We create our own reality every time we put pen to paper or fire up the graphic design software. If that's true, then what kind of sick god am I?

Frighteningly Pretentious Komix!

FPK loves practical jokes - especially ones that cause lasting physical and emotional scarring. Like this one!

The story about the IcyHottm above is true. And here's why I love that joke.

  • A stage kiss isn't supposed to include tongue. Any guy who felt that tongue going in and didn't immediately clue to something going wrong probably deserved the burning on one level or another.
  • As bad as it was for the prankee, the prankster had to spend a much longer time with that sensation before the trap could be sprung. I admire pranks that call for sacrifice on the part of the guilty party. They take guts to pull off.
For the legal record, I would just like to point out that IcyHot is a trademark of Chattem Pharmaceutical, and Super Glue is a trademark of the Super Glue corporation. Both appear without permission, but are clearly marked as trademarked brands. In a perfect world, that last sentence would read "And I am counting my millions and millions of dollars in product placement money," but I guess that'll just have to wait.

Frighteningly Pretentious Komix, in addition to being posted to the web, are also designed as minicomics. If you have an interest in helping distribute FPK to friends or family who are frightened by the prospect of (gasp!) going to a website - or if you want a complete print set of FPK, feel free to download the PDF of #4 from Rapidshare and follow the folding instructions at eHow.

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