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10.27.1998 - 11.09.2009

Thus ends the first PS storyline.  It took over ten years to complete, kicking and screaming at times, but there it is.  I did not intend to create a webcomic in the beginning.  Rather it was always intended to be a series of books.  However, I do not regret taking it online for a moment.  Thank you all for reading and for encouraging me along the way.  I could not have finished it without you all.

What's next?  As I've hinted on my blog and in the comments section, I will be taking a break for the rest of the year, in part to get Part Three ready for press and get plans together to promote in in the new year.  There are also a number of small projects I've been putting off in order to finish this, and I intend to finally get to them.

However, this isn't the end for Kate and Mike. Oh, no.  PS will relaunch next year with a new look, new story, and new website.  I have high hopes for a triumphant return, and look forward to getting back to the story after taking the necessary time to prepare it.  I do not have a definite launch date set, but I promise to not keep you waiting any longer than necessary.  I will have a better idea once I get Part Three off to press.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this space.  I will be posting regular updates and goodies in the meantime, including lots sketches, background material, and footnotes to the story as I get the book ready to print.

Thanks again for all your support and patience. 


Jon McCormick (youko) says: Gotta wonder about the kind of folks Mike knows. XD Also, Kate looks like she fits in there with her hoodie and those baggy pants on. XD
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says: Man the drawings looks great.  I'm still going to say it.  Kaste looks Hot no matter what she wears. Nice detail even with the other peoples parkas as well
Leonardo Valeri Manera (creidiki) says: I completely agree Ed :D
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: It could be worse: She could be the godd*mn Batman. XD
Robert Evans (surllio) says: So sweet
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Great work expecially with Kate's reflection in the window on the passanger side. . Aww she holding Mike's hand and her eyes are close.  Awww. Betcha there going to kiss shortly as well


Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Heh heh.  Thanks, guys.  BTW, I have a few more announcements in the blog, if you're interested.

Cindy Franklin (ryouko) says: WOO for partners!!  Glad to see that Mike, after the initial shock, isn't going to leave.  Okay, I'm not surprised that he's staying, considering the kind of man he is....but still.  Good to see him sticking to her.
Craig Hoo (damaku250) says: Now this gets interesting. Most werewolf webcomics I've seen haven't been able to get much past the initial transformations, so you don't get to see the character's reaction to learning they're a werewolf.
Jon McCormick (youko) says:

After re-reading the page again (I usually re-read the pages a lot XD ) I noticed something peculiar. It's a kind of nitpicky thing and I'm not gonna flame you about it (since your work is so awesome and this detail is kinda trivial), but their seatbelts disappear and reappear between panels. XD Panel 1 has no seatbelts, then panels 3 and 5 do have seatbelts, then in panel 7 only Mike has a seatbelt. XD

 Anyway,  looking forward to seeing what happens next. Keep up the great work. ^_^

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: D'oh!  Will fix it in post.  First, I must finish the next, and final page...
Jon McCormick (youko) says:

"...the next, and final page..."

Oh no, please don't tell me you're going to take a break after that or do fillers or some similarly awful thing... T_T

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

As I've mentioned in the blog, I'm afraid that I must.  My plan is to relaunch PS in the new year with the new storyline on a new website.

If I were a Good Webcartoonist, I'd have everything in a buffer already and zoom off from here, but I don't.  I've been working on this story for ten years, and to be perfectly honest, I need to take a break so I can tackle the next storyline fresh. Unlike many webcartoonists, I've always thought of my own work as books first, webcomics second (and it probably shows, for good or ill).  In my rush to get Part Three going back in 2006, I jumped right in with only my old outline to work on and scripted as I went.  I feel that really wasn't the smartest way to do a book, and I want to avoid doing that next time around.  To that end, I want to get the entire next storyline written and thumbnailed before I start drawing it, and plan it like a proper book.  Believe me, if I jump right into the next one without a breather, it is going to crash and burn, and none of us want that.  That means there will be a necessary pause before I start posting PS again.

I also need to get Part Three together to send to the printer, redesign the website, and do a number of things that I've been putting off to finish this book.  

So, yes.  I will be taking a break.   I've been trying to get the word out early so it's not a surprise to anyone.  I know this won't make everyone happy, but it's just the way it has to be. Trust me, the story will be all the better for it.

Jon McCormick (youko) says: Bummer. But it's for the best, so I'll just have to deal with it. I do some writing too, so I can understand the need for good and complete prewriting.
John Luckstedt (lurkstrober) says:

As they say 'Good things take time' - it was on a cheese commercial I think :) . And reading this webcomic has been a very good thing! I've loved the artwork and enjoyed the story.

