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When I have new sketches to share.

Hair Studies (2003)

An attempt at simplifying various real hair styles found in a magazine or two.

"Realism" Studies (2003)

I came to realize I hadn't drawn anything particularly realistically for quite awhile, so I took a stab at depicting at a couple of pretty girls, with mixed results.

"Realism" Study (2003)

Another attempt at some realism. Eh.

Prometheus (2003)

A character from a short-lived Aeon/Trinity game. Drawn during a gaming session. Another attempt at 'realism'.

Halsted (2003)

A friend's character from a Shadowrun MUSH. Aborted.

Hot Guy (2003)

A friend had just gotten back from Europe complaining that she didn't meet any hot guys, so I drew her one as a birthday present. =P

Demon Sketch (2003)

Once upon a time I helped some friends write some scripts for a TV show pitch that never saw the light of day. This was for a brainstorming session one of the demons for it.

Demon (2003)

We were going for an atypical look for this thing. It was loosely based on a megatherium and giant sloth from the Mesozoic.

FANS Studies (2003)

Back before GraphicSmash launched, T Campbell asked me to contribute to the final FANS storyline before its move to GS. I ended up drawing 8 pages or so.

Anyway, I had to decide if I was going to depict the charcters using Jason Walters original designs or just do the characters in my own style. I decided on the former, so these were my first attempts.

More FANS Studies (2003)

The next batch of cast members.

I wish I had FANS...

Final FANS Studies (2003)

The final batch.

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