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When I have new sketches to share.

Portraits for Alister, Jamie and Alice from Jason Thompson's The Stiff

Character studies from a graphic novel story I did in 2005. Should be released by the fall of '06

More character studies. The story was about this couple named Kath and Andrew, but we later renamed Liz and Ari. Ari's a chef. His girlfriend has an *exciting* job at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

More characters from "Inside Trade". The top one is Mitchell, Liz's boss. Findley's another trader who works in the pit with them, and Nick here is just another dickhead she have to put up with.

More studies from "Inside Trade". These are various drawings of the traders and clerks who work at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. They do a combination of open cry auctioning and communicate using an odd combination of yelling and specific gestures.

I'm hoping that the story will see the light of day sometime later this year.

A rough sketch for a commission done at ACEN '05

A few portraits of Emily, my girlfriend. She's a physicist. =)

My buddy Spike of Templar, AZ fame.

Ben, the quiet writer from Templar, AZ.

Drawn at a panel discussion on webcomics at a local library, after I was late to party.

An attempt at drawing Kit, one of the mascots for Anime Central the biggest of the local anime conventions here in Chicago. I was going to try to do some promotional artwork for them, but had to scrap it when other projects interfered.

Gift art.

Drawn for Allie, who draws Of Two Minds for Madison's own Studio Anti Thesis. The characters are Damon and Thea from the series.

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Original Paradigm Shift art and story Copyright 2001-2005 Dirk I. Tiede
Paradigm Shift, its characters and their distinctive likenesses TM and Copyright Dirk I. Tiede
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