Take the time Dirk, I'm sure we'll all be here ready for things to kick off fresh :)

bob dylan (kzkskippy) says: great and now they are both gonna have sex once they get to the safe house. like noone saw that coming
Jon McCormick (youko) says:

"PS will relaunch next year with a new look, new story, and new website."

By this, do you mean it'll be relaunching and starting over from square one or will it be picking up again where it left off? Bit confused. =/ 

Joehua Koster (jkos) says: I qot a quick queestion are you going to include the 3 pages of Epilogue in book 3 print or are we going to have to buy that seperate?
Stephen Crowley (stephencrowley) says: Congrats, Dirk - what an awesome comic and what a fantastic ride! I think I started reading PS some 5 or 6 years ago over on WCN and it has been well worth sticking with it every step of the way. Thanks!
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Whoa. So this is only the first of many? Then, WOW-- keep up the great work! This comic is wonderful!
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Jon-- I'm just relaunching the webcomic from a formatting sense.  The story will continue from where we've left off, more or less.  I will be making a point of making it understandable for a new reader from page 01, though.  Like a TV pilot, ACT I is just the opening background story.

jkos-- The Epilogue is indeed a part of Part Three.  No extra purchases necessary.  

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Excellent manga series by far with a huge cliffhanger for part 3. Makes me ask a lot for questions thats for sure.  Hwere looking foward to next year.

This will make an excellent anime series to watch by far for any anime fans thats for sure.

Great work

Marlene Speranza (marlenes) says: Love the view, especially the reflections in the river.  Now what direction is this being viewed from (not being familiar with Chicago)?
Cindy Franklin (ryouko) says: I always love your cityscape drawings!!  Look forward to the continuation next year!  Wow. 10  years??  that's amazing! 
Dave Corbett (mr_dave) says:

AAAGH!!! CLIFFHANGER!!! And we have to wait until NEXT YEAR??? That's—

Okay, it's only two months or so, and it's certainly worth waiting for.

For the record, I came here almost exactly three years ago, I think from a guest page at Narbonic, and I've been on the edge of my seat ever since. (Anyone who hasn't read Narbonic should go do so right now. I'll wait.)

If I ever get around to graduating and start earning an actual income, PS will be at the top of my shopping list. And Ed P. is right; it would make a tail-kickin' anime.

Andrew Dunham (octodude) says:

Congrats on driving your ship this far - you have crafted a truely excellent story.

Take your time, and do things to your satisfaction - we'd rather you take your time and do it the way you want it, than rush it and regret it.  No worries; we'll be here when you get back.

Keep up the great work!

Steve Ford (fordsfords) says:

I'm with marlenes and ryouko - your cityscapes are wonderful. You've said that you draw many of them from photos - were you in a helicopter for this shot?  :-)


Marlenes, this is northwest of the central loop.  I'm not sure it represents an exact view; I'm guessing the near branch in the river is at 41.897861,-87.645439 and the more-distant one is at 41.886672,-87.638004  (search maps.google.com).  But some artistic license is taken with the relative positions of I90, the railroads, and the river.  Either that or I have the wrong spot.  :-)

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

It's actually SW of the loop, just west of the intersection of Ashland and Archer off of 55 South.  I used to live just north from there in Pilsen and know the location well.  

Wish I did have a helicopter, but no, I used Google Earth to help me find a good camera angle, and then used a multitude of photos to help me depict the landscape.  Bing's "bird's-eye" view was very helpful, too.

Joehua Koster (jkos) says:

Yea I was going to say the Jhon Hancok Center would have a lot bigger gap from the Searss Tower if it was a NW view.  I live about 45 minutes form Chicago my whole life out in Bartlett Il, 60103 witch is by Elgin IL, 60123.  That is the big reason I started reading the comic.  Also that makes more sense with the last page showing Kate and Mike getting on to 55 towards St. Louis witch is on the south side of the City. (Also since I have lived here my whole life it will always be Sears Tower not what ever they just changed the name to recently)

One other thing I hope Kate and Mike are not staying in ST. Louis seeing that Kate lives(ed) and works(ed) on the north side she is proballybe a Cubs fan and that would be a sin to move to St. Louis right?  I am a White Sox's fan so I wouid not know :-)

Steve Ford (fordsfords) says: HA!  Being on the North, I just *assumed* it would be from the North!  But looking at the Sears/Hancock, I shudda known.  (Also shudda known that you would not have taken much artistic license.)
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