN'T load his gun with Lone Ranger ammo....? Werewolves still feel pain, and it might give him a few seconds to run. It's point blank, after all.

Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says: (Cookie to anyone who got the reference with the Lone Ranger comment. :D)
Robert Evans (surllio) says: Love it.  Great stuff.  Looking forward to next week.
crazyman (crazyman) says: DON'T SHOOT, MIKE! You'll hate yourself later, I guarantee it. :(
Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says: Mike, Mike, Mike... 'S what you get for showing up to dinner uninvited. The relationship can only get hairy after that...
Edwin Quantrall (reynard) says: Usually it's the *guy* who raids the fridge...
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

 Edwin Quantrall (reynard) says: Usually it's the *guy* who raids the fridge...

 Well Kate is a Tomboy after all so I'm sure she raids the fridge.  Maybe she's just hungry and dosen't want to eat Mike.

Anders Wilson (andersw) says: Lone Ranger, Silver ammo, nasty stuff for werewolves.
Erik Cobban (dero-ashe) says: andrew that is a very good observation on your part but as we all know dirk is very good at pulling a fast one on us. she could also manage to get control of herself right before colliding with mike and killing him.  but you can never be sure thanks to dirks great storytelling. keep it up dirk!
Andrew Dunham (octodude) says:

@Miranda - We are hoping he does not load Lone Ranger style - otherwise he'll have some fancy esplainin' to do regarding how his partner ended up naked and dead in his kitchen.  What kind of cookie?

 On the other hand, assuming he has regular loads in that hand cannon of his, his .44 is likely to make her sit down and take notice, if anything would - if he really plans to use it...

I have the feeling he has other plans - and I'll leave it at that... In case my earlier speculation was right, I thought it best to remove it.

He just doesn't strike me as the type to shoot his partner, until all other options have been explored - and he knows he can't leave her to run free...

My two cents...

Justin Allison (justin_allison) says:

Boom. Headshot. But knowing how hard-headed Kate is, the bullet would just bounce off...

@ Erik: Yeah, Dirk'll probably have one of those "MIB" agents pop up behind Mike, and Kate will inadvertantly save him an all that. Dirk, if I just ruined the next few pages, I'm sorry

Justin Allison (justin_allison) says:

Totally forgot to put a period on the end of that last sentence.



William Peterson (kasekine) says: Ok so NOW he's talking to her...
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: I know you're in there somewhere, Kate...
Karl Smith (madcat6204) says: The real Kate remembers what happened when she was a wolf, so she MUST be inside the wolf's mind somewhere. The question is whether or not she can regain control.
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says:

So far, Kate remembers only flashes of what happens when she is in wolf form, the animal side of her is more in control. Hopefully, with time and practice, she willl be able to control the beast, as it were.

Hey Dirk, superior art work, as always ;)

Jessa Fork (stoneunhinged) says:


If the FBI don't get her first, of course.


Scratch and sniff doors! Great for all your werewolf palls...

Erik Cobban (dero-ashe) says: ooh where can i get a scratch and snif door! need one for my werekitty friends.
K Ryan (celtcath) says:


It's heart to heart time.

Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says:

It just might work....

 I hope.

Peter Scott (petercs) says: It's at this point he remembers the packet of doggy chews that he purchased some weeks earlier.
Alexander Burke (aburke2435) says: Is it just me, or does that eye look more human than it did earlier?  I think she might possibly be changing back.  In any case, right now, the best thing for Mike to do is to talk to her, and not to shoot her.
Conrad kirby (thurbleton) says:

Could it be something like when Bruce Banner becomes the hulk?  The massive change in senosry reception completely overloads the mind and the feral part takes over.  If Kate can hear him over all that then maybe the show will go on!

 Amazing work as always Dirk and I agree on the last panel, much more human then before but nothing friendly.

Robert Brigham (greypaw) says:

@ Jessa Fork:

 If you are refering to the "W.I.B.", then I agree. They would definitaly keep her for observations, but who knows, that might be what is needed for her to learn how to control the shifting process...

crazyman (crazyman) says: Poor Kate, always running into a wall or a door or something, when all she wants is a little meat on the hoof. ;)
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

I blame mike.  he should of let her eat first and then talk to her.  She probally angry cause he interupted her meal. Or at least he can play "Hungry like The Wolf" from Duran Duran

Awsome work as always Dirk.

