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ACT II now running at www.paradigmshiftmanga.com

WARNING: It seems there's some sort of keylogger virus that's infected the WCN servers. I'm mirroring my updates over at ModernTales.com right now, and will start posting updates on dynamanga.net, as well. If you're having problems, please use the other two sites for updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.


For those who missed last week's blog post, I got things squared with the printer just before Christmas, and the book went to press last week. They were scheduled to ship on Tuesday, so I should be seeing quite literally a ton of books arriving in the very near future.

Among the other things I'm doing to get ready to launch the book, I have over 180 little ink drawings to do for all of you who were kind enough to Pre-Order a copy of Part Three. I'm using this an excuse to practice sketching without the aid an underdrawing. So far the results have been good. I'm posting a few here for you to see.  In the past three days, I've completed over 100 sketches, and now have over 120. I'll continue posting some of my favorites until I have more news.

Thanks for your patience! I will post more updates later this week!

P.S. This is your last chance to get in on the Part Three Pre-Order Deal and get an inked sketch of your very own! Once the books show up, it'll be back paying regular shipping again.

P.P.S. Also, for those of you in the Boston area, I've nailed down a location for the Launch Party. Watch for more details soon!

Okay, it’s official! I’ll be launching the book next Saturday at the Atomic Bean in Cambridge. Come on out and celebrate with me! There will be coffee, cake, and original artwork on the walls, and I’ll be drawing sketches for anyone who asks! I may also be selling copies of the new book, too. ;)

It's HEE-RE!

At long last, the books are here, and they're beautiful! The big launch is next weekend, but for everyone who pre-ordered, they start going out tomorrow! (I'll also take down the Pre-Order page. Last chance to get in, folks!)

But tonight, I celebrate!

Egad! They cover the table!

Got the first batch of 50 books ready to ship last night, but it took way longer than expected. They're off to the post office this morning. This first batch is bound for everyone who ordered Part Three at conventions between ACEN 2008 and this past fall. I'll start shipping online orders next. More details here.

Almost there!

Books are working their way off my desk and out the door. Above is a photo of my "Order Fulfullment Center" (otherwise known as my drawing desk), taken on Sunday night before I signed all them on Monday.  I'm getting the next batch together today, and should have the rest of the pre-orders out by tomorrow.  

I took a break yesterday to canvas the local comic shops with copies of the books and hang fliers for the upcoming Book Release Party.  If you're in the Boston area, you can now find PS at Comicazi in Davis Square, New England Comics in Harvard Square and Brookline, and Harrison's Comics in Salem. More locations pending.  

Confirmation that books have been arriving is starting to stream in via email and Twitter.  I'm very glad to hear that the postal system still works as advertised!  Martin sent me this photo as proof:


Thanks for your patience, everyone!  


The Book Launch party was a big success! We packed the Atomic Bean on Saturday, and had a blast. Emily made a couple of cakes to supplement the store-bought photo/cover cake. I spent most of the time signing or drawing in books, and there was much mingling and merriment!

(More photos here!)

Thanks for coming out, guys!

Update your bookmarks, Paradigm Shift has a new home!

Paradigm Shift's new home.

Update your bookmarks, Paradigm Shift has a new home!

It took a little more time than I'd planned, but the new website is up and running at www.paradigmshfitmanga.com. I've had a fabulous time here on Webcomicsnation.com over the past few years, but my needs have outgrown this site, and it's past time to return to my own server again.

In addition to the complete archives, you'll also find bonus footnotes and extras, not to mention a full comment engine and sensible navigation. I'll leave the archives here on WCN for now in their current state, but from now on I'll be posting all new updates on the new website, including the next story line later this spring. In the meantime, I'll keep plenty of art and news coming your way to keep things interesting.

I'd like to thank all my beta-testers for poking around, finding bugs, and making sure everything worked properly in the wild. If anyone finds any lingering bugs, please contact me at dirk (at) dynamanga.net or on Twitter, and I'll get them squashed.

Thanks again everyone, and happy reading!

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: 5
K Ryan (celtcath) says:



Timothy Charles (sce2aux) says: Nicely cut belly and biceps.
Dread Lord CyberSkull (cyberskull) says: I got hit by a warning in Safari, I reloaded the page and no attack.
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says: I'm not personally getting any warnings, but that doesn't mean there isn't something going on.  I'm erring on the side of caution and figured I'd let people know I'm aware of the problem.  Hopefully they'll get it resolved soon, but in the meantime, I'm laying plans to move things to my own site, if need be.
Mirk Watkins (famorii) says: I'm not sure why, but whenever I come to this site in the past week I get a trojan virus. JS:Redirector-BB [Trj] http://www.webcomicsnation.com/wcn/javascript/alien/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js It's probably just Avast! being overly sensitive, but it's worth having the js file/code checked or even just replaced.
Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says:

Ditto: no problems here. Still, it never hurts to be a little paranoid these days about these things.

My biggest question now is whether Kate will turn out to the the rare intelligent werewolf or if she's gonna need shots and tags.  Both story lines hold one's interest, and wondering will keep readers coming back.  One thing that won't happen is that being scratched or nibbled on by her will turn another person into a werewolf...or will it?  If a mutated virus was used as the carrier for the experimental serum, it might be contagious.  Interestinger and interestinger...

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

So Wish I could go and see that. Too Bad i live across the border and it's a really long trip for me.  Hope you have great sucess at your Book party. Eat lots of cake for me as well.

So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Good luck!
Steve Ford (fordsfords) says:


Kyllein MacKellerann (kyllein) says: Sadly, I live on the wrong coast for visiting the Release party.  That means I'll have to order it.  Ah, well; that's life.
So It Begins (soitbegins) says: Nice!
Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Thanks, guys!  On a side note, I'm pointing my URL back at WCN again.  Is anyone having any more virus alerts for the site?  Mine have gone away.

