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When I have new sketches to share.

Tesseract Originals (1999)

Early Post-It sketches.

Gene Self (2000-2001)

The lead character for 'Tesseract'. Poor Gene was from a version of earth where the dinosaurs were never wiped out by an asteroid, but had somehow managed to become stuck in our world, swapping with her human counterpart.

Nik (2000)

Early sketches of Nik Reynolds, the absent-minded, time-travelling genius from 'Tesseract'.

Ocean (2000)

Tesseract's resident lunatic. From some post-apocalyptic version of earth. Has brain implants, blue hair, and a fake Australian accent.

Rockford (2001)

Tesseract's Professor Rockford Stone, the Neanderthal anthropolgist who's come to monitor our dimension.

Ocean Studies (2001)

Ocean has issues. Serious issues.


Nick Studies (2001)

Nick again. If and when I ever get back to drawing Tesseract, I want to revisit her character. As the resident geek of the series, I think her role should be expanded. It's entirely possible to be brilliant and look good in a bikini, too. =)

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Original Paradigm Shift art and story Copyright 2001-2005 Dirk I. Tiede
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