Nicholas Ladendorf (nilgravity) says: One thing that's hard to convey in this media is that Mike sounds like Barry White and can calm any beast with his voice
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: Trusting sort, isn't he???
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: This will be interesting...
Andrew Dunham (octodude) says: You've gotta give him credit - the man has a pair of brass clackers...
Erik Cobban (dero-ashe) says: dunham i think you mean adamantium cause that's a freaking 8'5 creature in his kitchen. with claws that could easily turn him into a fillet. however now she looks like she  has calmed down enough to stay in control even if she dosn't change back right away.
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says:

I dunno about control.  Control and lack of an aggressive response may not be the same thing here.  If she doesn't attack, that still doesn't necessarily mean that she's "in control".  Just that the wolf-mind's aggressive response to an intruder - or a meal - is momentarily on paws.  Er... On pause.  *nods*


K Ryan (celtcath) says:

...And that is the strength of his Gungfu

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Andrew Dunham (octodude) says: You've gotta give him credit - the man has a pair of brass clackers...


Agreed.  I personally think Kate was hungry and just wanted to raid Mike's Fridge and see what he had to eat. Also its not everyday you get to see a whole turkey or chicken in the fridge  I wonder how Mike will react when Kate turns back to a normal person again.  Here hoping that he gets some clothing thrown at him and that he dosen't get the typial anime nose bleed from seeing a Naked Girl.

Robert Brigham (greypaw) says:

My big question is how is she going to explain all this to Mike?

Gregory Brown (argus48) says: My thinking is this "She dosn't have to explain anything to Mike scence she dosn't know how it happend herself. They will just have to find the answers together. That way Mike can keep an eye on Kate and make sure she dosn't eat any one along the way."
Timothy Charles (tim250) says: "Ok...so it WASN'T the placebo..."
Robert Brigham (greypaw) says: If Mike is going to try to keep Kate from eating anyone, he better bring a "BIG" rolled-up newspaper... (snerk...) I can just picture it, Mike swatting Kate with said paper saying "NO... Bad Kate, drop him, bad girl, bad..."
crazyman (crazyman) says:

Andrew Dunham (octodude) says: You've gotta give him credit - the man has a pair of brass clackers...

Damn straight, and the size of freakin' basketballs, too. I'm only surprised that he isn't walking funny. ;)

Mike: "Slow down and breathe, grasshopper." I love this guy.

Timothy Charles (tim250) says: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
Craig Hoo (damaku250) says: Well, all the theories just went out the window, as it seems a werewolf is still a werewolf, be it a katewolf or not...
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Seconded.
Peter Scott (petercs) says: She could be just wanting to neck him
Timothy Charles (tim250) says:

Somehow, I don't think those are doggy kissy lips we're seeing.  No, I believe that those aren't silver-jacketed bullets that he's packing, and the only think that will save our buddy is by startling Kate with a loud noise by her ear, giving him a chance to get back behind the door.

Or the Men In Black might bust in...

Jessa Fork (stoneunhinged) says: Tooth nor claw has touched flesh yet. Good thing he wears a tie :o
Andrew Newman (squint) says:

Given that this is a scientifically created entity that bares a passing resemblance to the mythical werewolf (but doesn't seem to involve full moons) why does everyone seem so sure that silver is relevant?

Gregory Brown (argus48) says: A point I was just considering myself Mr. Newman, and as for "doggie kissies"  while Kate may not be 100% "in controle" I think she will still have a great deal of influence over the beast so dont be suprised if the next scean has her holding him down and sniffing him just to be sure its him.
Alexander Burke (aburke2435) says: Alternately, she may be trying to establish herself as the Alpha, which would mean that while she may rough house with Mike, she is unlikely to deliberately kill him. 
Mathew Daley (shepherdgunn) says: I'm just impressed that he was able to hold onto his gun.
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says: Ooooor we may be about to see Major Bryant jump in.  Wouldn't surprise me.  Although the question THEN would be, is Mike saved or doubly screwed?
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: She going to kiss him>  Kate probally watched a lot of The Flintstones as a kid and always wanted to do that to someone.  Doggy Kiss
mellyrn (mellyrn) says:

He not only held onto the gun, he flipped it around into usable position.


I think she's just messing with him now.

Sathar Ricale (satharricale) says: I'm pretty certain that she's just trying to settle who's alpha. She really doesn't look like she's going in for the kill.
Andrew Dunham (octodude) says:

KatieWolf's a big, freaked-out predator, who is just doing her best to gain control of the situation.  Maybe she's trying to establish dominance, maybe not.

