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Two more weeks off before I return to drawing Family Man (and move the comic to http://lutherlevy.com).

Until then, I'm drawing other people's characters! Continuing with the unintentional theme of "naked green ladies", this week it's Angora from The Meek, by Der-shing Helmer.

Sadly I drew this sucker on Bristol, and had to use my four remaining Colerase pencils - or else I would've watercolored again.

I've been gawking at The Meek since shortly after it started up, so it was a pleasant surprise to turn up at APE and see actual print copies of the first chunk!

The Meek is one of the few comics that manages to be densely, lushly illustrated... and lively. Too often an artist will lavish all their time on the coloring or the stylish character design...and forget to inject life through gesture and interaction or, you know, writing. The result is eye candy that I get bored with about ten pages in.

But Der-shing has been knocking it out of the park for several dozen pages now. I can't wait to see where she's going and how these delightful, elastic characters are going to smack into each other.

Also? I adore how she draws Angora's boobs.

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