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When I have new sketches to share.

Bar Sketch (2000)

Drawn at the U.S. Beer Co. in Chicago while waiting for some friends' band to perform. I remember it was a fun night out.

Comics2U Sketches (2000)

Sketches ideas for (later unused) mascot character for the (now defunct) Comics2U.

Eric Wolfe - TWZ doodles (1999)

This is Eric, a very, very old character of mine. These were some attempts to manga-fy him on Post-its, of course. He'll make his debut someday in TimeWave Zero.

Buttercup (2000)

My own twist on my favorite PowerPuff Girl. Hee.

Stef Kitty (2000)

My good friend Stef. She asked to be drawn as a catgirl. I obliged.

Self-Portrait (2001)

The basis for my long-running bio picture.

Friends (2001)

Some friends from France came to visit, and I ended up doing their portraits.


Scientists (2001)

For a wacky project involving Jellyfish and Monkeys.

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