But I think if she was really serious about wanting our Ole Pal Mike for dinner, not only would she have finished coming through the door earlier, but she'd have his face/throat in her mouth as they hit the floor. 

His facial bones would be going crunchie-crunch right now.

(Mike's Face: Stays crunchie in blood!  Part of this complete breakfast.)

Nope, right now, she's letting him know that she has "Bad Motherfraker" on her wallet, and that he'd better be like a little Fonzie - and BE COOL.  :-]

 And Dirk- the entire page, but especially the last panel = frickin' awesome!

Cindy Franklin (ryouko) says:

Maybe she's just mad at him for not having more food in the fridge. 

 Or she wants to tell him something, and thinks that maybe she can actually talk with her wolf vocal cords.  

Damn, I'm going to be gone next week and will have to wait two weeks before I know what happened!!

Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says:

First off, to Mr. Dunham, LMAO.

 Second, I agree that she's just showing dominance. After all, as you said, Mike would be a Dead Mike if the opposite were the case.

 Then again, those are some awfully wide jaws she has there. I'm going to hope, if he does shoot her, that the damage to her head won't be fatal. Sometimes a good shot to the head--silver ammo or no--can kill a werewolf. And when I say "good", I mean it blows her head off at the spine. IF Mike DOES fire, he might very well kill her. It'd be self-defense, though, and I doubt she would blame him in her ghostly form. :)

Josh Jack (matel) says: Considering he's got the magnum pointed directly at her brain, I'd imagine it'd have some effect. Afterall, something needs to tell her heart and lungs to pump oxygen and blood.
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says:

Hey, if he shoots her in the brain, she may still recover.  But she may, as a result, have... AMNESIA!

... Am I allowed to hope that's not what happens?

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Remeber Mike Zen!!!!
Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

Looks like one of two choices:  Either he manages to distract Kate by shooting over her head; or she recognizes him and he gets a big sloppy slurpy kiss.  Small chance of the bad guys coming to the rescue, too...

Now, what's gonna happen when Kate reverts and discovers she's starkers and maybe curled up at the foot of Mike's bed.  That could get sticky...

Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

I have to agree with everyone who said that if she wanted Mike dead, he would be!  She could have had his face or throat ripped away long before he could have even brought the gun to bear. She's acting aggresively, sure, but it isn't the deadly sort of aggressiveness, more if the threat-show a wolf will make when someone threatens their food.

Her enhanced metabolism seems to drive her to one thing and that's the need to feed.  Even in her human form, she's been going through calories like there is no tommorrow, it has to take a lot of energy to fuel a body that big.  Not to mention the whole increase in massbit where she goes from a petite firecracker inches shorter than Mike to seven foot something with shoulders like a linebacker and thighs to match.

crazyman (crazyman) says: "Do you mind? You know how I hate to be interrupted while I'm eating!" :)
Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

And now she wakes up.  It only took a gun to the head, but hey...

And Dirk... seriously love Mike's expressions in the last three panels. Great expression work.

Timothy Charles (tim250) says:


I am so glad I was wrong about this.  DOGGY KISSIES!!!

Thomas Robbins (trwolf2k) says: Someone needs an extra large doggy breath biscuit!
Adam Self (suedodeus) says: Interesting.  She seems to recognize him, but is still behaving like an animal (at least, I assume licking someone's face isn't normal behavior for Kate).  Let's see where this goes.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Heh. Lick lick lick... she's baaaaaaack!
Andrew Dunham (octodude) says:

Dog breath - LMAO!  Oh man, that's priceless!

I'd recommend Dentabones - 4 out of 5 werewolves agree, chewing Dentabones after raiding the fridge or eating the homeless improves their breath *and* their social lives!  Also helps to fight the gum disease gingivitis!

I'd like to second Lithium Delusions - great expressions, on both Mike and Kate.

Drgnkght (drgnkght) says:

Interesting, it seems that when Kate is in werewolf form the all of her knowledge is still there. (Gun=Bad to have pointed at one's head.) It just seems to be filtered through an animal's brain.

I suspect that Kate is going to be seriously embarassed about those doggy kisses when she reverts to human.

Jon McCormick (youko) says:

I suspect she's gonna be embarassed about more than those doggy kisses when she changes back, like, running around "naked" and tackling Mike while unclothed. XD

I especially love Kate's expressions in the last three panels. ^_^

Also, it may not be that she's behaving like an animal, but she's just trying to show Mike that she doesn't intend to hurt him now and this is the only way she can (I'm assuming she can't speak like that).