Marlene Speranza (marlenes) says:

Dirk, if you heard a loud squeal of excitement coming from southwest of Boston, that was me.   I had just opened my package from you and was very happy with what I received.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Shadow Walker (shadowwalker) says:

Hurray. I am looking forward to all three books.

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

I got yours in the mail today.  Expect it in a few days!

Michael Rotton (mrotton) says:

I got my comic in the mail today, and it looks great.  I even got the sketch of the Kate werewolf head you featured on the site.  I had to hold the picture up to the screen to compare, and it matched up completely.  I'll give it a place of honor on my desk at work probably.  Always a good conversation starter.  Thanks for all your hard work, It really pays off.  I'm looking forward to the next story getting started.

Kevin Mann (eidolways) says:

Got my comics in the mail today, complete with the sketch!  It's all in good condition, and the sketch looks great!  Thanks, Dirk!  I'll second Micheal.  Looking forward to seeing the next arc!

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Excellent!  Almost done.  I got the last big batch of books to the post office yesterday.  I actually ran out of sketches and will draw them this morning before getting the last few books in the mail.  Then -- Launch Party tomorrow!  

I'm gearing up to write the next storyline, and have started into research.  While I'm writing the new script, I'll be redesigning my site so the comic can live there using my blog software.  I love Webcomicsnation, but I think the time is coming to move on.  

This will take some time to get going, though, so be patient.  I'm as eager to continue it as you are to read it, but I want to make the experience more pleasant for you and new readers.  Doing some planning will let me do this.

Thanks for sticking with me, folks!

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Holy great mound of books Batman!!!

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

Yummmm delicious cake

MathBreizh MathBreizh (mathbreizh) says:

I just received the books this morning !

Just great !... I also waited to thank you for the kind words and the illustrations.  :-)

Merci encore Dirk et bon courage pour la suite !





Iain Sneyd (iainsneyd) says:

I received mine last night. Thank you very much, they look great.



Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Excellent!  Thanks, guys.  I'm starting to lay the groundwork for the new story and website.  More news soon.

Rebekka von der Thannen (reception-girl) says:

I finally finished reading all the sites and they were MARVELLOUS!!

Just one question: What's with her wisps? They're kinda strange. Got used to them, but at first glance they're wierd ;)

Thank you! And all the best to you. Stay on the line.

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

I can't really explain them other than that they EVOLVED that way.  I'm considering dialing up the realism a bit on them for the next story, because they are a bit distracting.

tahrey estee (tahrey) says: Aha! Finally registered for comments after a couple years of resisting. An international visitor, in the good ol' U of K. Got the magic package early last week, the goods commuted back and forth in my bag a couple times after the initial check over and finally got to dig in at the weekend :) Had wanted to pace myself, but... all finished already! But it has repeat read value I'd wager, after all, have already read it online... and flicking back across it (or even looking at the covers) I keep spotting additional little things - like the name of the burrito shop, or all the little foreshadowing asides Kate & Mike make to each other...

Anyway! Looks good on paper, doesn't it! Though smaller, it's so much easier to pick out all the intricate details. Strange, however, how fast it seems to flick through (well... ok... turn the pages as slowly as I can force myself to) vs reading week by week or clicking through the archives and w.a.i.t.ing for the page load. The dual media experience gives one a good appreciation of the sheer effort that goes into this and other graphic novels that may otherwise get taken for granted, what with the speed you can get through it on the printed page (man, Otomo, Miyazaki & Lee must be onto their third robot arm each by now!)

Torn whether to pass them around to friends and try to get them into it (it's kind of hit here at just the right time what with the mainstream ready for a ... erm... shift from vamps to lycos, with ol' Benicio giving it up on the silver screen and a new series of Being Human playing at home) or just throw them the address and encourage them to drop a few notes for whatever remaining copies you may have. No way they're going to get mine to keep though, not after my the coffee finally kicked in (...today) and I realised a/ there were drawings on the inner title pages, b/ they were actual signings with a pen, not prints! And there I thought I'd missed the chance by jumping in after the pre-order period - nice touch, thanks! :D (Pretty damn good for a few seconds from completely cold, direct to ink - shows how practiced you are with these guys now!)

Glad to see good things coming of all this after such a lot of graft... Maybe the way things are in hollywood we'll get that movie version yet!
(Only problem is, the trailers, previews and reviews would spoil all of the surprises - if I get anyone into this, I'm going to let slip as little as possible, in fact any links would be to page one and an instruction to "read forwards from here. no peeking"; I'm detecting something of an X-Files influence in not giving the full reveal and confirmation of What's What until 20-ish pages before the end of pt3!)

"Can't" wait, but am happy to do so, to see what comes next, or what different directions you branch off into after this.

Cheers & good luck
"rar!" >:3

tahrey estee (tahrey) says: hmmm... seeing about it ending up in proper brick & mortar bookshops... you got enough of em to try THAT internationally as well? there's still a few such stores left in my local towns after all, and the nearest one's GN selection is a bit weak to say the least (the other had a monstrous selection, but emphasis on the "had"... I think it's closing down). who knows, the chain might take a few copies, though the shipping might make it less worthwhile :(
Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

umm Dirk yout site at www.paradigmshfitmanga.com.  seems to appear garbble and disoriganized otherwise yeak for the new site

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Could you elaborate?

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

it comes garbled and discolored and blocky i can email the screen schoot if you like need email

Ed Paradis (zudarkness) says:

email address is zudarkness@hotmail.com

Dirk Tiede (dirktiede) says:

Please send a me a screenshot, and tell me what browser you're using.  


I don't like to hear that the site isn't working the way it should be for everyone.  Any info you can give me to help fix it would be appreciated.


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