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When I have new sketches to share.

Early Part One Kate Design Sheet (1998)

Plus character studies.

Kate Studies (1998-1999)

More studies, drawn while working on Scene One.

Inked Kate Study (1999)

Freehand gun pose.

Half-Inked Kate Study (1999)

Another freehand pose.

Alfonse (1999)

I actually used this to replace the original Alfonse on page 05 in Part One.


Mike design study (1999)

Never quite finished this one, but was a good reference anyway.

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Original Paradigm Shift art and story Copyright 2001-2005 Dirk I. Tiede
Paradigm Shift, its characters and their distinctive likenesses TM and Copyright Dirk I. Tiede
Used on ModernTales by permission of the author.

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