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: "Yuck Kate you got Dog Breath" HAHAHAHA!!! Is Mike ever going to get it once Kate is back to normal.  Well Kate normal at least Doggy Kissees!!!!
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says:

Could be the gun to the head served as a nice wake-up call, a mental shock to wake her up and help her realize what she's doing.

 And yes, when she finally unwolfs, things shall be awkward, indeed.

Excellent art work as always, Dirk.

KwipperTheBear Bear (kwipperthebear) says: I knew it! I knew it! I totally friggin knew this would happen! I love this!
Steve Ford (fordsfords) says:

I'm lookin at tiny details of the two drawings right before she realizes who Mike is - Kate's only obvious changes is where her eyes are pointed.  Anyway, I initially just assumed that it was a digital cut-n-paste of the same drawing.  But it isn't!  There are lots of tiny details different, like whiskers, shadows of the claws, fur highlights, etc.  They are separately done drawings.  HOW THE HECK DID YOU MAKE THEM LOOK SO MUCH THE SAME?????

 I love your art, man.  

Josh Jack (matel) says:

Did...Kate just comprehend the danger from the magnum pointed at her head?



Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Steve-- One word: lightbox.
Miranda Whitehead (sinai_winterwolf) says: Don't know what that is, Dirk. But awesome is what it is! Terrific work. I still love how much you keep KateWolf looking slightly human--like in her arm. I've literally gasped a handful of times while following your comic, man. Amazing stuff.
Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

Miranda:  Unless I'm mistaken, a lightbox is basically just a big, smooth fluorescent light.  You put a piece of paper with a picture on it, then another piece on top of that.  The light shines through and you can trace quite easily.

Dirk:  I'm rather impressed you opted to use this method rather than just copy-paste.  It actually makes the images look a lot better, as there's always something... artificial with copy-paste.  Excellent work as always.

Steven Palermo (ciberx15) says: aw kates giving kisses
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

I am sort of a masochist that way.  I've been using it a lot, blowing up thumbnails and moving crap around in Photoshop before doing final pencils. 

I really should just break down and get a Cintiq and get it over with. at this point. 

dominiik mayer (kaylord) says: I cannot help but notice Katewolf gazing at the gun in the first panel. Then suddenly, she recognizes Mike. Did she so by recognizing the Mike´s big gun, first? And why is Mike still alive at that point? The mugger in the park did not get that long to survive I believe...
Jessa Fork (stoneunhinged) says: You should, Dirk. You should.
But I love the ink drawings :)
Kevin Mann (eidolways) says:


 Though it's already a mite awkward, it's going to be very awkward when she wakes up.

Jon McCormick (youko) says:

Love the look on her face in the first panel. =) It's absolutely incredible how expressive you make her look, Dirk. ^_^

And Mike's a gentleman, I'm sure he'll cover her up with that jacket of his before she comes to. =)

Gregory Brown (argus48) says: I dont see this ending well for Mike, unless he makes sure his gun is out of reach before she wakes up.
Karl Smith (madcat6204) says:

Hmm. Cute when she's a wolf, a bit awkward when she's human. She could use a spare set of clothes... assuming she doesn't freak out and destroy them too.

This is going to take some practice. She needs to learn keep herself calm under all circumstances. Hopefully Mike can teach her some meditation techniques and such.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Eegad. Well, the secret's out...
Robert Evans (surllio) says: Nice revert back.  Love the beautiful awkwardness that this shows.
Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

Wa-Hooo!  Kate is still in there!  She trusted him enough to go to sleep on him, and with sleep came reversion.

Now...how is he going to explain to Kate why she's stark naked when she wakes up?  He may have been better off with her fuzzy and toothy...

Tiff Hudson (tiff_hudson) says: Yay!!!
crazyman (crazyman) says: Yay, she's human again! And naked! Who could ask for anything more? ;)
Thomas Robbins (trwolf2k) says:

least he is still wearing that long coat, got something to cover her with even though it is a nice view.  Dont want to make the werewolf lady mad at you afterall.

Kurt Griffith (samuraiartguy) says:

OKay.... awkward enough?

Kate: Whuuungh... what happened?

Mike: Um... Short version. You went furry. Trashed my kitchen.  Tried to Eat me.  Slobbered me, with dogbreath. Then got naked on top of me.

Kate: I'm *&^%$#$% NAKED!!


Andrew Diseker (cptnerd) says: I think Sluggy Freelance said it best: "Game called on account of naked chick!"
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Awww That was cute.  Here's hoping that Mike has clothes that she can wear and that he dosen't get a nosebleed. ; )


Mathew Daley (shepherdgunn) says:

Ya know... maybe Mike should try to find some scientist guy (possibly with the last name of Richards) get her some "unstable molecule" outfit to wear under her clothes... Mwahahah! (Kneel before Zod!)

But seriously, amazing how well drawn the expressions on Kate-Wolf. 

crazyman (crazyman) says: One word: spandex. ;)
Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

"On the bright side you only grew one tail." ~dies~

So, who else thinks our lovely friends, the so-called-Feds are going to be showing up at Mike's soon.

Jessa Fork (stoneunhinged) says: Who said that last one? I think its Mike judging by the height of the bubble, but still...
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says:

Hey, Mike, that's what we call an "obscure reference". :P

Great page, Dirk, very much getting an "eye of the storm" feel here.

Andrew Dunham (octodude) says:

I second Starstriker's comments...

 An obscure (and loaded) reference.  :-]

 At least she didn't grow two, or - heaven forfend - *nine* tails...

It's good to see Mike using his head - and ready to roll.

Great page(s)!

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

You also ate almost all the food out of my fridge including the turkey that I made plus you trashed my house otherwise everything is fine.  Nicce art as usual. 

Stacy Humelsine (katsei) says: I wonder if you can get a werewolf hangover?
Phil P (philpem) says:

@starstriker -- Obscure reference indeed, I still don't get it.

Unless he's making a reference to kitsune (Japanese demon foxes), but that doesn't seem quite right either...

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: Please refer to Mike's earlier mention of Huli Jing.  Guess that joke fell flat.  Ah, well.
Kita Ross (lithium_delusions) says:

@Phil and starstriker...

The Huli Jing is similar in aspect to the Kitsune, tails denoting both the age and power of the creature, though the Huli Jing is somewhat more dangerous than the Kitsune (excluding current references like Naruto) as it is something of a vampiric being, siphoning off it's victim's life-force, often through sex. The Huli Jing can, depending on sources, be either evil or good, though most of the older texts refer to them as evil.  Current slang: whore, temptress, seductress.

This has been another editon of useless trivia.  Now for a word from our sponsers...

Dirk, some of us did get it.  At least the mythology buffs did.

Samantha \"Spot\ de Graffenried (spot) says:

Glad to see Kate's back.

I'm still wondering why, though. If it was from Mike touching the gun to her head... there wouldn't happen to be any silver used in the gun's build, would there? Doesn't seem a practical material for crafting a gun, and I don't know the first thing about firearms, but if there's any silver, it could ward off the werewolf side enough for Kate to regain control, me thinks.

Phil P (philpem) says:

@samantha: More likely the gun is made of steel or some similar material. Silver would be too weak to make a gun barrel -- picture the old cartoons where the protagonist pushes his finger, a carrot, etc. into the barrel of the gun, and when the 'bad guy' fires it, the whole barrel splits.

Not exactly what you want on a firearm... You could probably (safely) add decorative parts -- say a patterned piece of silver plate on the handle -- but that's it.

Disclaimer: I'm not a firearms expert, I just play one on TV ^_^

Adam Self (suedodeus) says:

I think the gun might just be something that the animal mind couldn't quite reconcile.  Something told wolf-Kate (or is that fox-Kate?) that the gun was something important, but it looks so benign that she could only figure out what was so important by accessing her memories more fully.  This resulted in her remembering that Mike is a friend (or, rather, is safe), thus stopping her attack.  Having glutted herself, she was tired and, feeling safe, went to sleep... at which point she reverted.

Or something like that.

crazyman (crazyman) says:

I hope Mike has some spare clothes that Kate can borrow. ;)

Erik Cobban (dero-ashe) says: if you look at mikes gun you can tell thet it's not exactly standard cop issue. the sound the gun made when he was about to kill her made her lok at the gun then  she probably remembered who mike was. my two cents.
Ian Morrison (starstriker) says: Oh, I got it, guys, though I had to do a little research into the Huli Jing to make sure that they indeed had more than one tail! Doesn't make Mike's comment any less obscure. He's got no right to be surprised that Kate doesn't know what he's babbling about. :P
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